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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GRASPING

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Astrology, 387:to be found between the opposites and is grasping vaguely the true nature of desire. But he isAstrology, 393:His instrument of expression in the depths, grasping the divine purpose and so bending the will ofAstrology, 418:of the entire pattern. A further aid to the grasping of this essential beauty of coordinated andAutobiography, 136:care enough. I also read with great rapidity, grasping whole paragraphs and pages as quickly asBethlehem, 203:to that which we should have outgrown, the grasping of that which we should have left behind. EvilDestiny, 120:and this has led to the aggressive and grasping character of the motives which have led to war.Discipleship1, 98:in the personality life but may signify only the grasping of opportunity in the eternal now of theDiscipleship1, 271:humanity to money has been colored by greed, by grasping for the lower self, by jealousy, byDiscipleship1, 377:to you the necessity for your definitely grasping the Plan as the New Group of World Servers graspDiscipleship1, 499:3rd month - Renunciation takes the place of grasping for the little self. 4th month - Before meDiscipleship2, 127:of the group are in, then see yourselves as each grasping an oar, and together, rhythmically andDiscipleship2, 272:why it is not possible for those in process of grasping the need for right human relations toDiscipleship2, 286:was an attempt to emphasize the necessity for grasping and accepting two initial premises: First,Discipleship2, 344:in the disciple's life that he has succeeded in grasping some great divine idea. In the fiveDiscipleship2, 353:part of the divine plan; its implementation by grasping greedy and ambitious men, or by deludedDiscipleship2, 425:I pointed out that three ideas were involved in grasping the significance of these points ofDiscipleship2, 429:thinkers in the human family who are capable of grasping the Plan and of penetrating to theDiscipleship2, 719:brothers, because of your importunity and the grasping demand of your agile, unsatisfied mind. ButDiscipleship2, 721:you know, brother of old, that that restless, grasping, unsatisfied mind has given both you and meDiscipleship2, 755:earthly friends. The latter are apt to fail in grasping life essentials, because the detail and theEducation, 25:as the memory of the child is capable of grasping. How can I illustrate this changed attitude toEducation, 37:interpretation of men in terms of energy and the grasping of the seven types of energy whichEducation, 82:wisdom as an outgrowth of knowledge and of grasping understandingly the meaning which lies behindExternalisation, 30:a great ambition which was, in reality, a dim grasping of a part of God's general plan, and he thenExternalisation, 196:is rotting or destroyed; it is solely due to the grasping schemes and the financial injustices ofExternalisation, 374:of the old and evil order, and are aggressively grasping all that they can for themselves. TheyExternalisation, 417:into the area of mental understanding. The grasping nature of [418] many of the prayers of men,Externalisation, 677:so active an intuitive perception and - whilst grasping certain major concepts such as world unityFire, 196:action - Karmendriya Mouth - Speaking. Hands - Grasping. Legs - Walking. Anus - Excretion. GenitalsFire, 573:The symbol for the next system is unknown. After grasping and conceding these three basic ideas, weGlamour, 9:emotional significance, you pass to the stage of grasping the basic idea [10] of the symbol, andGlamour, 63:through acquisitiveness. Its cause is selfish grasping for the little self, even if this isHealing, 59:over-stimulation. I realize the difficulty of grasping these statements. I can only give you theseHealing, 68:upon the medical profession. The money-grasping specialist and the charlatan are rare; they ofHealing, 264:centuries ago the Christ within their borders), grasping for material good and steadily rejectingHealing, 547:are related to each other. The mastering and grasping of one facilitates the understanding of theHercules, 98:Way and silent stood. He searched on every hand, grasping his trusty club, the weapon he himselfHercules, 113:of unity and love, of sacrifice and faith. Yet, grasping it, he slaughtered her, killing the oneHercules, 171:its piercing bark. Snarling, it sprang upon him. Grasping the primary throat of Cerberus, HerculesHercules, 210:learns the lesson that competition and selfish grasping must disappear and that the seizing ofHercules, 219:consisted in a reactionary attitude and in not grasping the significance of the new age which wasIntellect, 153:from the stage of memory training and the grasping of information to that of [154] a conscious useMagic, 24:into larger units than the lower is capable of grasping. Therefore the initiate, especially afterMagic, 117:set of principles is learnt by the man through grasping, and the subsequent disaster that resultsMagic, 131:up by the concrete thinkers of the world who - grasping the main outline of the idea - crystallizeMagic, 535:intuition is awakened and his mind illumined. Grasping these facts anent imprisonment how, to beMagic, 571:to the real training for discipleship. Grasping the relation between these forces of nature whichMagic, 574:in managing other people's lives for them, or in grasping so firmly the reins of government in hisMagic, 624:they also have the rhythm of work. Others are grasping opportunity as they see it and, to do so,Patanjali, 287:the antithesis of passion which is selfish and grasping, Tenderness, the antithesis ofPatanjali, 311:the one, hunger, being positive, masculine and grasping; the other, thirst, being negative,Problems, 13:as the acme of childish selfishness, started by grasping children who could not be stopped in theirProblems, 53:wisdom as an outgrowth of knowledge and of grasping understandingly the meaning which lies behindProblems, 157:into the area of mental understanding. The grasping nature of the prayers of the average men (basedPsychology1, 190:those students who conform to the requirement of grasping the general outline and the broad basicPsychology1, 191:the same proposition to an individual man, grasping the fact that every personality is intended toPsychology1, 237:made a basic and synthetic statement which needs grasping. Those whose consciousness is expandingPsychology1, 396:waited, standing before the portal of the Path, grasping the garnered treasures of a thousandPsychology2, 76:a dual activity - that of taking and giving, of grasping and relinquishing, of establishing a holdPsychology2, 76:that he discovers how tired he actually is of grasping the non-essential and the material, and howPsychology2, 81:- The Energy of Active Intelligence Just as the grasping and attracting are terms applicable to thePsychology2, 83:Energy Technique Quality Source 1. Power or Will Grasping Dynamic Purpose Dynamically electrifiedPsychology2, 100:betterment, which leads to selfishness, to a grasping, and to an orientation of thePsychology2, 122:this time, the major idea to be grasped for (in grasping it) we open ourselves wide to the newPsychology2, 140:shining forth of the new idea and its subsequent grasping by the minds of intelligent humanity.Psychology2, 156:to satisfy the instinctual nature. Experience, grasping, existing, followed by renewed demand forPsychology2, 395:increasing number in the next two decades, who - grasping the beauty of the presented idea - willPsychology2, 654:class or an enriched proletariat or a grasping government. The third objective is the growth of theRays, 33:may have for you will be dependent upon your grasping a few basic ideas and then proceeding to makeRays, 37:way their significance can truly appear is by grasping the following meanings: The physicalRays, 147:the aspirant and the disciple more capable of grasping it. Rays, 484:under the influence of the Ageless Wisdom, are grasping the necessity and the importance of theRays, 713:of ideas or the use of the intuition in grasping the stage of the divine Purpose at any particularReappearance, 27:itself to [27] Him. We have been selfish and grasping in our reaction to His work and sacrifice. Telepathy, 69:of the hierarchical response is needed for the grasping and the comprehension of the Purpose as
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