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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRANTED

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Astrology, 110:student. It involved the following inquiry: Granted the inevitability of a man eventually reversingAtom, 50:with it, which are both painful and distressing; granted the hypothesis upon which we are working,Autobiography, 156:Foster Bailey and later, after [156] I had been granted my divorce, we became engaged to beDiscipleship1, 706:of helping. They need to take the desire for granted and then forget about it. I would ask allDiscipleship2, 91:in so few cases can permission to move closer be granted; they are not yet ready to reach a "moreDiscipleship2, 255:The four lines of teaching are taken for granted; the initiates supposed to have grasped andDiscipleship2, 336:decision to do so, and permission having been granted from Shamballa, certain matters came up forDiscipleship2, 421:will know, even as he is known. He will then be granted a vision - dim and distant though it wellDiscipleship2, 437:of the Rules for Disciples to which access is granted as the initiate proceeds on the Way and comesExternalisation, 61:Purity of motive and selflessness are taken for granted. Fire, 239:is correct that this theory takes for granted a mighty Intelligence who works thus through anHealing, 27:on behalf of the patient - a thing as yet rarely granted. Initiation, 88:the ability to see and hear on all the planes be granted and achieved, and the faculty of readingInitiation, 125:future. Then, for his encouragement, there is granted to him a picture of a final consummation of aMagic, 5:contact and soul manifestation. I shall take for granted certain knowledges and assume the studentsMagic, 131:possibilities and indications are also granted of the manner in which these possibilities mayMagic, 174:the right to enter the Master's Ashram is to be granted. To be admitted to the privilege of beingMagic, 403:of the scheme for our planet are taken for granted, and are but modes, processes and means to aMagic, 472:and harming those who vibrate to his note. Granted all this you might appositely inquire: Are thereMagic, 543:the technique of the Great Work. I take it for granted, however, that the character qualificationsPatanjali, 367:are, though very few, to whom divine grace has granted this: that they can clearly and mostPatanjali, 405:the cause. Hence objective existence must be granted as independent of the subject. Nor should itPsychology2, 71:are elementary stages and should be taken for granted by all students of this Treatise. SuchPsychology2, 239:keenest minds on earth. It concerns the vision granted when a man achieves Nirvana, and enters uponPsychology2, 692:to the importance of the moment. This I take for granted. I speak here of the general effort thatPsychology2, 701:underlying those impulses which have been granted to it by the soul have been vouchsafed. But, forRays, 446:are elementary stages and should be taken for granted by the students. Such students should beRays, 467:are basic essentials. But these are taken for granted by the Master Who has a disciple underRays, 678:must transfer. At the first initiation he was granted a vision of a higher creativity and theRays, 678:throat center. At the second initiation, he is granted a vision of a higher focus, and his place inReappearance, 72:to use a certain great Invocation - never before granted - and to use it in two ways: [73] As aReappearance, 171:salvation (which is assumed or taken for granted), and the preparation required is that of working,Soul, 145:Body we "live and move and have our being?" Granted that it is the phenomenal world, whether it is
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