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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRADUALLY

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Psychology1, 173:understanding, and mutual helpfulness, should gradually come into being. It was the establishing ofPsychology1, 173:in various countries, and thus slowly and gradually awaken the masses (through them) to the truePsychology1, 175:importance, relatively speaking, compared to the gradually emerging synthesis which aimsPsychology1, 192:to the quality of his desires will be the gradually emerging appearance. Man is innately and trulyPsychology1, 193:of quality to sentient contact. Through the gradually unfolding mechanism of contact (itself thePsychology1, 196:quality of the life, and which are slowly and gradually revealing themselves. Psychology1, 200:of manifestation produce results upon and in the gradually awakening consciousness of man. Psychology1, 219:by the fabric of mineral products which is gradually built upon the etheric body, and which takesPsychology1, 243:to pour its power into the animal kingdom, gradually stimulating the instinctual mind of the animalPsychology1, 248:an ever-widening and more inclusive contact is gradually being developed, and this is thePsychology1, 292:influences under which we have been living will gradually die out, and the new potencies will makePsychology1, 293:marriage relationship. This new attitude will gradually come about as the slowly developing sciencePsychology1, 293:are more truly grasped, there will take place, gradually and automatically, a change in thePsychology1, 303:and a desire for group goodwill will gradually become determining factors in the racialPsychology1, 339:he is presented with innumerable choices which gradually shift from the realm of the tangible intoPsychology1, 340:The world of meaning and of causes becomes gradually the world in which he finds happiness, and hisPsychology1, 381:nothing of this. They must be led in right ways gradually, by the steady development in rightPsychology1, 400:for me to do more than give a general idea. Gradually the descendants of two of these threePsychology1, 405:plus the egoic ray of the fourth kingdom, gradually negate the rays governing the personality asPsychology1, 406:first Initiator - the soul of man. This controls gradually the personality. The second Initiator -Psychology2, 7:and of disunited energies, which slowly and gradually become coordinated, fused, and blended in thePsychology2, 17:enters into a prolonged condition of conflict. Gradually and increasingly, the soul ray, "the rayPsychology2, 17:the energies of the two rays pour and conflict. Gradually, as the battle continues to rage, hePsychology2, 21:modifications and changes until, slowly and gradually, the ray of the personality becomes lessPsychology2, 24:subtle desires, such as the astral body evokes. Gradually, the identification of the soul with thePsychology2, 25:of awareness of the infant and the raw savage. Gradually, however, we find a steadily growing innerPsychology2, 26:and the focus of energies begins to shift gradually out of the lower centers into the higher.Psychology2, 87:differentiations. A balancing of the two will gradually take place, with the weight of worldPsychology2, 87:take place, with the weight of world idealism gradually shifting into the realm of soulPsychology2, 179:of God. Today the new groups are slowly and gradually coming into being and being governed by thesePsychology2, 194:Progress embodies one of the energies which have gradually been released over the past twoPsychology2, 201:sentiency of the organism, in other words. As a gradually evolving self, conveying life and, asPsychology2, 255:into the world of meaning and revealing to us gradually the nature of those impulses and tendenciesPsychology2, 287:of Spirit and his consciousness shifts gradually out of the Soul into that of the Monad in the samePsychology2, 288:in this Treatise in connection with psychology. Gradually it will be noted that certain rayPsychology2, 289:the sensed truth and of the intuited idea will gradually bring enlightenment and lead to [290]Psychology2, 314:which expression can become possible, the soul gradually becomes the paramount center of experiencePsychology2, 331:passes through the stages outlined above. But gradually a higher sense of values supervenes; therePsychology2, 338:There will be those whose consciousness is gradually awakening to a new and higher sense of values,Psychology2, 343:(through understanding and practice) the form is gradually subordinated to the requirements of thePsychology2, 343:own dominant, integrated, personality life; Gradually controlled by the Self, and fused into anPsychology2, 345:and body, united, aligned and used - becomes gradually aware of a still higher synthesis. After thePsychology2, 349:of mind. The consciousness of the [349] man is gradually aroused so that it recognizes thisPsychology2, 351:the consciousness of the larger and wider whole gradually supersedes his individual and separativePsychology2, 380:or great forcefulness will then appear. Gradually, the qualities of the personality energy arePsychology2, 389:civilization. That which is beautiful, thus gradually developing the aesthetic consciousness, thePsychology2, 398:its final stages. These latent attributes can be gradually comprehended and brought into activityPsychology2, 400:and the Revealers of Divine Attribute will gradually come to be understood in a new light, andPsychology2, 400:to men (theoretically, at least) as are the gradually expressing