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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROPING

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Discipleship1, 454:you are and of what you must do. The period of groping along the path with only the dim light of anDiscipleship2, 62:the inner urge of their souls and who are groping their way (in relatively large numbers) towardDiscipleship2, 292:interplay between inner centers of power and the groping creature in the phenomenal world. Man isDiscipleship2, 746:and unaided. This effort on your part, this groping here and there for a rightful field of service,Externalisation, 329:motivated by a true love for humanity, plus a groping after and understanding of the New Age idealsExternalisation, 538:today in the dark, it is needless to say, groping along unknown ways, appealing to the HierarchyFire, 195:touch. This touch conveys other ideas to the groping consciousness, ideas of size, of externalFire, 826:of the Hall of Ignorance, and those who are yet groping in its dark and gloomy corridors; betweenFire, 1142:prototypes, and that These have Their feeble and groping human reflections in the greatHealing, 21:understanding of this, mental science has been groping. Its orientation and purposes are right andHealing, 22:you understand these laws towards which you are groping and which you seek to understand. NowhereMagic, 148:there is a devastating sense of loss, a groping in the dark, and a period of spiritual wrestlingPatanjali, 419:life and fit to offer to the thirsty ones who, groping, cry of thirst. That which hath slain andPsychology2, 171:[171] Another pilgrim in the dark came up, and groping, found the Follower. 'Lead me and others toRays, 108:is an event - which philosophy now points out, groping towards an expression of the initiateRays, 246:[246] into aspiration; he passes on to a vague groping forward in an effort to understand andRays, 285:have not, however, passed beyond the stage of groping in the world of [286] meaning. The reason forRays, 306:aspiration and enterprise (from the lowest [306] groping physical desire up to the aspiration for
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