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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUNDED

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Astrology, 427:to a human being and when the energy is finally grounded in the disciple's center, you will noticeDestiny, 84:planet via Uranus and giving to the empire its grounded physical plane control over place andDestiny, 122:the new energies are not comprehensible by him, grounded as he is in the methods of the past; henceDiscipleship1, 343:me with your teaching capacity, for you are well grounded in the academic side of the divine artDiscipleship1, 471:Ponder on these thoughts and remember you are grounded in the center of your Being and can,Discipleship2, 183:meditation you have man, the spiritual man, grounded in the soul, entering into a close contactDiscipleship2, 746:are becoming - as an occult phrase puts it - "grounded in your place"; that was for you anExternalisation, 53:workers of their age, but they take what is grounded, settled and easily available - made so by theExternalisation, 618:of His Presence with us at all times; it must be grounded in the knowledge that the war - with allHealing, 58:in the emotional or desire nature, and are grounded in the astral body. Cancer is partially theHealing, 150:and the various energies of the whole man are "grounded" in the earth bound man, then the situationHealing, 150:situation becomes clearer. I use the expression "grounded" in its true and correct sense, and notHealing, 152:contact" upon the physical plane into the "grounded sphere of light and power which is the man inHealing, 525:or an engineered hope. It is evidence of a well-grounded conviction. Power to direct soul energy toMagic, 9:in their state of being, become, so to speak, grounded in matter and assume forms whereby theirMeditation, 300:the beginnings of the plan. When they are firmly grounded, when they are working smoothly and withMeditation, 315:they will be men of erudition, and of knowledge, grounded in the knowledge of the Hall of Learning,Patanjali, 300:therefore they have no dense bodies. "They are grounded in themselves... and live as long as thereProblems, 30:by which all the peoples in the world can be grounded in the only ideology that will prove finallyPsychology1, 136:and others group-conscious, but all grounded in the universal mind, all possessing souls, and allPsychology2, 182:Meditation. These groups will eventually be grounded in the kingdom of souls, and the work doneRays, 43:it is anchored in the past and firmly grounded in the highest, rightly oriented aspect of theRays, 140:moves until his individual will is developed and grounded, focused and reoriented, and his groupReappearance, 142:but send out young men to guide humanity who are grounded only in the past interpretations. TheseReappearance, 165:of His Presence with us at all times; it must be grounded in the knowledge that the war - with allSoul, 36:been replaced by more adequate and better [36] grounded knowledge, we will find the seat ofSoul, 93:A little book by a Hindu physician, well grounded in Western medicine and science, entitled TheTelepathy, 88:first group of recipients are purely personality grounded or focused. In some cases they are only
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