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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRASPED

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Healing, 661:to the ignorant, one thing is now clearly grasped and will increasingly color human thinking:Herculesthe circle's cosmic sweep, the truth is slowly grasped; the needed lesson learnt; the natureHercules, 4:Heaven. The idea of purpose and of plan is being grasped, and the entire attitude of the aspirantHercules, 40:at the water's edge, these three men stood and grasped the bull, taking it thus away from Hercules.Hercules, 56:I now?" Wrestling again with all his might, he grasped the serpent with both hands, lifting it highHercules, 98:fled and Hercules stood still. [98] Hercules grasped his bow and sheath of arrows and with sureHercules, 99:turned and faced the lion. With his two hands he grasped the lion, holding it close and choking it.Hercules, 102:them both into the Temple of the Lord has been grasped in Cancer. [103] The Story of the Myth AfterHercules, 141:Casting aside his club, Hercules knelt, grasped the hydra with his bare hands, and raised it aloft.Hercules, 178:to keep the mind occupied. The central head was grasped by Hercules first because it was the mostHercules, 178:are told, of aspirants and disciples. Hercules grasped Cerberus by the central head and conqueredInitiation, 25:where the average man is silent. When men have grasped the four facts here enumerated, and they areIntellect, 92:and if the ancient rules and formulas are grasped, we can approach our problem from a new angle andIntellect, 95:requirement, spiritual reading, must also be grasped. The word, to "read," is very obscure in itsIntellect, 124:and tried, whereby it is claimed the mind can be grasped and used at [125] will, and we haveIntellect, 183:the life of inspiration. If these stages are grasped and mastered and if the intelligent man orMagicthrough application of the measure of truth grasped to the immediate problem and environment, andMagicby all, and their significance must be somewhat grasped before further real progress is possible.Magic, 12:kingdom is concerned, and these must be clearly grasped. There is the force which animates theMagic, 17:learn the distinction between that which can be grasped by the rational mind, that which can beMagic, 33:view from which the nature of the soul must be grasped: one is the aspect of the soul in relationMagic, 50:the soul, the middle principle in nature, can be grasped. The symbolism is also carried forwardMagic, 55:be forgotten that once the magic of the soul is grasped by the personality, that soul steadilyMagic, 60:It is essential that these points should be grasped studied by all aspirants so that they may takeMagic, 77:exercises and holding the nose. When this is grasped, much dangerous practice will be avoided andMagic, 100:The clue to the significance of this can be grasped as a concept, though as yet it will fail ofMagic, 162:strong. [162] These three qualities have to be grasped and discounted by the aspirant as he seeksMagic, 207:of a simple rule for daily living. This will be grasped by those for whom it is intended and willMagic, 211:more advanced initiations, and is only finally grasped when the causal body itself, the karanaMagic, 223:the serpent of wisdom, and having with firmness grasped it, let him follow it into the deepestMagic, 228:two great forces", and, once the dualities are grasped, it dawns on him slowly and surely that theMagic, 257:become more and more simple, whilst the meaning grasped becomes more and more wide and inclusive,Magic, 257:resort is had to symbols and the cosmic plan is grasped through the presentation of geometricalMagic, 266:be sure and inevitable. When the idea is clearly grasped, the attention closely focused, and theMagic, 269:and substance, the lesson of this epoch will be grasped. Other lessons will be left but this oneMagic, 306:of the great astral illusion and, if this is grasped, it will become apparent why depressionMagic, 339:for once the Word of Mankind is understood and grasped and the significance of the individualMagic, 351:his mind a formulation of what lies ahead to be grasped and is the first step towards acquirement.Magic, 357:of energy is that their trend and work can be grasped more easily in a larger sense in relation toMagic, 365:man, therefore, the Universal Mind can best be grasped as it expresses itself through what we callMagic, 377:drama and the work of the Hierarchy should be grasped and I here enumerate them: 1. The movementMagic, 384:note the differentiations of the soul aspect as grasped by the mind. These are the sevenMagic, 458:been the recipient of the archetypal idea, as grasped and visualized by the soul. In its turn theMagic, 461:has nothing to do with the formulas. They are grasped and understood by the great Knowers Who standMagic, 467:the red all longed-for forms approach, are grasped and held, used and discarded, until the redMagic, 490:later as part of a greater fact. A man can have grasped some of the lesser principles of theMagic, 502:of the death process. The second point to be grasped is that there can be a technique of dying andMagic, 521:in some way, if the true nature of sacrifice is grasped, if skill in action is developed and ifMagic, 523:the plan and the technique of its expression be grasped in a clearer fashion. I talk now inMagic, 527:will be apparent to you that when this point is grasped, the purpose for which humanity exists, theMagic, 528:true