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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRASPED

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Externalisation, 9:is great, but the general situation can be grasped, the significance of the opportunity profferedExternalisation, 30:the newer truths of the Aquarian Age can only be grasped as a result of group endeavor. This isExternalisation, 38:a point to be remembered and one that is little grasped as yet. I wonder if you can appreciate theExternalisation, 41:third function, therefore, of the group can be grasped at this time, and eventually this branch ofExternalisation, 63:and the wrong doing. This fact should be grasped and faced by all aspirants and disciples,Externalisation, 66:The responsibility of thought is little grasped as yet by those who are numbered among the worldExternalisation, 87:lotus of the heart center. This is a fact seldom grasped or even mentioned. The petals of theExternalisation, 110:to esotericists and to all who have in any way grasped the teaching I have attempted to give you inExternalisation, 116:two are proceeding simultaneously) can be easily grasped by the esotericist as he studies the worldExternalisation, 117:general world situation. When this is properly grasped, the true picture may emerge in your heartsExternalisation, 242:When this vision of the new world order has been grasped by the men and women of goodwillExternalisation, 253:for humanity when the nature of evil is somewhat grasped, and above all when the oneness ofExternalisation, 267:event is of far greater import than has yet been grasped. France has not relinquished the ideal ofExternalisation, 268:prayer and invocation. One thing which should be grasped anent all these great Lives is that whatExternalisation, 288:is a simple statement of the facts which must be grasped by all of you who seek to participateExternalisation, 290:of new laws and facts in nature, scientifically grasped and used; it may be the response ofExternalisation, 300:It was a relatively new truth to be grasped by humanity. It had always been known by disciples andExternalisation, 367:of humanity was even more deep seated than was grasped, and the United Nations came intoExternalisation, 380:to the whole. The second point which needs to be grasped by the average citizen is that the mass isExternalisation, 380:that he is needed and can do much. Having grasped this for himself, he can then try to bring theExternalisation, 411:of the Buddha, man has for the first time grasped the cause of His constant distaste andExternalisation, 448:of the various churches is over. This should be grasped. They have done their work - in the earlyExternalisation, 535:apparently impenetrable darkness of intention as grasped by Shamballa, of meaning, ofExternalisation, 551:in the attitude of the Hierarchy; this must be grasped by humanity, and the strength and insight asExternalisation, 628:and of the unimportant citizen is not yet truly grasped, yet there is a vast opportunity beforeExternalisation, 629:spiritual levels, and they have not apparently grasped the fact that the physical plane, whenExternalisation, 666:principle governing true esotericism must be grasped as conditioning all hierarchical workers:Externalisation, 667:by one or two enlightened men. This fact must be grasped by you. The energy of love-wisdom, theExternalisation, 671:activity for the good of all is far more widely grasped and understood than you perhaps realize.Externalisation, 673:for so many thousands of years. The point to be grasped is that the energies with which I dealtFire, 31:They seem in their divisions more than can be grasped or met. The many circulate. The forms areFire, 59:physical body as radiatory. The point to be grasped in all these [60] aspects is that one and allFire, 72:from the standpoint of fire the idea may be grasped a little through the realization that theFire, 155:of the intention that I seek to convey may be grasped by a study of the atom as portrayed inFire, 195:aware of that which is without. But all that is grasped by the dormant consciousness (by means ofFire, 225:concise fashion these nine questions, and have grasped, through their replies, something of theFire, 324:them and the corresponding cosmic planes is grasped, then will man be free, but not before. WhenFire, 324:of the negative form to the positive Spirit is grasped, and their joint connection with the cosmicFire, 325:the fact, as its importance has not yet been grasped by the average occult student; this fact -Fire, 330:manner. In connection with man the point can be grasped more easily if the causal body on theFire, 386:of the Planet Certain facts have already been grasped and realized by the average occult studentFire, 478:proceeding on a large scale. The point to be grasped here is that the transmuting process, whenFire, 510:Astral Permanent Atom There is one fact to be grasped in connection with the place of the permanentFire, 556:of the Logos and His body of manifestation is grasped, many problems become elucidated, and twoFire, 559:the form decays. As these fundamental facts are grasped, and man begins to appreciate his positionFire, 559:functions of the etheric body are scientifically grasped and understood and the laws of creativeFire, 603:body. This is a very important point to be grasped, and if meditated upon will bring to the studentFire, 606:aspect. Occult students have not sufficiently grasped the fact that objectivity is an inevitableFire, 722:all (on account of the fact