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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRADUAL

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Astrology, 69:which are all the time taking place, such as the gradual shifting and changing brought about by theAstrology, 293:to balance that of Leo. Then there comes the gradual shift of the focus of attention away from theAstrology, 328:its unfolding and increasing radiance and of the gradual demonstration in what I have calledAstrology, 372:in a simple and unobtrusive manner through the gradual fomentation of the will-to-good everywhereAstrology, 443:today, as far as may be possible. That means a gradual future usefulness for the knowledge of theAstrology, 590:whole and complete. In manifestation it is a gradual, self-revealing evolutionary and demonstratedAstrology, 616:of initiation, but which limits itself to the gradual expression of that will on account of theAstrology, 642:have their growth, changes, development and gradual evolution." (S.D. Vol. I, 667) 8. "PlatoAstrology, 669:sun...has its growth, changes, development and gradual evolution." (S.D. Vol. I, 667) "The sun isAtom, 20:the steps that that purpose has taken, and the gradual growth of the plan, will have to beAtom, 54:we might call the psychical evolution, or the gradual demonstration and evolutionary unfoldment ofAtom, 62:of the form by the subjective life, its gradual perfecting, and the final liberating of theAtom, 67:the evolution of intelligence. Surely it is the gradual demonstration of the basic idea or purposeAtom, 70:and no abrupt transitions, but there is ever a gradual expansion and a gradual evolution from oneAtom, 70:but there is ever a gradual expansion and a gradual evolution from one form of intelligentAtom, 78:factor, which we call the intelligence. In the gradual synthesis, of these three component aspectsAtom, 85:manner. The evolution of substance is a thing of gradual growth; it is in time supplemented by theAtom, 87:call the atomic stage, in which man comes to a gradual recognition that he is a [88] self-consciousAtom, 88:and wisely selfish. It is the stage of the gradual recognition of separate existence, and of theAtom, 93:the Logos. Browning expresses this idea of the gradual expansion of the consciousness of a humanAtom, 115:one state of awareness and another, but a gradual development of consciousness, and one in whichAtom, 125:results will eventuate. We shall have the gradual working out of consciousness of a particularAutobiography, 143:I was slowly recognizing, to which I was making gradual adjustments and for which I had to findBethlehem, 5:draws towards its close) crystallization and a gradual but steady emphasis of the letter and theBethlehem, 35:of this recognition of divinity in man has been gradual and slow, but at certain points in racialBethlehem, 48:the gates of death to a joyful resurrection. The gradual revelation of the Plan and its serviceBethlehem, 105:in the characteristics of the kingdom, and the gradual attainment of that maturity which marks theBethlehem, 274:of God's kingdom materialize on earth? By the gradual and steady increase of the numbers of thoseDestiny, 17:on in the key countries in the world and see the gradual emergence of new and better conditions,Discipleship1, 143:the second ray disciple. The other is that of a gradual readjustment accompanied by outerDiscipleship1, 387:ideas which have governed progress) and a gradual slipping under the dominance of thatDiscipleship1, 442:you prepare for work in this group and for the gradual development of your psychic powers. As youDiscipleship1, 517:that the remaining years of your life can be a gradual drifting into a comparative uselessness -Discipleship1, 682:and evocation. The life of a disciple is a gradual but steady moving in towards the center, andDiscipleship1, 687:a symbolic way of experiencing revelation. The gradual unfoldment of each of the five sensesDiscipleship1, 714:brought about in the lower consciousness by the gradual cessation of desire. Gradually theDiscipleship2, 136:they are still basically too potent) will be a gradual process, but it will in time restore theDiscipleship2, 164:This precipitation is to be brought about by the gradual engendering of the divine idea in theDiscipleship2, 302:is coming; the future will see, therefore, a gradual cessation of personality hints. In the future,Discipleship2, 307:a sudden blaze of light, or should they expect a gradual and progressive series of lesser lights?Discipleship2, 321:into the consciousness of the disciple; it is a gradual and steadily unfolding process. The threeDiscipleship2, 385:from one initiation to another imparts a gradual unveiling of the divine Purpose, as it expressesDiscipleship2, 392:human requirements and thus ensures the gradual and steady continuity of the Plan; the third groupEducation, ix:the growing importance of technology, the gradual attainment by all peoples of politicalEducation, 45:the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers and the gradual taking of the country from its rightfulEducation, 123:been put forward by some great intuitive. The gradual upward shift of man's aspirationalEducation, 127:the medium of its telepathic influence, makes a gradual and slow change, for at the beginning ofExternalisation, 102:nine, or seven or five, and thus there will be a gradual spreading throughout the world of anExternalisation, 269:Will of God is held in solution or custody, for gradual release or revelation