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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRASP

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Rays, 467:which it is essential that students should grasp is the deeply esoteric fact that this antahkaranaRays, 499:or another there exists today an appreciable grasp of the "new and desirable" by the masses - aRays, 511:is dependent upon more than a theoretical grasp of process. It is dependent upon your ability toRays, 520:makes the divine Intention his, as far as he can grasp it. This reciprocal interplay produces theRays, 536:aspects; these we are only today beginning to grasp as existent possibilities. The lowest aspect weRays, 566:are points which it will be difficult for you to grasp but which are of major importance. The humanRays, 566:what I then say with greater facility if you grasp some of the implications - as far as in you liesRays, 646:far beyond your comprehension; but the effort to grasp the unattainable and to exercise the mindRays, 657:implementing divine purpose; men cannot yet grasp the relations within the personality aspect ofRays, 657:and the nine. The only manner in which we can grasp even a small measure of planetary intention isRays, 701:these are some of the results which you even now grasp theoretically; these you will also graspRays, 701:now grasp theoretically; these you will also grasp practically and substantially one day in yourRays, 722:on Earth. They thereby prove two things: Their grasp of world need and Their recognition of man'sRays, 749:of man is daily developing and his ability to grasp world affairs is growing. That is one of theRays, 752:is too difficult a one for the average man to grasp. The problem of the Hierarchy (if I may put itRays, 752:far too deep and dangerous for you to grasp. It has been humanity - cumulatively and over millionsRays, 766:and making whole. Only those thus purified can grasp the key and pass through door the third. Reappearance, 17:came before, Palestine was held in the vicious grasp of the Jewish religious leaders, and theReappearance, 49:have made His work appear difficult for man to grasp, and the undue emphasis laid upon His divinityReappearance, 67:the vision of the Christ is so vast and His grasp of the Law of Cause and Effect, of Action andReappearance, 132:it might be said that some nations need to grasp the teaching of the Buddha which He enunciated inReappearance, 153:coming Great Approach will enable humanity to grasp not only its relation to the spiritual life ofReappearance, 161:he longs to help but knows not what to do; his grasp of the menacing difficulties, his analysis ofReappearance, 184:the Plan of the Christ as far as its members can grasp its essentiality, whilst the second groupReappearance, 189:require intelligence and wisdom and a practical grasp of world affairs. As the work goes forward inSoul, 56:so subtle that it is truly beyond the real grasp of human intelligence. In comparison with it, theSoul, 73:they have posited as separated from their grasp; and on the opposite side the materialists,Soul, 83:degrees of obscuration. Each buddhi, with its grasp of senses and the like, is an isolated organismSoul, 138:like Christ, we know what is in man, and can grasp why [139] a man is what he is, and acts as heSoul, 144:the greatness of that which we vainly strive to grasp... By continually seeking to know and beingTelepathy, 4:can then influence other minds. These others grasp the concept as theirs; they seize upon it andTelepathy, 17:part of the body, in a sense difficult for us to grasp, was given up to feeling; the communicator'sTelepathy, 40:It is necessary for you and for all disciples to grasp the correspondence to this hierarchicalTelepathy, 45:and not to give, to accept and not to share, to grasp and not to distribute. This is the breakingTelepathy, 50:[50] More understanding will come also if you grasp the fact that this Science of Impression isTelepathy, 53:entire world of force. One point you all need to grasp is that the progressing disciple does notTelepathy, 55:of men's minds and emotional natures. If you can grasp certain broad and relatively simple factsTelepathy, 90:These points are peculiarly difficult for men to grasp at this time wherein their state ofTelepathy, 107:found upon the astral plane. Here again you can grasp the necessity of a factual alignment so thatTelepathy, 114:for any effort to master this science. Please grasp this fact. There are three which must always beTelepathy, 118:a concept which they must endeavor to grasp. Let me phrase it somewhat differently: The PlanTelepathy, 178:vital in nature and of an extension beyond the grasp of the greatest mind of the age, mounting intoTelepathy, 192:is most difficult for the neophyte to grasp, and this difficulty is further increased by the manyTelepathy, 195:intelligent men and women of good will - get a grasp, fresh and clear, of the work to be done andTelepathy, 196:a point in development where there is a definite grasp of the Plan of the Hierarchy - call it
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