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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRADUAL

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Fire, 595:really; we must remember the interlocking, the gradual shifting and changing, that takes place inFire, 596:thing in the physical body. This law governs the gradual disintegration of concrete forms and theirFire, 610:of egoic development, and is produced by the gradual merging and blending of the two fires. It isFire, 650:of their existence, and his consequent gradual domination of them. This domination will be theFire, 720:scheme are to be seen In the Moon chain, the gradual evolution of self-consciousness under naturalFire, 720:three methods will be contacted. They mark the gradual control by the Logos on cosmic levels of HisFire, 756:great Brother to fulfil his mission. Hence the gradual recognition of the Wesak festival, and itsFire, 824:mystery of these subsidiary colors and of the gradual shining forth within the lotus of five colorsFire, 893:we call evolutionary energy; it resulted in a gradual unrolling, or revelation, of the divine form.Fire, 907:the fifth petal in the egoic lotus, and by the gradual opening of the third eye through theFire, 953:and two things lie ahead of the race: First. The gradual dissipation of the indefinite masses ofFire, 1040:of Mind 1. The Law of Expansion This law of a gradual evolutionary expansion of the consciousnessFire, 1069:which response is brought about through the gradual evolutionary development of consciousness ofFire, 1071:and which resolve these atomic lives into a gradual series of ever-higher types of mineral energy.Fire, 1080:might be illustrated by pointing out that by the gradual coming in of human beings who areFire, 1106:It is one of the factors also which produces the gradual building in of new atoms of substanceFire, 1151:to the most superficial student that the gradual emergence of a plane out of the darkness whichFire, 1157:atom. It is this fact which accounts for the gradual growth and development of a man. At first itGlamour, 11:progressive stage of awareness to another, to a gradual inclusion of the entire field covered byGlamour, 170:and the dispelling of all past illusions and the gradual revelation of the new truths of which allGlamour, 173:two major and related factors: The factor of the gradual development of the human mind through theGlamour, 234:work in which the group members visualize the gradual dissipation and dispersal of the glamor byHealing, 4:more subtle response purposes will we see the gradual readjustment and health of the physical body.Healing, 41:take several months or years for its slow and gradual emergence from the body, with the body dyingHealing, 42:the case, a cure is possible. Disease can be a gradual and slow process of dying and of thusHealing, 60:right emotional control we shall see the gradual disappearance of the phenomena of cancer. I saidHealing, 174:Discipleship at this particular time, plus the gradual awakening of the heart center. The firstHealing, 183:uprising life) produces: The awakening in a gradual and orderly manner of the centers, according toHealing, 230:endless ages. There will thus be brought about a gradual purifying of the soil. The growth of theHealing, 236:implemented by science, will bring about a gradual fading out of contagion. Another reason whichHealing, 379:to the coming science, for out of that and the gradual development of more sensitive modes ofHealing, 414:d. The Law of Death and Sacrifice governs the gradual disintegration of concrete forms and theirHealing, 418:of the Logos Himself. b. By the slowing down and gradual cessation of the cyclic rhythm, theHealing, 477:body emerges from the dense physical body in gradual stages and at the chosen point of exit. WhenHealing, 506:falls into the following stages: Its slow and gradual construction over a long period of time. ForHealing, 546:and only good control. It will of course be a gradual process, and in the early stages almostHealing, 641:not follow; convalescence is significant of the gradual re-entry of soul energy and its subsequentInitiation, 7:study of this law of analogy will come a gradual growth of knowledge, and in the slow accumulationInitiation, 11:system. Perhaps it might be expressed as the gradual blending of the paths of the mystic and theInitiation, 15:yearly growth and expansion. This process of gradual expansion - the result of the definite effortInitiation, 65:experimental work, examinations, and a [65] gradual moving up and onward as the tests are passed. AInitiation, 114:on the physical plane. This covers the period of gradual spiritual unfoldment, the Paths ofInitiation, 120:fourfold apprehension you have portrayed the gradual realization that is his during the process ofInitiation, 122:This concerns the making of adjustments, and the gradual application of energy in stimulation ofInitiation, 124:parts, all of which are realized to be but the gradual bringing of his forces and capacities to theInitiation, 138:the method of evolutionary unfoldment, or gradual development, and then in the final stages throughInitiation, 140:A burning away of the etheric web, through the gradual arousing of kundalini and its correctInitiation, 140:time as a factor on the planes of evolution. A gradual grasp of the law of vibration as an aspectInitiation, 176:of consciousness is preceded by a period of gradual development; the awakening is instantaneous atInitiation, 176:and is always succeeded by another period of gradual evolution. This period of gradual