as humanity canExternalisation, 305:Avatar come to institute a slower method of gradual reform? This slower method will be necessitatedExternalisation, 329:cooperation and inclusiveness. I suggest a gradual compilation of a mailing list of such groups,Externalisation, 362:and the dispelling of all past illusions and the gradual revelation of the new truths of which allExternalisation, 523:and vitalizing the new world religion. The gradual reorganizing of the social order. The publicExternalisation, 544:be the recipients of spiritual inspiration. The gradual dissolution - again if in any way possibleExternalisation, 551:the world of theology and ecclesiasticism. The Gradual Dissolution of Orthodox Judaism. ReasonsExternalisation, 700:and vitalizing the new world religion. The gradual reorganizing of the social order - an order freeFire, 75:the development of the inner latent heat and its gradual fiery increase until we have within theFire, 87:system will go out. This will be succeeded by a gradual inbreathing until He shall have gatheredFire, 102:as the effects of imperfection giving place to a gradual perfection. Every cycle originates from anFire, 129:of the Logos Himself. b. By the slowing down and gradual cessation of the cyclic rhythm, theFire, 157:then comes stimulation, emanative effect, and a gradual speeding up which eventually, from withinFire, 166:the Monad. In this we have the secret of the gradual vibratory quickening of the centers as the EgoFire, 173:know, the evolution of the centers is a slow and gradual thing, and proceeds in ordered cyclesFire, 184:the fire of mind have begun to blend (a slow and gradual process), the web itself is [185]Fire, 209:of endeavor. Third. A burning away, through a gradual arousing of kundalini, and its correctFire, 209:as a factor in the plans of evolution. Fourth. A gradual grasp of the Law of Vibration as an aspectFire, 215:to the attracting of matter to Spirit, and the gradual approximation of the two poles. It resultsFire, 224:the broad outline of the process, and as to the gradual development of consciousness. For the sakeFire, 225:the work immediately to be undertaken in this gradual process of attaining full consciousness. Fire, 228:else by its evolutionary development, and by the gradual intensification of the heat to be felt,Fire, 229:its sphere of influence, is yet in a state of gradual development, and not until each cell withinFire, 234:evolution is but a term used to express the gradual development in time and space of the inherentFire, 236:ahead, during the inevitable period of the gradual obscuration of our system. Four of the HeavenlyFire, 252:make contact. This increased vibration is of a gradual and evolutionary order and proceeds fromFire, 253:under the Law of Synthesis. Note therefore the gradual stepping-up of the control and the factFire, 274:it indwells the form, but the key will ascend by gradual degrees. It is similar to the effectFire, 287:This is paralleled in the animal kingdom by the gradual transference of the zone of activity fromFire, 287:solar plexus to the rudimentary brain, and its gradual development by the aid of manas. As weFire, 295:the development of consciousness, which is the gradual expansion of the realization of theFire, 305:or soul, or consciousness) and deals with the gradual expansion of Soul-Knowledge in a HeavenlyFire, 333:By the method of manifestation, which is a gradual growth from a dim and distant dawn through anFire, 350:of consciousness is preceded by a period of gradual development, is instantaneous at the moment ofFire, 350:time, and is succeeded by another period of gradual evolution. This period of gradual evolutionFire, 350:period of gradual evolution. This period of gradual evolution leads up to another crisis which weFire, 392:of the obscuration of our scheme, and the gradual passing into pralaya, during the remaining twoFire, 421:of manas. The second occult assertion marks the gradual emancipation of man from the lower threeFire, 458:the fifth, each receiving Germ protection, Form, Gradual development, Nourishment, until in eachFire, 461:incarnating in animal form on earth, and their gradual evolution. The remainder were rejected, andFire, 463:by man of the value of mantrams, and his gradual comprehension of the true ceremonial of evolution,Fire, 498:root races marks the point of synthesis, and the gradual utilization of that which has beenFire, 502:undertakes in the work of evolution, and in the gradual transference of His own life, and the lifeFire, 503:resolved back into their source it produces a gradual obscuration of the particular Heavenly Man inFire, 539:Unfolds through physical relationships, and the gradual growth of love from love of self to love ofFire, 540:balancing of the pairs of opposites, and the gradual utilization of the Law of Attraction andFire, 549:released for action. All this will be a thing of gradual evolution, but I have here outlined theFire, 558:within Himself. His thought-form will show a gradual diminution of vitality; the dense physicalFire, 559:man, a similar condition [559] is seen in the gradual disintegration of the physical body afterFire, 561:Specific purpose in the solar system is the gradual evolution of a definite plan originating in theFire, 566:and their apprehension by thinkers may come the gradual dawning of a day of recognition, and aFire, 595:as evolution proceeds it shows itself as a gradual expansion of the love faculty, passing through
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