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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRADUALLY

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Rays, 560:Certain of the advanced humanity of the period gradually found their way on to, or rather into, theRays, 561:of Aspect which embodies the Will of God will gradually become dominant. Its symbol cannot yet beRays, 583:definitely astral-buddhic [583] in his nature; gradually his one-pointed emotional effort towardsRays, 651:is directed to the creative arts. Next comes gradually the transmutation of all these ambitionsRays, 652:of the third initiation, this purpose has been gradually revealing itself; he sees it expressingRays, 658:destruction, the planetary Logos has gradually prepared the ground or planetary field for theRays, 669:the entire sex relationship shifts [669] gradually and steadily into its proper place as simply aRays, 701:undertaking, arrived at as true vision is gradually conferred, the divine Plan is sensed andRays, 701:evolution and the buddhic plane, the rapport gradually being brought about by each succeedingRays, 745:die out a different state of affairs will gradually supervene and a true Communism (in theReappearance, 74:when the Christ appears among men and slowly and gradually until that time: The chaos, turmoil,Reappearance, 76:ideas, brought to the attention of humanity and gradually developed into civilizations andReappearance, 88:The mystical approach to the Kingdom of God will gradually die out as the race achieves increasingReappearance, 95:into constructive activity and to be the agents, gradually trained and educated, for theReappearance, 119:to tread the Path of Return, and orients himself gradually (after many lives) to the Kingdom ofReappearance, 120:responsibilities and obligations; we shall then gradually learn to govern our activities by itsReappearance, 132:that a new world order and a new race of men can gradually come into being. World glamor will beReappearance, 153:this response, the belief of the masses will gradually be changed into the conviction of theSoul, 78:but not much progress was made, for all was gradually tending towards the emergence of modernSoul, 78:and the revelations of the age of electricity. Gradually the form aspect of nature and the lawsSoul, 96:forms... The process by which the subtle becomes gradually more and more gross continues until itSoul, 122:as man develops, the consciousness, soul-aspect, gradually makes its presence felt and brings theSoul, 124:of the etheric structure become vitally awake. Gradually the higher centers come into increasedTelepathy, 94:which make the higher sensitivity possible. Gradually, as the disciple acquires true freedom ofTelepathy, 117:through the solar plexus center, and thus only gradually focus the lower energies there, prior toTelepathy, 129:then impress the lesser and the weaker until gradually - as the aeons swept by - the seven CentersTelepathy, 147:creating the endocrine glands as a consequence, gradually began to have a definite effect upon theTelepathy, 150:lowest of the four levels of the etheric plane. Gradually the consciousness within these formsTelepathy, 173:vibratory effect of the centers, as they are gradually and slowly brought into activity. These
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