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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUNDING

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Astrology, 460:negative energy. A major center, completing the grounding of the emanating energy. ResponsiveAutobiography, 276:in the life of every day. After a preliminary grounding in the ordinary fundamentals, and a periodAutobiography, 279:Arcane School is attempting to give a general grounding in these basic fundamentals, so that theDestiny, 91:or Adaptability, via the Earth, thus 'grounding' the American people and basically making the soilDestiny, 137:initiation can be described, in reality as: The grounding or externalization of the ChristDiscipleship2, 748:succeeded in doing two things: stabilized the "grounding in your place" in my Ashram (to which IEducation, 67:emanate from the highest sources and there "grounding them" or anchoring them. As illustration: itEducation, A Trea:II (Esoteric Psychology), pages 629-751] thereby grounding and fixing in the consciousness ofMeditation, 316:these ten teachers will be entrusted the work of grounding the students in the importantPsychology1, 72:outline, with the impartation of ideas, with the grounding of a few basic concepts in thePsychology1, 294:of his horoscope, and through giving him a sound grounding in mind control, as well as training his
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