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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRASP

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Healing, 133:Before proceeding to our next point, try to grasp somewhat more fully the Laws of Healing and theHealing, 167:the human organism should be studied. A mental grasp of the processes of healing is needed; and theHealing, 167:of even the most advanced human mind to grasp themes and subjects as a whole. The synthetic elementHealing, 167:of the human eye to function synthetically, to grasp a landscape, for instance, in its broad andHealing, 184:so much danger. The initiate-student seeks to grasp the relation of the three basic energies, theHealing, 192:(which is the time wherein the soul begins to grasp its instrument, the personality) this leadsHealing, 206:that relation is established, the healer must grasp the fact that, as far as he is concerned, heHealing, 206:to the attention of students. I would have you grasp the general picture and get the outlines ofHealing, 215:whilst in process that all that he can do is to grasp the general outline as here given and not payHealing, 242:is too esoteric for the average intelligence to grasp, that has led me to include our second point:Healing, 244:are necessarily difficult matters for you to grasp. [245] This radiatory activity of the planetaryHealing, 260:because the mind of man had not been ready to grasp the implications. Service is the keynote ofHealing, 267:as he now does to dominate in all fields, to grasp all opportunities away from other people, and soHealing, 282:are facts which the medical profession must grasp, and when it does a great step forward will haveHealing, 286:or the healing group should have a general grasp of the nature and the anatomy of the body, theHealing, 320:that the finite minds of men cannot yet grasp them. Such causes, for instance, may have theirHealing, 337:This is the first and most important point to grasp. Psychological causes of disease register inHealing, 352:treatise [352] on healing. I suggest that you grasp that the objective before any healer at thisHealing, 353:group activity. It will be necessary for us to grasp the fact that the phrase "group life andHealing, 373:fundamental good in all the schools and a better grasp of the principles which underlie the trueHealing, 375:and the group members have an intelligent grasp of the technique and principles involved inHealing, 409:category. This is a difficult matter for you to grasp, because desire and emotion are so real andHealing, 436:laying the foundation. I am anxious for you to grasp the teaching I have already given before weHealing, 472:cases is normal, and this humanity needs to grasp with greater patience, understanding and hope.Healing, 490:would do well to remember this and so grasp the foolishness as well as the impossibility of thoseHealing, 546:of the techniques to be followed. It is wise to grasp this important point, for it will negateHealing, 549:is faulty, and only through a sane and worldwide grasp of the New Age principle of sharing willHealing, 584:energy of the soul, which for aeons has tried to grasp effectively its point of manifestation, theHealing, 600:as he trains himself in the healing art, has to grasp clearly and candidly certain exceedinglyHealing, 612:This is not an easy point for humanity today to grasp. It is not possible or advisable for me toHealing, 614:triumph is that it is an automaton. If you can grasp this adequately, we can safely proceed to theHealing, 631:be rendered acquiescent enough, [631] if he can grasp (along with the healer) the fact of hisHealing, 660:because (theoretically at least) he can grasp some of their meaning though he is as yet quiteHercules, 9:shall find Hercules learning the lesson that to grasp anything for the separated self is no part ofHercules, 71:so fleeting, that at first the disciple cannot grasp it; as a hint dropped into the consciousnessHercules, 100:and in order to understand it thoroughly and grasp its true significance, we must take account ofHercules, 137:Now the cross is receding. Let us try to grasp the dramatic presentation in this great symbol. FourHercules, 151:be got rid of. To my mind, it is fundamental to grasp the thought that if I get rid of physicalHercules, 164:much of the truth as your poor little brain can grasp, and yet such a tremendous revelation to youHercules, 164:groups use other terminologies and only as I can grasp my brother's way of looking at the truth isHercules, 183:you what I think is of vital interest for us to grasp, because it is something in the Aquarian ageHercules, 189:his fellowman, the law that makes him grab and grasp, the law under which we live, the law ofHercules, 189:be interesting to see how far you yourself can grasp what those types of law will be, based uponHercules, 205:if such facts can be ascertained, and to grasp for themselves the nature of that identity which weHercules, 218:and believe, a constant development, gives us a grasp of the magnitude of the One Life and a visionInitiation, 18:the Result of Initiation A point that we need to grasp is that each successive initiation bringsInitiation, 38:to some students, comes an eventual synthetic grasp of the great plan, and a wise uniformInitiation, 89:the Bodhisattva, and the Manu. He has also to grasp the laws of the three lower planesInitiation, 140:a factor on the planes of evolution. A gradual grasp of the law of vibration as an aspect of