attributes of Love, Beauty orPsychology2, 414:which - during the evolutionary process - are gradually fused into one integrated person, let usPsychology2, 415:and that which we call self-consciousness is gradually unfolded and perfected until the ajnaPsychology2, 430:An intelligently applied bridging process, gradually carried forward, once the point of cleavage isPsychology2, 476:man who is a mental type or who is overcoming gradually the psychic nature, these powers arePsychology2, 492:plane is concerned. The brain cells must be gradually awakened and the correct interpretativePsychology2, 531:with the forces of the solar plexus itself and gradually are carried up to the throat center, butPsychology2, 551:the age old activity of the sacral center) will gradually die out. 4. The activity of the heartPsychology2, 586:use them any more and by this means causing them gradually to die out. This leads to the closing ofPsychology2, 602:the latter would be well advised gently and gradually to develop in him a cycle of doubt, leadingPsychology2, 602:call your attention to the words "gently and gradually". The encouraging of a normal physical life,Psychology2, 609:this, a point of dark blue electric light, which gradually grows into a circle of some size. ThisPsychology2, 644:right attitudes to their fellow men, they are gradually absorbed into the ranks of the New Group,Psychology2, 655:a nucleus for that future world group which will gradually knit together all men in the cause ofPsychology2, 683:to employ that intelligent understanding will gradually appear out of the work accomplished and thePsychology2, 716:members of the human family. These ideas are gradually instilled into humanity by the Hierarchy andRays, 7:the strength of the higher contact will grow, gradually the downpour of divine love and wisdom intoRays, 7:the qualities of his ray and to prove of gradually increasing importance to his group, he will beRays, 31:the individual self-will is the distortion) is gradually transmitted, via the antahkarana, directRays, 33:fire. Thus in parables the truth goes out, and gradually the initiate grasps the uses of heat,Rays, 40:no longer have any hold over him. He is being gradually translated into another divine aspect,Rays, 59:on ahead creates the instruments of attainment, gradually perfecting them until the threefoldRays, 62:initiate, and it is this concept of wholeness gradually creeping into the world consciousness [63]Rays, 75:and purpose of life; this will take place in a gradually unfolding series of spiritual events. IRays, 75:the next; it will, however, be steadily though gradually appreciated as the new world religion withRays, 84:power, innate in the manifested universe, which gradually and steadily adapts the substance aspectRays, 109:Selfishness, as we now understand it, will gradually disappear, for the will of the individual willRays, 142:of time. The mystery of electricity is unfolding gradually before our rapt [143] eyes and theRays, 154:angle and through his own conscious direction, gradually developed, all the potencies of divinityRays, 160:humanity as a group-creative impulse, and this gradually sweeps all forms of life into the field ofRays, 187:the Black Lodge, increased steadily in potency. Gradually the forces took organized form and theRays, 188:upon the higher levels of the mental plane, and gradually supplied with personnel from the ranks ofRays, 216:manasic principle, sublimated and purified), and gradually the soul is - to use a peculiar butRays, 246:enter into relation with the Hierarchy and are gradually absorbed into the hierarchical life andRays, 272:concrete mind in its more developed stage, as it gradually assumes control and supersedes instinctRays, 276:because the Buddhas of Activity will gradually become aware of the existence of the thought-form inRays, 276:it as need arises and emergency decrees. Then gradually "the will of God will hold sway," as ourRays, 370:Ashrams and the forty-nine Ashrams which are gradually forming. The Hierarchy is, however, a unityRays, 370:senior aspirants in the world, and draws them gradually into relationship with itself and finallyRays, 370:Plan and set it in motion, so that the Purpose gradually materializes on earth. Because the seniorRays, 379:and forty-two secondary Ashrams which are gradually forming. The entire Ashram is a unity, for theRays, 404:attraction and distribution. All these Paths gradually came into being when our planetary LogosRays, 432:by the wisdom of the soul, and superseding gradually the knowledge gained in the three worlds. ThatRays, 433:between initiations, prepare the initiate. Gradually, each one of the five senses, plus the commonRays, 443:he tests the connecting bridge and discovers gradually the soundness of that which he has createdRays, 459:of the next step. Knowledge of process gradually becomes clearer; a growing soul contact isRays, 469:development of its own nature, comes into touch gradually with all that Is. The disciple becomesRays, 478:during the past five thousand years that it has gradually become the outstanding quality ofRays, 497:of the world, we can see the group antahkarana gradually appearing - that bridge whereby humanityRays, 537:directing and illumined; that is taking place gradually and automatically through the pressure ofRays, 543:stage when the disciple's consciousness can be gradually brought into a rapport with the HierarchyRays, 557:initiate and the ray energy involved, so that gradually [558] (no matter what may be his soul ray
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