evolution,Initiation, 176:period of gradual evolution. This period of gradual evolution, in its turn, leads up to a laterInitiation, 198:the words: - "Make haste slowly." A process of gradual elimination is usually the path of wisdom,Intellect, 84:forth of the light. This "illumination is gradual and is developed stage by stage." - Bailey,Intellect, 110:Sutras of Patanjali we find these words: "The gradual conquest of the mind's tendency to flit fromIntellect, 141:have considered in the words of Patanjali - "The gradual conquest of the mind's tendency to flitIntellect, 148:century: "Master L Tz said: When there is gradual success in producing the circulation of theIntellect, 178:name of the soul. The process has beep that of a gradual unveiling, and of a sequential approachMagic, 9:forth. The goal of evolution is found to be a gradual series of light demonstrations. Veiled andMagic, 45:the effects of that force upon man, and his gradual responsiveness to force emanating: [46] FromMagic, 149:of use and consequent satiety, [149] and the gradual use of the subtler response apparatus. TheMagic, 163:to constructive thinking there will be the gradual elimination of disease. As yet, though manyMagic, 269:a tendency to the left [269] hand path and a gradual attraction away from the Plan and the PurposeMagic, 325:storm of the world war, and the period of gradual dispersion of the clouds has been with us, withMagic, 373:the rate of increase is apparently so slow and gradual as to be inappreciable. Nevertheless, theMagic, 373:of the earth, it might be noted, is of slow and gradual arousing. He is on the involutionary arcMagic, 378:within the causal or spiritual body. By the gradual stimulation of the mental faculty in animalMagic, 390:A corroboration of this can be seen in the gradual control by men of the air. In an esoteric sense,Magic, 481:unthinkingly the way towards materiality. A gradual and steady growth in group consciousness andMagic, 534:in the world field of awareness a [534] gradual and slow growth towards self-expression,Meditation, 15:lies along the line of expansion, of a gradual inclusion. It is not so much a driving forward as itMeditation, 15:It is not so much a driving forward as it is a gradual expanding from an inner center to includeMeditation, 16:Not so much the driving forward, not so much the gradual expansion as the systematic adaptation ofMeditation, 22:hitherto that the real goal of meditation is the gradual fracturing, breaking and shattering of theMeditation, 23:may be considered as a series of five gradual steps, each step being gauged by the condition of theMeditation, 32:the causal body is the accumulation by slow and gradual process of the good in each life. TheMeditation, 33:to occult meditation, and through the gradual stilling of the lower mind, through concentration andMeditation, 41:Now will come, as the sixth ray passes out, a gradual cessation of the clashing, and the gradualMeditation, 41:a gradual cessation of the clashing, and the gradual domination of organization, rule and orderMeditation, 58:of matter, then in the inbreathing, the gradual shattering of the material forms and the leaving ofMeditation, 81:centers, for the work is slow and necessarily gradual. Here I would pause to emphasize to you theMeditation, 83:the new rhythm. This is followed by a period of gradual dominance of the new, elimination of theMeditation, 83:the law. This unfoldment of the centers is a gradual process, paralleling the work done on theMeditation, 175:Builders. The work is constructive, cohesive, a gradual growing together, harmony out of discord,Meditation, 273:of a pupil. We have seen that that access is a gradual process and carries a man from an occasionalMeditation, 274:Today we will consider for a while what this gradual changing of position has entailed on the partMeditation, 275:first two initiations. This is accomplished by a gradual raising of the vibration at few and statedMeditation, 280:of the pupil's progress. We lead all on by gradual steps, and as yet even accepted disciples areMeditation, 305:Masters are concerning Themselves with the gradual founding of the fourth branch of the school,Meditation, 339:violet and gold. Remember that the work is gradual, and as the polarization shifts up, the momentPatanjali, 58:upon a study of the Law of Vibration, and the gradual tuning of the lower vibrations of the sheathsPatanjali, 227:is gradually removed. The first result is the gradual wearing away, or attenuation of the materialPatanjali, 234:forth of the light. 6. This illumination is gradual; it is developed stage by stage. 7. These lastPatanjali, 255:achieved and its Results 6. This illumination is gradual; it is developed stage by stage. ThePatanjali, 255:mysteries should remember is that growth that is gradual, and relatively slow, is the method ofPatanjali, 386:starts a new effort which is characterized by a gradual withdrawal of the outward-going tendencyPatanjali, 390:produces what we call wrong action, the gradual development of the spiritual consciousness willPatanjali, 422:read as one, giving as they do a picture of the gradual growth of the spiritual nature in the manProblems, 43:the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers and the gradual taking of the country from its rightfulProblems, 119:of goodwill in the world need be a slow and gradual affair. The reverse can be the case if the menPsychology1, 101:the field of modern psychology we can look for a gradual recognition of the fact of the self. The
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