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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRADE

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Astrology, 124:to identify with the soul. The ordinary low-grade medium is the outstanding example of the worstAstrology, 135:of deep purpose and profound conviction. The low grade and undeveloped Aquarian upon the MutableAstrology, 141:in Pisces and make the higher and further grade in their development pass into that center to whichAstrology, 183:of the mediums in the world who are of a low grade type or purely trance mediums - negative andAstrology, 290:veil the conscious entity of whatever nature or grade of being. Just as A Treatise on Cosmic FireAstrology, 564:the Cross as whole, unless he is a very low grade human being; he will be sensitive to theAstrology, 644:is on the involutionary arc and is a very low grade entity. He is the sum total of all theAtom, 59:through which a consciousness of some kind or grade can manifest. Thus, also, the aggregate ofAtom, 62:one more suited to its need. Thus through every grade of form, spirit or life progresses, until theAutobiography, 187:distinguished themselves. Every year they made a grade but I do not remember their ever getting toAutobiography, 247:psychic and medium is not usually of a high grade intelligence, and A.A.B. desired to prove (forBethlehem, 142:slowly recognized group responsibility. The low-grade human being or the unthinking individual hasDestiny, 44:in its lowest and material aspect, is a low grade expression of the seventh ray and is - for theDestiny, 125:of certain types of animal bodies. Very low grade human bodies will disappear, causing a generalDestiny, 138:third divine aspect - intelligence. The third grade of divine messenger - Hercules. The sustainingDestiny, 139:divine aspect - love-wisdom. The second type or grade of Messenger - Christ. Buddha. The sustainingDiscipleship1, 6:towards illumination is of a higher quality and grade, if I may employ so inadequate a term. TheDiscipleship1, 8:in their personal affairs are still far from the grade of accepted discipleship. You will rememberDiscipleship1, 9:but very difficult for others. So many high-grade people today have an over-development of theDiscipleship1, 43:an initiate of a certain standing - the grade of which in no way concerns you, though many of youDiscipleship1, 48:fellow men. Impersonality, particularly for high grade integrated people, is peculiarly difficultDiscipleship1, 239:by you whilst you wandered down a byway of high grade personality and emotional beauty but which inDiscipleship1, 240:a soul vibration and the vibration of a high grade astral form. Your Tibetan brother and otherDiscipleship1, 299:all human beings move who are as yet below the grade of an initiate of the third degree. The tests,Discipleship1, 320:ray brain. This leads to intelligent high grade work in your chosen profession but negates the freeDiscipleship1, 322:Your brain and soul have close alliance. A high grade astral body acts oft as a distorted whereDiscipleship1, 324:and not the will and the aspiration of a high grade and consecrated personality. Ponder on this,Discipleship1, 357:such that you can be depended upon to make the grade. There are two points of incipient glamor -Discipleship1, 360:karmic responsibilities) a not particularly high grade body of Slavic-Semitic type with a touch ofDiscipleship1, 419:to transcend the difficulties or to make your grade. Nothing can stop you. Your work in the groupDiscipleship1, 563:must learn to serve as a soul, and not as a high grade personality. Herein I give you a hint, andDiscipleship1, 636:realization - you will crystallize into a high grade astral magician and arrest your own trueDiscipleship1, 653:useful of the world disciples in your particular grade and sphere of service, if you so chose.Discipleship1, 660:you and you do not feel that you have made the grade. Yet you have not failed as badly as you areDiscipleship1, 694:carefully to discriminate between their high grade personality inclinations, their [695] responsesDiscipleship1, 741:degree that an initiate or disciple of a lower grade can be admitted into the higher ranks.Discipleship1, 757:to do this. The other has not yet made the grade. When this process of identification takes place,Discipleship1, 759:by personality distinctiveness (even if a high grade [760] personality). The time has to come whenDiscipleship1, 779:psychic and medium is not usually of a high-grade intelligence and A. A. B. desired to prove (forDiscipleship2, 53:and condition of illumination, so will be the grade of hierarchical Worker with whom they will beDiscipleship2, 157:limitation to the esotericist. It covers every grade of human aspirant from the newly acceptedDiscipleship2, 234:of thought. The meditation, therefore, of every grade of disciple and initiate has its use, for byDiscipleship2, 266:eye of manas - these are the eyes of the high grade integrated personality, en rapport with theDiscipleship2, 331:(limitations in soul expression, indicating the grade or stage of discipleship) are recognized. If,Discipleship2, 354:according to the point in evolution and the grade of the disciple. A Master can gauge a disciple'sDiscipleship2, 643:glamors and are still taken in by your own high grade reactions to circumstance and people is ofDiscipleship2, 666:To you, the dream is the reaction of a high grade imparted knowledge and world need for service.Discipleship2, 743:own souls or some teacher not of discipleship grade. I do not choose to be more explicit. YourDiscipleship2, 751:be ready to change the stable rhythms