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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRASPED

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Psychology2, 87:sacrifice, which is the first of the laws to be grasped by the human intelligence, and is thereforePsychology2, 113:does produce polar union. What is needed to be grasped is that in this work, there is no personalPsychology2, 122:service is, at this time, the major idea to be grasped for (in grasping it) we open ourselves widePsychology2, 125:world salvage. This distinction must be clearly grasped, or else our whole attitude to thisPsychology2, 129:in every life when the theory of service is grasped, and the higher law is recognized; then thePsychology2, 135:chosen field of service. This must be clearly grasped. That might only indicate (if it seems toPsychology2, 140:be assimilated by humanity. These ideas, when grasped by the aspirant bring about two developments.Psychology2, 141:as his idea, something which he has seen and grasped and which impatiently he seeks to impose uponPsychology2, 152:and, when their influence is better grasped, man will arrive at real self knowledge. He will thenPsychology2, 228:about when the true meaning of history is grasped, when the wide sweep of human unfoldment down thePsychology2, 239:scheme of evolutionary process than any hitherto grasped or sensed by the keenest minds on earth.Psychology2, 242:Materialization. For man, it has to be studied, grasped, and wrought out through the right use ofPsychology2, 254:analysis within the field of synthesis should be grasped. Analysis is too often confused withPsychology2, 254:with the concept of the Plan as initiates have grasped it. Psychology2, 346:realization. This purpose and truth, when grasped, brings into direct conflict the will of thePsychology2, 356:form, leaving these mysteries of the soul to be grasped by those whose soul's influence reaches toPsychology2, 367:the Plan as - from cycle to cycle - the race has grasped the smaller aspects and revelations andPsychology2, 367:Deity - past, present and future purposes - as grasped by those who have developed the divinePsychology2, 376:to his portion of the task. This, if really grasped and deeply considered will have the effect ofPsychology2, 393:enables the detail of the sensed Whole to be grasped in meticulous entirety. This wide, yetPsychology2, 400:come to be understood in a new light, and grasped and understood as a possible goal for certainPsychology2, 412:numbers, and of circumstance. When this has been grasped and understood, the focus of attentionPsychology2, 424:to failure. Later, when the above is somewhat grasped, there must be the search for, and thePsychology2, 455:feeling and this distinction is often not grasped. All that can be created in the future will bePsychology2, 466:wider horizon can be seen, and the larger vision grasped. A man must learn to recognize that hisPsychology2, 467:expression. But when this fact is first seen, grasped, and when the initial revelation has come,Psychology2, 564:of soul capacities. [564] Once this idea is grasped, the attitude of the skeptic and unbelieverPsychology2, 597:the process or results. Unless the basic rule is grasped that "energy follows thought", it isPsychology2, 598:is understood or the laws of their control grasped. The acceptance of this statement would be foundPsychology2, 621:- all these will have a subjective result little grasped or realized by the average student and allPsychology2, 631:and the situation can be more distinctly grasped. Those with no vision and a myopic outlook uponPsychology2, 649:New Group of World Servers The first thing to be grasped is that there is a Plan for humanity andPsychology2, 667:so that the newer and truer ideas may be grasped. Its function is the spreading of the message ofPsychology2, 678:when the underlying purpose of world events is grasped and when the hope of immortality becomes aPsychology2, 697:does produce polar union. What is needed to be grasped is that in this work, there is no personalPsychology2, 715:of World Servers. How far have we really yet grasped the task of this group, or the significance ofRays, 7:as the other two points are beginning to be grasped and the theory as to man's constitution andRays, 15:physical plane. When this fact is somewhat grasped there comes a simplification of thought. Rays, 18:individual, but are regarded as adequately grasped by humanity; they have been proclaimed by allRays, 24:their significances as far as these can be grasped now. These instructions are written for futureRays, 34:to the unfoldment of pure consciousness. Had you grasped the fact that after the third initiation,Rays, 38:a whole. [38] The mental application has to be grasped and considered in terms of the "greatRays, 50:that Plan as it is progressively understood and grasped. This expresses itself in the cultivationRays, 70:for the disciple to grasp. But they will be grasped and mastered by each one as he proceeds alongRays, 78:of Deity. Certain great concepts are firmly grasped by man. Certain great hopes are taking form andRays, 86:its side of beauty when the spiritual values are grasped. That which has so grossly imprisoned theRays, 91:warrant a truer picture which - if adequately grasped - will enable the disciple to comprehend theRays, 93:as He "enveloped humanity in the mantle of love, grasped the rod of initiation on behalf of HisRays, 108:purpose, but that the purpose itself can only be grasped