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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUND

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Astrologyof a preliminary nature. I seek to lay the ground for a somewhat new approach - a far more esotericAstrology, 78:of Pluto, who governs the lesser burning ground, in order that the man may live in truth in theAstrology, 95:Path of Life forces the soul on to the burning ground and subjects it to a purifying process duringAstrology, 100:his own. In every case, Mars leads to the battle ground of Scorpio. Mercury, embodying the energyAstrology, 100:Uranus leads the soul to the burning ground during the final stages of the Path, when the fire ofAstrology, 100:produce the flaming heat of the final burning ground. Through this burning ground, the initiate hasAstrology, 100:the final burning ground. Through this burning ground, the initiate has finally to pass. UranusAstrology, 101:Initiate in Capricorn. The crisis of the burning ground, which is brought about through theAstrology, 101:reversing the wheel, to pass through the burning ground to liberation. Libra is the polar oppositeAstrology, 294:before the Door of Initiation lies the burning ground which all disciples and initiates must tread.Astrology, 294:must tread. The Leo subject treads this burning ground with will and self-effacement. When he hasAstrology, 316:tread the Path as it passes through the Burning Ground. Those taking the higher initiations have toAstrology, 340:the lower psychic nature and produce the battle ground (later to be transmuted into the burningAstrology, 340:ground (later to be transmuted into the burning ground) whereon these two "face in the finalAstrology, 347:have been primarily intended to lay the ground and to prepare your minds for the later section uponAstrology, 357:essential to the final treading of the burning ground and subsequent release. Ray 5 - ConcreteAstrology, 472:Virgo Mutable 7. Crisis of the Burning ground Liberation Leo Fixed You will note that two of theAstrology, 614:Energies and Transformation This covers familiar ground for all of you but in the effort to achieveAtomoccasion to present a bird's-eye view of the ground covered and the reasons for the position [6]Atom, 60:been an atheist, but had begun to question the ground of her unbelief after several timesAutobiography, 32:in solemn procession into the dining room on the ground floor. This I did to the admiring whispersAutobiography, 50:but most people just want to talk and lay the ground so that their own preconceived ideas areAutobiography, 58:simply planked his four feet firmly on the ground and refused to budge. Coaxing and whipping wereAutobiography, 127:I could probably find again if that piece of ground has not been built over, I told God that I wasAutobiography, 138:cottage so as to be near them. It was safe ground for the children, trees to climb, gardening to doAutobiography, 220:values are emphasized I know no better training-ground for the youth of the world than a publicBethlehem, 59:stables were, in those days, hollowed out of the ground. This was recognized by the early Church,Bethlehem, 66:us that "Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone, but if it die, itBethlehem, 93:the whole structure of our belief falls to the ground. There is more still to be revealed, or elseBethlehem, 123:souls involved. Christ meets the devil on the ground of His divine nature. If thou art the Son ofBethlehem, 150:there were three disciples prostrate upon the ground, unable to look upon the glory which had beenBethlehem, 156:III. The Transfiguration scene was the meeting-ground of significant factors, and since that momentBethlehem, 237:chamber of Initiation, and was stretched on the ground with his arms extended, sometimes on a crossBethlehem, 281:that "except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone," and they setDestiny, 46:The work of the Ray of Ceremonial Order is to "ground" or make physically visible the results ofDiscipleship1, 4:aspects of the Plan, and also laying the ground for group work which will greatly help theDiscipleship1, 18:the cause - it may be, possible to prepare the ground in such a manner that the coming effort ofDiscipleship1, 110:brother of mine, but have only, however, broken ground. For the remainder of your life prepare forDiscipleship1, 224:the heart." Another is the glamor of the Burning Ground which can so engross the attention of theDiscipleship1, 225:to stand, for whether I am on the burning ground or on the mountain top, whether I am silent in theDiscipleship1, 234:awakened heart that constitutes the true burning ground and a study of the human situation at theDiscipleship1, 238:levels, is to stabilize, to mentalise and to ground the disciple in spiritual being; to be is forDiscipleship1, 240:who attach themselves to them. You have much ground to regain physically as a result of the pastDiscipleship1, 328:in the future, provided that you hold the ground gained [329] and lose nothing that has beenDiscipleship1, 365:I. I, therefore, tread the Way unto the Burning Ground. There hindrances disappear. 4th month - MyDiscipleship1, 369:the plan was not complete. Some knowledge of the ground plan upon which the Temple must be rearedDiscipleship1, 369:needed knowledge, who guided those who laid the ground for later building, he slept and ate andDiscipleship1, 388:which is your main and self-chosen training ground. I seek today to change your meditation workDiscipleship1, 442:activity has provided for you a needed forcing ground. The group activity with which you areDiscipleship1, 453:and reconstruction from the vantage ground of your own ascertained and controlled beliefs. I am notDiscipleship1, 459:last instruction, I pointed out that the battle ground in your case was to be found in all threeDiscipleship1, 464:of reality. You have passed across the burning ground and now it lies behind you, but the smokeDiscipleship1, 487:(with the aid of some outside help) to hold the ground gained and to hope, somewhat hopelessly,Discipleship1, 487:other side. You have stood steady and held the ground gained e'en though you realize it not. But soDiscipleship1, 515:Self for service. 