theInitiation, 160:of a specific mathematical notation beyond the grasp of the human mind at this stage ofInitiation, 165:and systemic signs. It prepares them for the grasp and inner retention of the symbols and formulasInitiation, 210:arms the hands are nailed, - the hands that grasp and hold, ministering to the lower needs, trainedInitiation, 210:Lo, when the hands are helpless held, and cannot grasp and hold, the inner life slips from itsIntellect, 8:mystic, but seems as yet not to be within the grasp of the average man. The problem facing theIntellect, 33:of successful achievement, he will eagerly grasp at it. If society can provide the means andIntellect, 92:life as a whole, and with our inability to grasp and understand the divine Reality which we hopeIntellect, 180:the world in which men live, and an increasing grasp of the Whole, until now the entire world isIntellect, 181:of humanity and the mind, can we not begin to grasp the nature of the intuition and to function inIntellect, 259:sound blasphemous but which will enable us to grasp the futility of these reasonings: God isMagic, 17:who admits only that which the concrete mind can grasp, analyze, criticize and test. The ignorantMagic, 48:form. This is symbolized for us, if we could but grasp it, in the relation of the sun to the moon.Magic, 79:of the Oriental, and, through the effort to grasp that which the first subrace of the Aryan rootMagic, 90:and fills the hands so full that they cannot grasp what has been called "the jewel in the lotus." Magic, 90:the Hierarchy is working) as the man can vision, grasp, and embody on the mental plane. This, inMagic, 132:method and plan for work that the disciple must grasp. In solitude the sound is heard. The GreatMagic, 183:It is essential that all aspirants should grasp these three factors and so save themselves muchMagic, 190:It is difficult to realize. It is simple to grasp the informative intellectual data regarding theMagic, 193:over-estimate the non-essentials and fail to grasp the value of the spiritual realities. Energy mayMagic, 194:however, all that the disciple needs to grasp is that the will aspect of the soul should controlMagic, 197:[197] I am anxious for the students simply to grasp the general idea and the skeleton of theMagic, 236:study it and take them up step by step, so as to grasp their application to the average life of theMagic, 252:ability to build thought-forms, and an accurate grasp of egoic intent. Hence also the need of theMagic, 252:subject of the magical experiment. He begins to grasp the vision of the spiritual man, as he is inMagic, 263:wisdom - he wields as much of the law as he can grasp. Purely physical may that devotion be,Magic, 304:simple a rule, and yet utterly beyond the mental grasp of the majority! c. A mass of individualMagic, 305:upon us, the fear that one may fail to see and grasp opportunity, these are all aspects of the fearMagic, 321:few thoughts which the average aspirant needs to grasp about the right direction of energy, and forMagic, 348:Everything depends upon the pupil's ability to grasp the inner meaning of all events. His entireMagic, 356:to classify those who do not have their mental grasp of the differentiations of the evolutionaryMagic, 358:affairs, even though he has but an imperfect grasp as to the true nature of ideas and hisMagic, 359:that every student has to learn, as he seeks to grasp the nature and use of mind, is that publicMagic, 364:in that whole. It is valuable to endeavor to grasp the picture and to vision the wonder of what isMagic, 365:enter into contact with the Universal Mind and grasp the plan synthetically, to seize upon divineMagic, 367:can. Nebulous and faint at first is your grasp after it, yet it will begin to materialize. SeldomMagic, 384:that that is clear and not so difficult to grasp. Yet do you indeed understand? Seven types ofMagic, 396:two above stages, plus a growing intellectual grasp of environing conditions. The stage ofMagic, 408:and vaster than man's present equipment can grasp and express. Even the Great Ones Themselves butMagic, 417:times they have to cultivate a world grasp of conditions and possess a general idea of what isMagic, 471:the will of God as far as human beings can grasp it. But with the thought-forms which he isMagic, 480:which aspirants everywhere would do well to grasp. The thought of salvation from the effect of formMagic, 507:he encounters failure and finds that his inner grasp of reality does not necessarily result inMagic, 532:that of humanity that it is difficult for us to grasp it. The Old Commentary describes these twoMagic, 550:knowledge which the worker in white magic has to grasp. This I might illustrate, for instance, byMagic, 571:which are dormant. This all aspirants have to grasp before they really can apply themselves to theMagic, 575:that in the average man they are employed to "grasp and to hold" and to acquire that which the manMagic, 582:experience, to see the immediate vision and to grasp those concepts in which the mind mustMagic, 601:of all read the textbook as a whole, in order to grasp its outstanding points, its main lines ofMagic, 605:the human family, it is not possible for us to grasp the basic concepts which are to be found inMagic, 605:and needed lesson which all disciples should grasp. [606] But observers of times and seasons canMagic, 627:acquisitiveness has developed and the power to grasp has emerged (the "will to power" in some form
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