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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Atom, 91:manifestation, and Who is the sumtotal of the group consciousness. I suggest that just asAtom, 92:for all [92] the subhuman forms of life, and as group consciousness, or the consciousness of theAtom, 92:we might term consciousness, self-consciousness, group consciousness, and God consciousness. TheseAtom, 100:succession involved within it, or, in reality, group consciousness, the group itself forming eitherAtom, 100:it, or, in reality, group consciousness, the group itself forming either a greater or a lesserAtom, 104:of the [104] atom, that of atomic energy and of group coherence. In the world at present can beAtom, 104:leading on to a goal not yet achieved, the group stage. If there is one thing apparent to all of usAtom, 105:before him a definite goal, the attainment of group consciousness. For the atom of substance theAtom, 106:occupied with affairs which concern the group. This is a necessary and protective stage, and one ofAtom, 109:Whole, and shoulders its responsibility in group activity. This is the stage which a great numberAtom, 110:know. If he persists in this, he will find the group to which he belongs, and will then change hisAtom, 110:The stage at which a man awakens to group realization, and becomes a conscious participant in theAtom, 110:a conscious participant in the activities of the group, is brought about in two ways: throughAtom, 111:eventually attained." Here this union with the group life is held to be the product of meditation,Atom, 113:and will enable him to find his place within the group. He will be no longer confined by the wallAtom, 113:will give his attention to the problems of the group. He will no longer give his time to theAtom, 114:of the mental plane results which benefit the group. When we ourselves have done a certain amountAtom, 114:the line of meditation, when we are cultivating group interest and not self-interest, when we haveAtom, 114:has made his contact through meditation with the group to which he belongs, and becomes, therefore,Atom, 114:and becomes, therefore, ever more and more group conscious, he is then in a position to take whatAtom, 114:Who have already identified Themselves with the group, and Who are a conscious part of the body ofAtom, 121:closely: namely, the attainment by man of that group consciousness which is his goal, and theAtom, 121:the difference between self-consciousness, group consciousness, and God consciousness, IAtom, 121:is to that little self-contained cell what group consciousness is to us; and that the consciousnessAtom, 123:period arrives in which he is feeling for the group to which he belongs. This stage might be viewedAtom, 126:investigation of those matters which concern the group, for instance. But both stages are equallyAtom, 129:friends, but we know practically nothing of group love. When group love is voiced for us by theAtom, 129:we know practically nothing of group love. When group love is voiced for us by the great idealistsAtom, 129:and laborious degrees the rudiments of a real group consciousness, which as yet lies far ahead forAtom, 129:time and space, when the consciousness of the group in all parts of the planet, for instance, willAtom, 131:will probably parallel the development of group consciousness. Only when man becomes radioactiveAtom, 131:becomes radioactive and can work and think in group terms, will it be safe or wise for him toAtom, 133:the human family to take place, for the moment group consciousness becomes, on a larger scale, theAtom, 134:endeavor, and then unifying himself with that group. This is all that is really meant by theAtom, 137:are those which put us in contact with the group. The powers of the physical body, which we useAtom, 138:en rapport with that individual, or with a group of individuals. Psychometry is the law ofAtom, 138:ability to hear and see all that concerns the group - that is, to hear and see in the fourth andAtom, 139:endeavor to become radioactive, and to develop group consciousness. [143] Atom, 145:which may perhaps be best expressed in the term 'group consciousness.' As evolution proceeds manAtom, 145:I now are, to a realization of what is meant by group consciousness, something as yet practicallyAtom, 145:which may, at some distant time, materialize. Group consciousness, again, will logically lead on toAtom, 148:and pays no attention to the welfare of the group of which he is a part. This prior stage is veryAtom, 148:in the process of finding its place within the group, and enables it to develop something of valueAtom, 148:it to develop something of value to give to that group when the second stage is entered. In theAtom, 148:they influence other forms and are becoming group conscious; they are passing out of, the "I am"Atom, 148:His plans, to work for the betterment of their group; and the difference between them and otherAtom, 148:atoms of the human family is that they are now group conscious, they have a wider horizon, a groupAtom, 148:group conscious, they have a wider horizon, a group recognition, and [149] a larger purpose. At theAtom, 149:(or service) but the same Lord." When we are all group conscious, when we are all aware of theAtom, 149:throwing all our energy into the working out of group plans, then we shall have what the ChristianAtom, 151:they feel and search for their place within the group, and from being positive become negative inAtom, 151:there is a self-conscious stage and group-conscious