by one who is developing monadicRays, 116:true significance of this has never [116] been grasped and lies in the fact that the phrase "richRays, 122:earlier steps or stages have been satisfactorily grasped and there is indication of some measure ofRays, 142:some idea of the human urge to light can be grasped if you consider the brilliance of theRays, 147:the dim outlines of the general picture must be grasped, and each decade in the future will see theRays, 149:initiate is not a complicated one, once he has grasped the fact that he must release himself fromRays, 152:of the Three. The nature of the One must be grasped and comprehended. The group must work throughRays, 152:the initiate has to apply to himself once he has grasped the significance of the seven basicRays, 157:the nature of life-energy or of spirit cannot be grasped until after the third initiation, it isRays, 161:to the Trinity. "The nature of the One must be grasped and comprehended." This has reference to theRays, 172:closest to the initial idea, and until man has grasped his identical at-one-ness with even oneRays, 180:broad and general presentation must be rightly grasped if the rule, as given to disciples andRays, 200:self-induced, if it provides an alibi for grasped knowledge, if it is assumed in order to avoidRays, 219:distressing events and disrupted personnel is grasped, rapid progress can be made - again by theRays, 246:that the true nature of the divine Will will be grasped and the purpose of Sanat Kumara be revealedRays, 263:does it mean to you? Being, per se, can only be grasped by those who, have "come alive"Rays, 263:three worlds of human evolution; and who have grasped somewhat the purpose for which Sanat KumaraRays, 275:in reality in Shamballa itself and was grasped - as to intent and purpose - by Masters upon theRays, 276:the significance of these Rules can be somewhat grasped. We have been considering Shamballa, and IRays, 280:the inner meaning (not the obvious and easily grasped meaning) that spirit is matter at its highestRays, 304:I have elsewhere told you that consciousness (as grasped by the personality and the soul) hasRays, 331:that the extent of the coming revelation will be grasped, for only then can humanity be trustedRays, 341:evolution. Since the fact of initiation had been grasped by many and achieved by some, it hasRays, 363:consciousness will be through reference to lower grasped capacities and the presentation ofRays, 440:of the planetary constitution is truly grasped and the analytic disputations of the concrete mindRays, 466:humanity, however, the major realization to be grasped at the present point in human evolution isRays, 473:an extension of the known and previously grasped. Such is the mode of evolution, for it is ever aRays, 477:four aspects of the one sutratma. Once this is grasped, the beauty of the symbolism and theRays, 508:technique, the basic quality of the ray must be grasped. It is dynamic. The point at the center isRays, 543:This has to be slowly developed and consciously grasped, with very interesting consequences. LaterRays, 645:great mystery and one which cannot as yet be grasped by you. From the height of the Mount ofRays, 645:planetary Logos is (for the first time) truly grasped. From that height also, the mystery of theRays, 647:reorientation of human thinking, as this fact is grasped, will have its first results uponRays, 728:"each lesson learned each day, each revelation grasped and understood, makes your heart full ofReappearance, 115:of the Law of Evolution. It has never been grasped or properly understood in the West and, in theReappearance, 123:extent of the coming revelation can be safely grasped. There are planetary energies and forcesReappearance, 178:spiritual levels and they have not apparently grasped the fact that the physical plane, whenSoul, 76:of being perceived by the senses, and only to be grasped by the intellect. The union with theSoul, 134:and utilized. [134] When these four points are grasped and their effect is felt in man'sSoul, 141:and center, and between center and glands, is grasped; the effects, physiological as well asSoul, 155:higher will to account until he is sure he has grasped its ultimate nature is very much on a levelTelepathy, 10:radiations, and of energy currents, is better grasped. This is rapidly coming about as scienceTelepathy, 53:literature would indicate). What must be grasped is that all that IS is ever present. What we areTelepathy, 66:when the nature of relationship is better grasped and the true function of ideas is properlyTelepathy, 69:of divine Purpose which can be immediately grasped and developed and which are patently valuable toTelepathy, 78:no man-made ideas. There are only ideas as grasped by the intelligentsia and then as "stepped down"Telepathy, 84:kingdoms are too intricate in their nature to be grasped at this time by students, and - which isTelepathy, 95:to aid other people. The essential point to be grasped is that sensitivity to impression is aTelepathy, 125:recognizable. But one basic fact must be grasped, and that is that the medium of relationship andTelepathy, 126:if the mode of working of the One Life is to be grasped more clearly than is now the case. The aimTelepathy, 144:circumstances and relationships. If this is grasped by him, it will enable him to realize that heTelepathy, 168:science. Therefore, there is yet much to be grasped by students concerning energy, its emanating
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