of a high grade and adequate personality for the eagerDiscipleship2, 759:daily life. I am anxious for you to make the grade this life, my brother, and here I am speakingDiscipleship2, 759:with the initiate consciousness (of the grade desired), and thus start with greatly increasedDiscipleship2, 762:who shares with you the same quality or grade of spiritual perception. This you may deny, for yourEducation, 118:and because they can [118] function as high grade and idealistic persons. From the altitude atEducation, 141:manifestation of a powerful, self-directed, high grade human being. The fusion of the personalityExternalisation, 14:in it, will have to cease. The goal for the low-grade negative psychic should be the training ofExternalisation, 49:masses, the still savage races and the low grade human beings who are met with in their millions onExternalisation, 76:of the human family will fail to make the grade and will then be held in pralaya, or in solution,Externalisation, 119:dimly sensed as better and with moments of high grade desire which was not aspiration and the urgeExternalisation, 585:of the word. They will work on earth as high grade personalities, under the impact of strongExternalisation, 677:many earnest and willing aspirants reached the grade of accepted disciple; it produced also aExternalisation, 694:is useless and inaccessible without a high grade intelligence - all these people must be sought forFire, 13:a point in time. [13] The builders of a lesser grade, devas who work with matter, wrought at theFire, 13:stood in completion. The builders of the lowest grade announced the work was finished. Forth fromFire, 67:warmth terrestrial. The Agnichaitans, a higher grade of fire spirit, who form a vortex of fire whenFire, 96:the emanative radiations to a much higher grade of deva. These devas are of a more pronounced hue,Fire, 105:is on the involutionary arc and is a very low grade Entity. He is the sum total of all theFire, 157:the receptive or attractive effect, in every grade and type of atom - a solar system, a sun, aFire, 445:group, of an idea, or of all entities of lesser grade to the solar Being Who manifests through aFire, 449:formulae, known to all initiates of a certain grade (and even to many who have not attained thatFire, 449:(and even to many who have not attained that grade, a number have become known and are used -Fire, 561:and human - (for no other entities of lesser grade work as mental creators), emanate from a mind,Fire, 791:for the sheaths is of a correspondingly "low" grade, that is, it is of low vibratory capacity, andFire, 841:schemes, notably Jupiter and Venus, who are a grade higher than the class above, but which have asFire, 846:of the [846] informing life " of this low grade substance, who is an entity from a point in theFire, 882:a relative subject, and varies according to the grade achieved. Ranges of further knowledge open upFire, 937:and according to its volume, so is the status or grade of building deva which replies to the call.Fire, 937:It reaches the listening devas of the second grade who take up the word and proceed to elaborate itFire, 942:it is of too low a vibration, and too coarse a grade for even the lowest type of men on earth atFire, 973:largely kamic with an admixture of the lowest grade of mental matter, are responsible for theFire, 1006:emanating from advanced thinkers of every grade, from the planetary Logos downward, and accordingFire, 1109:of all existences. It is only matter of a finer grade. The student, therefore, can apply what hasFire, 1132:of the back of the head is formed of the lowest grade of etheric matter, matter of the fourthFire, 1177:men from one school to another, and from one grade to another. For the expanding of the humanFire, 1188:of the life of an Existence of some grade or other. "God speaks and the forms are made." ThisFire, 1242:is as if one tried to force a child in the first grade in school to comprehend the differentialFire, 1266:is a correspondence on the highest plane to that grade of discipleship which we call "Son of theGlamour, 38:self-generated thought-forms, make the needed grade. When group glamor has been somewhat dissipatedHealing, 45:Desire Touch Astral centers Astral body Low grade animal type of men 6. Sacral center Gonads SexHealing, 117:which is a reflection and a distortion of that grade of development which precedes that of trainedHealing, 170:of the personality for all humanity below the grade of probationary disciple. At that point theHealing, 244:of all who die, except those who are of so low a grade of intelligence that the soul is practicallyHealing, 267:much of the magical work of relating one grade of matter to the substance of another grade), so theHealing, 267:one grade of matter to the substance of another grade), so the Old Testament is emphatically aHealing, 333:according to the point in evolution reached: Low-grade humanity uses the solar plexus as the pointHealing, 333:the ajna center and the throat center. High-grade human beings, the intelligentsia and worldHealing, 344:and of the accepted disciple and for each grade upon the path of initiation. This arrangement isHealing, 356:question specifically: An initiate or even a low-grade clairvoyant can easily distinguish betweenHealing, 358:a static condition within the body. The more low grade human types produce this kind of healingHealing, 392:the Monad"; ordinary people and those below the grade of an initiate of the third degree makeHealing, 430:solar plexus The spleen or pranic center. In low grade, but nevertheless individualized human
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