3rd month - The burning ground whereon pure gold is seen. 4th month - LiberationDiscipleship1, 537:1st month - Lift up thin eyes. Look not upon the ground. 2nd month - Recognize the group of fellowDiscipleship1, 638:reorientation, and of a clearing of the ground for later activity. The thoughts below, my brother,Discipleship1, 651:sphere of service will provide a fine training ground in the matter. Then your power to help willDiscipleship1, 725:telepathic rapport and thus provide a training ground for the development of this type ofDiscipleship2, 11:has already been imparted and which will lay the ground for the next instruction in due time. ThenDiscipleship2, 20:evocation. They also have a third function: they ground or focus energy, thus producing a point ofDiscipleship2, 41:humanity relieved but bewildered, beaten to the ground, but with enough strength to rise to greaterDiscipleship2, 54:in the attempt to contact me, I was laying the ground for two eventualities: your future contactDiscipleship2, 73:The golden lotus of the heart. The burning ground of fiery red. The mountain top, bathed in theDiscipleship2, 93:I have not, as you will note, covered the whole ground. I have, however, indicated enough to showDiscipleship2, 294:I have given you at this time will provide much ground for thought. Further instruction along thisDiscipleship2, 307:and of expression; they then become the ground for further expansion. Every revelation has to beDiscipleship2, 320:They express a past, indicate a revelation, and ground the thinking aspirant in the world ofDiscipleship2, 415:in mind if the disciple is to be sure of the ground upon which he stands, and if he is to know thatDiscipleship2, 460:fatigue and also to a pronounced inability to "ground" yourself upon the physical plane. It hasDiscipleship2, 466:you have trodden upon and passed the burning ground, through the Portal into the Presence. That youDiscipleship2, 507:that you have been drawing the plow over the ground in preparation for the New Age teaching for theDiscipleship2, 507:Age teaching for the first time, and that that ground is very hard, very stony, and at presentDiscipleship2, 510:what you have sown has not fallen on sterile ground. This remains true, even if you do not registerDiscipleship2, 512:and of devotion. There lies for you the battle ground, and victory must be yours prior to takingDiscipleship2, 545:of the group members have the mind as the battle ground of conflict - a conflict which is thusDiscipleship2, 545:but you make the astral body your battle ground whereas the whole problem should be elevated toDiscipleship2, 553:purification. You have moved across the burning-ground - as have all your group brothers. The wholeDiscipleship2, 553:Every disciple creates his own burning-ground; he then takes his stand within it, and eventuallyDiscipleship2, 602:peculiar difficulties because your battle [602] ground lies right there and it is mainly yourDiscipleship2, 616:Your present work in... provides a fine training ground for this future work, provided that you layDiscipleship2, 628:adjustments without losing temporarily any ground. This is a thing rate indeed. Usually duringDiscipleship2, 628:there is a temporary loss of time and of ground. It is seldom permanent but it usually exists for aEducation, 2:innate divinity. Here we can only prepare the ground for this third point because the subjectEducation, 58:accomplish the following things, thus laying the ground for the future unfoldment of the higher andEducation, 97:increasingly be placed. We have now laid the ground for a consideration of the three sciences whichEducation, 121:direction of simplicity is also rapidly gaining ground. The spirit of which commercialism is theExternalisation, 7:Remarks It is not my purpose to cover the whole ground possible [8] in relation to the situation inExternalisation, 14:and of experiment. It might be asked what ground this training should cover. I would suggest thatExternalisation, 325:world karma and constitute your needed training ground and the field of your spiritualExternalisation, 448:with goodwill to all and endeavored to lay the ground for coming world happenings. All trueExternalisation, 486:to you today because of world need; here is the ground for a sound, optimistic approach to theExternalisation, 499:will give you much food for thought and real ground for happy, confident, forward thinking. [500]Externalisation, 503:of truth if that light is poured on to familiar ground. All must be given the chance to see andExternalisation, 640:all the other nations of the world on the sure ground of economic reform, of needed nationalFire, 12:to the fifth, the plane which is the burning-ground, the meeting place for fire. This time a cosmicFire, 28:zone of safety. The waters dissipated. The solid ground emerged in certain destined places. TheFire, 115:of the astral plane is the normal functioning ground of the average man and that in this roundFire, 119:fourth cosmic etheric plane forms the meeting ground for the past and the future, and is theFire, 119:of this fourth cosmic ether) is the meeting ground, or plane of union, for that which is man and
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