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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GREEK

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Astrology, 670:from 'solus,' the One or He alone, and the Greek name 'Helios' meant Most High." (S.D. Vol. III,Atom, 37:to use for this purpose is compounded of a Greek word 'earlier than,' and 'the stuff of whichAtom, 56:Literally, the correct translation from the Greek is: "We are his poem, or idea," and the thoughtAutobiography, 52:from the Aramaic or Hebrew into ancient Greek, and from the Greek into Latin, and from the LatinAutobiography, 52:or Hebrew into ancient Greek, and from the Greek into Latin, and from the Latin into Old EnglishAutobiography, 289:and are now being translated into Polish, Greek, Roumanian and Armenian. Much progress has beenBethlehem, 8:meaning. Thus, Catholicism, Protestantism, Greek-Catholic, Islamism and Buddhistic religiousnessBethlehem, 157:form, and "was transfigured before them." "The Greek word here used is 'metamorphosed,' the veryBethlehem, 178:was Horus; so was the Persian Mithra; so was the Greek Hercules who overcame Death though his bodyBethlehem, 189:the Eastern, as expressed through the Greek Church, and the Western, as expressed through the RomanBethlehem, 189:journey away from God and back to God. The Greek Church has always emphasized the [190] risenExternalisation, 506:the prelates of the great Catholic Churches - Greek, Roman and Anglican - with the leaders of theFire, 695:self-consciousness begun. 31 Hylozoism: From Greek "ule," matter; "zoon," animal; and "ism." Ism isFire, 759:down the barrier separating the Episcopal and Greek churches from the Roman. This may be lookedFire, 984:proof of its high origin. The Latin Magus, the Greek Magos, a magician, gives us all those otherGlamour, 186:do so and to achieve temporary good health; the Greek Orthodox Church was corrupt throughout, andHercules, 23:then thou shalt become one of the Immortals." (Greek and Roman Mythology, Vol. I, Fox.) HavingHercules, 215:is as follows: "... the word is derived from the Greek 'zodian', a little animal, full expressionHercules, 217:He says: "The word Zodiac itself is from the Greek 'Zodiakon', which is not from 'zoon' 'to live',Problems, 130:that it was the Mother Church, the Byzantine or Greek Orthodox Church and the Protestant Churches.Problems, 131:- Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches 2. The Greek Orthodox Church reached such a high stage ofReappearance, 24:some man's understanding of a series of Aramaic, Greek or Latin words. The fact that the majorityReappearance, 29:important word is "end." The word used is the Greek "sun-teleia," which means the end of the timeReappearance, 29:(what would be called the end of a cycle). In Greek the final end is another word "telos." InReappearance, 141:the emphasis is laid in the Roman Catholic, the Greek Orthodox and the Protestant Churches uponSoul, 38:The word "endocrine" it may be noted is from the Greek word "krinein," meaning "to separate." Dr.Soul, 77:Fathers were tremendously influenced by Greek ideas as to the Soul, and their teaching was laterSoul, 80:'inanimate' and 'dead' are identical. The Greek word psyche does not by any means signify merelySoul, 105:to the Psychikon pneuma, animal spirits, of Greek philosophy, a category which is intermediateSoul, 156:source, of evil. Though Aristotle, after the Greek fashion, gives the primacy not to will but to
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