significance of the words. The point to be grasped is that through humanity on the physicalMagic, 530:climax that the mode of its materialization is grasped with such accuracy and energized with suchMagic, 545:- non-existent. It is oft overlooked and seldom grasped or told that they, therefore, do not existMagic, 595:centers, their structure and location should be grasped technically, and when the laws of theirMagic, 596:under the direction of his soul, when he has grasped the theory of the science of the centers, andMagic, 601:which its entire structure is founded. Having grasped these, he can then begin to deal with, and toMagic, 604:the world history. Until aspirants have somewhat grasped it and can use it, they can never formMagic, 633:truly so. They see a bit of the vision and have grasped the theory but cannot express it in action.Meditation, 114:comes the needed impetus that may - if rightly grasped - drive to the Feet of the Lord of the WorldMeditation, 140:and only as each step is taken and each point is grasped, will the next in order become clear. TheMeditation, 161:dissipate them. The fundamental fact to be grasped here is that only when the pupil has anMeditation, 190:investigation. Only that which is understood and grasped as a fact in experience by the innerMeditation, 199:When the secret of causal alignment is better grasped, and when groups of people in physicalMeditation, 206:is the basic hue for that plane, he has grasped the fundamental secret of microcosmic development,Meditation, 222:not real, and that even perfection itself - as grasped by the mind of man, is but illusion, andMeditation, 225:but likewise in detail. This is a fact to be grasped and worked out. As knowledge increases andPatanjali, 40:lastly realization. Energy. When the theory is grasped, when the goal is perceived, then activityPatanjali, 85:than does the westerner and this must be fully grasped by the aspirant. To the oriental, thePatanjali, 95:- as all else in nature - triple. Once this is grasped the occult significance and importance ofPatanjali, 264:equally true of all forms. This triple nature is grasped by the truly concentrated yogi and thePatanjali, 321:powers are unfolded. Third, that as this fact is grasped intellectually and meditated uponPatanjali, 336:the realization of hearing. This might also be grasped mystically by the aspirant when he realizesPatanjali, 381:a clear interpretation of the truth to be grasped. The evolution of consciousness and the effect ofPatanjali, 403:this every aspirant has to learn. When this is grasped, he seeks to aid the evolution of his formsProblems, 64:the point where today a still broader ideal is grasped by him - international unity or the smoothProblems, 83:human unity must he endorsed. This unity must be grasped as something worth fighting and dying for;Psychology1, 11:which can be apprehended, great concepts can be grasped and great ideas intuited. Men can trainPsychology1, 16:which is of practical value and which can be grasped by the illumined intelligence of the averagePsychology1, 43:of contacts, the true Plan cannot be rightly grasped. The will, lying behind the purpose, cannot bePsychology1, 72:be set in motion, and some new realizations be grasped and held. These concern at present aPsychology1, 120:When the true nature of the seven rays is grasped, and when their effect on humanity in expressingPsychology1, 151:Be Said." Therefore the first proposition to be grasped by the student of the rays is as follows:Psychology1, 153:the law of evolution, can be dimly sensed and grasped. The sweep of the subject is so vast that thePsychology1, 155:the qualities [155] and energies can be somewhat grasped as we study the seven ray Lives with theirPsychology1, 156:the wonders of that revelation, and if they grasped the magnificence of the reward [157] given toPsychology1, 227:when the history of the mineral kingdom can be grasped by the illumined seer, he will then see thePsychology1, 235:be seen, and the prevailing synthesis will be grasped. Psychology1, 240:which any aspect of this planetary truth can be grasped by man. It is an interesting, though quitePsychology1, 293:of his own subconscious life are more truly grasped, there will take place, gradually andPsychology1, 295:three in number; when they are understood and grasped, and when they are integrated into thePsychology1, 313:heart and brain, in order to be intellectually grasped. The hierarchy of mystics, knowers andPsychology1, 357:you as much on this abstruse subject as can be grasped. The tabulation of the rays governing thePsychology1, 369:their effects understood and their potencies grasped. One point remains as yet unrealized byPsychology1, 396:as a group, and as a group progressed and grasped, the group responded to the divine command andPsychology2, 6:purpose and plan of the Solar Logos, as it is grasped, apprehended and expressed by one of thePsychology2, 15:hide the life aspect of the Monad. When this is grasped, our evaluation of world achievement willPsychology2, 20:greater truths, and when the greater truth is grasped, the significance and the interpretation ofPsychology2, 34:pours in, the disciple sees that all that was grasped and treasured, and then lost and removed, hasPsychology2, 81:what they need, and force the substance thus grasped into the form or appearance required, enduingPsychology2, 86:inferred from that phrase. What has not yet been grasped is that these emerging "godlike"
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