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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRADED

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Astrology, 42:Jivas," are those who evolve through a graded series of initiations, either self-induced or broughtAtom, 63:plus [63] developed psychical quality and graded expansions of consciousness. We might look atAtom, 107:there has been no realization. So it is with the graded expansions of consciousness andAutobiography, 264:tread the Path of Initiation. We have thus one graded, unified effort for which the Masters areAutobiography, 287:from the angle of evolutionary development; the graded order of Beings Who constitute the HierarchyBethlehem, 27:(Eph., IV, 13.) Initiation is therefore a graded and realized series of expansions ofDiscipleship1, 24:out the ideas of the Divine Mind, exist in their graded orders, and with the detail of theirDiscipleship1, 493:triumph, my brother? Initiation is a process of graded triumphs and I seek to aid you towards thatDiscipleship1, 721:very many chelas in the Light and on the other graded steps of discipleship. The vision which manyDiscipleship1, 733:and explained, they can constitute a series of graded revelations upon the Way to light; they existDiscipleship2, 59:the building of the antahkarana, and leads in a graded series of renunciations to the GreatDiscipleship2, 160:the united demand of men everywhere in their graded and their serried ranks. This entire InvocationDiscipleship2, 224:desire, meditation and focused intention are the graded and sequential lessons which mankind has toDiscipleship2, 282:and all-inclusive work is entered into in graded sequences and carried forward under the influenceDiscipleship2, 381:initiation is, par excellence, a series of graded steps or awakenings which enable the human beingDiscipleship2, 732:penetration," and then on and up through many graded failures, until you meet the well-knownEducation, 10:perhaps as life goes on our young people will be graded into two groups: the mystical, under whichEducation, 126:to the entire solar system; it expresses in its graded ascent every type of consciousness, fromExternalisation, 14:which seek to develop the student must be graded according to his point in evolution, and hisExternalisation, 75:is occupied with the life aspect in its graded impulses. The Hierarchy is occupied with theExternalisation, 75:is occupied with the consciousness aspect in its graded series of expansions. The Black Lodge isExternalisation, 485:spiritual Being upon our planet, through the graded spiritual groups of enlightened and perfectedFire, 200:is seen the awareness of the Self, and the graded process of identification, utilization,Fire, 306:a "Lion of Cosmic Will." Throughout all these graded manifestations the law holds good, and theFire, 399:the expansion of his consciousness through graded steps until it includes the planes he seeks toFire, 468:necessarily; but the whole system works through graded representatives; the same laws govern theseFire, 495:are connected with the transference of life from graded form to form will occupy his attention. TheFire, 1048:the Heavenly Man. This it is which has produced graded concretion, and brought animal-man to theFire, 1115:central Spiritual Sun, so that we have a direct graded chain of transmitting energies. The Heart ofFire, 1200:Jivas," are those who evolve through a graded series of initiations either self-induced or broughtGlamour, 174:in the personality; and at the same time a graded, wisely imparted series of revelations which haveInitiation, 68:will be the glory of that inner man. We are all graded, therefore, if it may be so expressed,Initiation, 68:which is governing the personality. All are graded and charted. The Masters have their Halls ofInitiation, 94:in the realm of consciousness is naturally by a graded series of awakenings, but this would proceedInitiation, 94:of stimulation of the human Egos by means of graded instructions, and the application of theInitiation, 118:realities to the emancipated Buddha. Thus by a graded series of steps is the initiate brought faceInitiation, 122:This brings the initiate through a series of graded realizations to the portals of the fourthInitiation, 155:in turn pass them on in permutated order to the graded initiates. It will be wise here for theMagic, 211:work, and from which the Masters in Their graded ranks direct the evolutionary process of [212] theMagic, 281:both are responsive (in the great sequence of graded lives) to vitalization and stimulation fromMeditation, 17:the utilization of all for himself, then by the graded steps of the utilization of all for theMeditation, 144:The true scientific meditation provides [144] graded forms whereby the consciousness is raised andMeditation, 144:along the line of a man's ray) will teach him in graded steps to do this. You will note that I haveMeditation, 150:truth. He rises from fire to fire, and from graded realizations of the indwelling Fire till heMeditation, 167:through formulas, or through set forms, which by graded steps put the man who employs the form inMeditation, 172:consciousness of all that breathes, and by [172] graded expansions of consciousness to arriveMeditation, 174:you know, the Builders of the system, working in graded and serried ranks. Devas are to be found ofMeditation, 180:The sounding of these Words, the ascent through graded forms to some specific point, and theMeditation, 198:provided by the assembled Lords, Masters, graded initiates and disciples. This channel is formed byMeditation, 303:following postulates: The unity of all life. The graded steps of development as recognized in man,Meditation, 303:of development as recognized in man, and by the graded steps of its curriculum, which lead a manMeditation, 304:paralleled by a life of exoteric service. By the graded expansions of consciousness that are theMeditation, 321:school, after having passed through the graded courses. But selection will depend not on the mentalMeditation, 328:united auras of the school group.) Secondly, a graded scientific study of the microcosm, includingPatanjali, 232:detail. Students will find it useful to note the graded and accurate method outlined in thisPatanjali, xi:Step by step there is unfolded for us a graded system of development, leading a man from the stageProblems, 132:the candles and the gold and silver, the graded order of popes, cardinals, archbishops, canons andPsychology1, 38:emerging quality and the hidden purpose of the graded Lives which inform all appearances and colorPsychology1, 53:upon the Path of Initiation, and includes those graded Lives, from the more advanced disciple up toPsychology2, 485:persons; they indicate soul expansions but not graded contacts with personalities. According to theRays, 174:comes to the disciple through the means of graded revelation and in balanced sequence; each contactRays, 337:moment of achievement, and success is a graded series of experiments with energy. Having garneredRays, 370:a dynamic magnetic impulse which enables the graded initiates, through the medium of the Ashrams,Rays, 519:of the "mode of Life" which governs the entire graded hierarchy of Being upon our planet. ThisRays, 685:and noted and then put to work. It is also a graded series of liberations, resulting in theReappearance, 95:spiritual Being upon our planet, through the graded spiritual groups of enlightened and perfectedReappearance, 142:the candles and the gold and silver, the graded order of popes, cardinals, archbishops, canons and
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