stage, is it not logical and possible thatAtom, 153:intelligence, in the manifestation of love, or group consciousness, and in the development of willAtom, 154:the atom's point of view, be regarded as its group consciousness. Then we have the consciousness ofAtom, 156:of the seven sisters of [156] the Pleiades. This group is a most interesting one. If you will go toAtom, 158:than our own. In doing this we are developing group consciousness, and we shall realize eventuallyAtom, 158:do, which affects, for better or for worse, the group in which we find ourselves. In closing thisAutobiography, 4:for the success of the work we - as a group - have done. The reason for this autobiography isAutobiography, 4:into the world of human thought from the inner group of Masters and which are ushering in a newAutobiography, 5:God, we are on our way to better things. The group who have shared our work - along with many otherAutobiography, 6:back to gather up the old threads, find the same group of workers and go on with the job. If theAutobiography, 13:this I am reminded of a meeting of a certain "Group Movement" to which I was inveigled in 1935 atAutobiography, 33:[33] at the end of three months we were a close group of pals. What I taught and how I taught it isAutobiography, 38:I am now One of the [38] senior disciples in His group, or - as it is called esoterically - in HisAutobiography, 85:They were members of the prayer-meeting group and silently, stolidly and politely waited for me toAutobiography, 103:me. I have an idea now that I left behind me a group of very worried relatives, friends andAutobiography, 115:was being done so constantly, he told me that a group of men had decided that I ought to haveAutobiography, 119:moment you permit a Jew to get a footing in your group or business organization, it will not beAutobiography, 129:in cans and this I did. It was a much rougher group of factory hands - rather tough women, MexicansAutobiography, 130:of the factory was standing by listening to a group talking about me in this way and watching meAutobiography, 147:I find the attitude of the average head of a group or occult teacher and many of the priests andAutobiography, 155:Learning to hold one's tongue is essential in group work, and one of the first lessons which anyAutobiography, 157:but it was degenerating into a sectarian group more interested in founding and sustaining lodgesAutobiography, 166:me into the Tibetan's ashram (or spiritual group) but that He wished me still to work in His. IAutobiography, 166:and secretary and am not a member of His group. He has never interfered with my personal work orAutobiography, 172:brought a neglected and hitherto somewhat secret group out into the open and made it possible forAutobiography, 173:wardens and heads everywhere represented one group, and the other group, at that time, was led byAutobiography, 173:everywhere represented one group, and the other group, at that time, was led by Foster Bailey andAutobiography, 173:is putting it mildly. Gathered together was a group of men and women from all parts of the UnitedAutobiography, 183:is the academic, technical occultist. The second group that makes me tired are the nincompoops whoAutobiography, 184:truth than are the members of the average occult group. Autobiography, 188:between a selective, isolationist, superior group who regarded themselves as wiser and moreAutobiography, 188:between an exclusive faction and an inclusive group. It was not a fight of doctrines; it was aAutobiography, 191:days. In 1921 we formed a small meditation group of five men and my husband and myself who used toAutobiography, 191:to meditate for awhile on our part in it. This group met steadily from the summer of 1922 until theAutobiography, 192:undertook to write a letter once a week to the group of men to study and read during our absence.Autobiography, 194:apart from the Headquarters Staff we have a group of 140 secretaries, senior students who help inAutobiography, 194:should govern all the activities of this group. I am anxious to make these clear because I thinkAutobiography, 195:people into the E.S. instead of into my own group. I looked at him with equal astonishment and toldAutobiography, 195:waiting for two years in some purely exoteric group. He had no answer to this and I increased hisAutobiography, 196:development and that they may have in their group of students a beginner who is way ahead of themAutobiography, 196:it out in the church, society, organization or group, the home or community in [197] which theirAutobiography, 200:of sex was a dangerous thing in an innocent group of young people in creative natural living. TheAutobiography, 204:the Tibetan's books and of gathering around us a group of men and women who were not only ourAutobiography, 212:for help, or with a demand that we start a group in some country or other. I have always held theAutobiography, 224:for expansion. The first year we were there the group was somewhat small but the last two years itAutobiography, 227:were beginning to join the school together as a group. One such group in India interested me veryAutobiography, 227:to join the school together as a group. One such group in India interested me very much. There wasAutobiography, 228:and then I got a letter from a member of the group saying that Sir Subra Maniyer was dead and thatAutobiography, 228:they did and for years this most interesting group of old Hindu students worked with us. All these
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