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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRACIOUS

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Autobiography, 225:the whole center. She was so beautiful, so gracious and so stately and her arrival marked theBethlehem, 147:My manifold forms. Whatever being is glorious, gracious or powerful, thou shalt recognize that, asBethlehem, 171:show me, Lord, the former form; Lord of Gods, be gracious, upholder of worlds." - The BhagavadDiscipleship1, 325:you just two words of practical import. They are gracious loving-kindness. These qualities ofDiscipleship1, 325:are so great that if you add to that potency a gracious outer attitude of loving-kindness, you canDiscipleship1, 326:outer expression upon the physical plane that gracious loving-kindness which first ray disciplesDiscipleship2, 723:ever retain that which is needed for your quiet, gracious, restful living in a suitable abidingFire, 763:The nine petals are fully unfolded, forming a gracious setting for the central jewel, and theirPatanjali, 77:of this sutra, "The psychic nature [77] moves to gracious peace," and the man expressesPatanjali, 79:control which eventuate in what has been called "gracious peace." We have seen that correct groupPatanjali, 80:The student is warned not to imagine that this "gracious peace" can be achieved through definiteRays, 302:which beckons me. What is this Being, standing gracious in the dark and in the light? Is it and can
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