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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRADES

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Fire, 1179:flowers." VENUS - The School with five strict Grades. This again is a planetary scheme closelyFire, 1179:MARS - The School for Warriors, or the open grades for soldiers. Four of these planetary schoolsFire, 1229:can only be intelligibly revealed to the higher grades of the initiates, that is, to those whoFire, 1235:plane. As he passes through the different grades in the Hall of Learning his ability so to work andFire, 1236:Hilarion. 6. Master Jesus. 7. Master R. Four grades of initiates. | Various grades of disciples. |Fire, 1236:7. Master R. Four grades of initiates. | Various grades of disciples. | People on the ProbationaryFire, 1261:initiates of lower degrees nor disciples of many grades. It is useless for average man to ponderFire, 1270:the sons of being and of men in all their many grades offer their prayers, their life andHealing, 126:life of the accepted disciple, in its various grades and stages, becomes clear to him; he knowsHealing, 488:by advanced people and disciples of all grades who are mainly mental in their "living focus." TheseHealing, 637:This substance is also composed of all grades and qualities of matter, from the very coarsest up toHercules, 157:himself is also a disciple. It does away with grades and classes and degrees and varied stages ofInitiation, 13:periods the emphasis is laid on different grades of expansion, and always the Hierarchy endeavorsInitiation, 64:the Divine Wisdom and is entered into the final grades in the Hall of Learning. He is known to aInitiation, 107:of initiation those who are ready in all grades. Three other initiation ceremonies take placeInitiation, 128:Rods of Power, and they are to be found in three grades - if it may be so expressed. One Rod ofInitiation, 145:the initiates and adepts stand in their various grades. The earlier three stages of the initiationInitiation, 179:are major initiations. We have, therefore, three grades of initiations: First, initiations in whichInitiation, 212:The Brothers of Logoic Love in all their many grades. They stay within the final fifth till itMagic, 97:on the physical plane, thus affecting the three grades of matter in his environment. All the timeMagic, 145:over. Life, in its many stages and in its many grades commenced the process of unfolding, and lo,Magic, 172:that there are definite stages of contact and grades in the desired rapport. These can beMagic, 295:by selfish effort. So it is through all the many grades of desire, good, bad, [296] and ordinary,Magic, 398:guide the destinies of the little ones. Their grades and works are theoretically known, and namesMagic, 403:between the vibrations of the various grades of hierarchical workers still greatly hinder the work.Magic, 433:the seven fields of expression, and the seven grades of consciousness and of ray characteristics.Magic, 447:seen also how a man can manipulate the various grades of matter until the embodied idea has clothedMagic, 453:intuition can rightly interpret. With the higher grades of intelligences we need not concernMagic, 538:of spirit and the world of material forms. All grades of matter meet in man, and all the states ofMagic, 542:use the word widely. This rule concerns the four grades of etheric substance which constitute theMagic, 550:forms. These four etheric levels, or these four grades of vital substance constitute what is calledMagic, 555:by thought and purpose. Recognition of the four grades of lives which, again through pastMagic, 602:and to eliminate as far as may be all thought of grades and spheres of activity. It is possible, inMagic, 602:they are - states of extended consciousness, and grades of responsibility - then the danger ofMeditation, 109:and where the student is in one of the final grades in the Hall of Learning. You need to rememberMeditation, 174:things of the solar system in their four grades as we know them in this fourth cycle on the fourthMeditation, 174:Hierarchy. They can be found on all the lesser grades down to the little building devas who workMeditation, 177:to the calling and contacting of the lesser grades and are not much used, except in rare cases byMeditation, 260:Wisdom. He has there graduated through its five grades and has transmuted lower mind into mind pureMeditation, 265:and pupil. That relationship exists in four grades, in each of which a man progresses nearer to hisMeditation, 265:man progresses nearer to his Master. These four grades are as follows and cover the period whereinMeditation, 296:personnel, and buildings of the school. The grades and classes. [297] We take up today another ofMeditation, 299:personnel, and buildings of the School. The grades and classes. Now I would emphatically point outMeditation, 307:school in direct communication with the inner grades. This will be touched upon later. The UnitedMeditation, 307:and embrace the curriculum for the earlier grades. After it has been in existence for a few yearsMeditation, 307:problems, a school for the more advanced grades, and for definite preparation for the mysteriesMeditation, 308:schools wherein the preparatory work and earlier grades are found will be first in order of time,Meditation, 308:the success of the earlier endeavor. Preparatory Grades Advanced School Greece or Syria leading toMeditation, 311:or city, whilst the school for the advanced grades will be more isolated, and not so easilyMeditation, 312:before he can pass on to the more advanced grades and work in the second school. The preparatoryMeditation, 312:We might express it thus: the preparatory grades deal with the kingdom of God within, whilst theMeditation, 312:the basic instruction is meditation in all its grades. Why? Because in occult schools information,Meditation, 314:situated: A preparatory school for the earlier grades in occult instruction, and situatedMeditation, 314:central city. An advanced school for the later grades, which will definitely prepare the way forMeditation, 317:this I will deal with later, when taking up the grades and classes. You have, therefore, tenMeditation, 318:school, and graduated from all the lower grades. Probably these three will comprise the entireMeditation, 319:advise as to their passing into the different grades of discipleship, report at intervals on theMeditation, 324:Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation 4. The Grades and Classes October 29th, 1920 Our fourthMeditation, 324:the advanced. This fourth point is one anent the grades and classes. We have, in an earlier letter,Patanjali, 42:but in an appreciation of the stages and grades there comes to the aspirant, not only anPatanjali, 96:are the great landmarks, but in between are many grades of lives responsible for the intermediatePatanjali, 342:According to the Ageless Wisdom there are five grades of substance having certain qualities. ThesePatanjali, 342:substance having certain qualities. These five grades of substance form the five planes of monadicPatanjali, 407:science) to the mind of God Himself, through all grades of thinkers and stages of awareness, areProblems, 54:In infancy and in the earlier school grades, [55] the development of right instinctual reactionsProblems, 55:will be watched and cultivated; in the later grades, in what is equivalent to the high schools orPsychology2, 340:in between these two extremes are all possible grades of development and unfoldment. Man isPsychology2, 485:- all these differentiations relate to grades of work and not to grades of persons; they indicatePsychology2, 485:relate to grades of work and not to grades of persons; they indicate soul expansions but not gradedPsychology2, 664:range of these associates is tremendous and the grades of these workers are many, but selfRays, 25:gave the rules for those proposing to enter the grades of discipleship. I would like for a minuteRays, 56:human beings, aspirants, disciples and the lower grades of initiates; from one expansion ofRays, 100:mind - (7, 7, 4, = 18). These are eighteen grades of substance, eighteen vibratory groups of atoms,Rays, 133:recognition. Information concerning its grades, its modes of working and its objectives are nowRays, 346:points of evolutionary development and of all grades and degrees; these all work together inRays, 475:plane, because it is mental substance (in three grades) which must be used, and the three aspectsRays, 526:These Representatives of Deity have been of all grades, degrees and differing points of spiritualRays, 533:the esoteric sense of synthesis. These three grades of appreciation or of comprehension of theSoul, 47:the ability to discriminate between grades of sensation or acuteness of perception is anotherTelepathy, 46:Servers whose members are on all rays, of all grades of development, and who work in all theTelepathy, 171:awareness of the initiate of still higher grades. It is ever concerned with CONSCIOUSNESS; only the
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