that it has not yet grasped the rationale of the process ofFire, 725:as its significance is not yet sufficiently grasped. By means of the appearance of this Avatar onFire, 726:for the real work accomplished cannot be grasped by man. This avatar has naturally a direct effectFire, 798:and this point of view can only be usefully grasped by a high initiate. This great law reallyFire, 849:be. The basic truth here involved may be better grasped if the following occult phrases areFire, 853:then the true significance may be more easily grasped. Fire, 868:help. That every aspect of truth, progressively grasped, has to be assimilated, and welded into theFire, 922:planes, and this apprehension, rightly grasped, will clarify the others. The Transmitter of theFire, 923:etheric planes and the three lower planes is grasped. This can be illuminated by a study of theFire, 923:and its four levels of form. Division 4 can be grasped as the student arrives at a comprehension ofFire, 970:chaotic attempts of the little evolved. Having grasped the idea, and having with care discriminatedFire, 1017:cycle. One of the fundamental concepts which is grasped by all magical workers, is that both willFire, 1041:much will be revealed. Little has as yet been grasped as to the effect [1042] those constellationsFire, 1209:known, when the connection between the two is grasped, and the necessary deductions andFire, 1222:These methods of group interplay can only be grasped through a consideration of the fact that allFire, 1241:by the Law of Correspondences and who has grasped the basic essential relativity of the threeGlamour, 5:light and understanding. When the theory is grasped and the right adjustments are made and when theGlamour, 32:of ideas, but of ideas wrongly intuited and grasped and forced to serve the selfish purposes ofGlamour, 45:hard won truth and a principle of reality can be grasped, and then around it the disciple can buildGlamour, 128:of some ideal, and some concept - sensed, grasped and interpreted [129] in mental form - toGlamour, 131:a divine idea with each other. When visioned and grasped in a narrow and separate manner, there isGlamour, 132:idealists, sadistic enforcers of the idea as grasped, one-pointed and narrow men and women, seekingGlamour, 133:is, a means to an end. An ideal, rightly grasped and used, provides a temporary [134] aid towardsGlamour, 136:and the immanence of God is sequentially grasped and man can enter into that pure knowledge, thatGlamour, 171:the unity of life, the Microcosm; then, having grasped process and progress in connection with theGlamour, 174:of human evolution, except in so far that (when grasped and apprehended) they have steadilyGlamour, 193:When the power of the disciple to illumine is grasped, he has taken the first step towardsGlamour, 199:are conditioned by the sixth ray. When they have grasped the nature of the work to be done andGlamour, 213:The power of unified thought is little grasped as yet, and the power inherent in the light of manyGlamour, 224:so widespread and general that effects cannot be grasped by their individual minds. They are tooGlamour, 232:two short formulas so that they can be seen and grasped apart from their explanatory context. ThisHealing, 12:and by the radical exponent of an idea, finitely grasped and in most cases only part of a greaterHealing, 15:for us to grasp. This should be admitted and grasped. This is the best man can do with his presentHealing, 16:in the animal kingdom. When this general idea is grasped, we shall have a clearer understanding ofHealing, 68:the new lines of thought and the man who has grasped some of the New Age concepts have oftenHealing, 143:will the true nature of material phenomena be grasped. It might be added here that: The ethericHealing, 190:essential that certain broad generalizations are grasped by the student before he begins to studyHealing, 204:psychological development far more than is today grasped, but they have (as is suspected by theHealing, 204:have been dealing must be carefully studied and grasped by any practicing healer, for he willHealing, 213:response of the person is not adequately grasped. Nothing is known, factually speaking, about theHealing, 268:of the love of God. This the Jew has never grasped, for the love expressed in the Old Testament isHealing, 330:body, two great aspects of soul activity can be grasped. First, that aspect of soul life whichHealing, 338:lacking. Much of the inherent psychology is grasped, but a gap still exists between the physicalHealing, 351:transitions. When this attitude of the soul is grasped, our entire technique of living, andHealing, 385:and to a knowledge of divine destiny. This, if grasped, will bring about a new attitude both to GodHealing, 480:so much so that what is today known and somewhat grasped is of so vast a nature and so intricate inHealing, 492:should receive more emphasis. Once this is truly grasped and understood, a great deal of the [493]Healing, 563:the objective disease; these have to be grasped and accepted as working theories before the healerHealing, 601:can be a healer, and it is time that people grasped that fact. The entire process of healing isHealing, 606:processes (and they are relatively simple when grasped) are dependent upon the decision of theHealing, 611:can the beauty and accuracy of his statement be grasped. What, in the last analysis, is aHealing, 612:in the dense physical. This is a point little grasped but of major importance. The dense physical
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