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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Bethlehem, 17:and irradiates the lower nature. It leads to group activity, and self, as we usually understand it,Bethlehem, 18:individualistic existence to a future group-conscious unified world. It is outstandingly a religionBethlehem, 25:in every nation, in every church, and in every group where men of good will are to be foundBethlehem, 28:and its high point of attainment, men as a group approach the gate which leadeth unto life. AllBethlehem, 28:all psychological studies and knowledge, all group activity and all scientific achievement, as wellBethlehem, 29:every department of human life and excluding no group, indicates that mankind as a whole is beingBethlehem, 50:because "there is a road from every natural group of facts to every spiritual reality in theBethlehem, 52:obliterate all other sounds, they will, as a group, record the new Word which will issue forth.Bethlehem, 64:suffer and die and come again. There is the group of stars called Coma Berenice, the Woman with theBethlehem, 70:the message of the angels. It came from a group of beings and was spoken to [71] a group of beings.Bethlehem, 71:from a group of beings and was spoken to [71] a group of beings. It is therefore a world message, aBethlehem, 71:the separating walls which divide man from man, group from group, nation from nation, religion fromBethlehem, 71:walls which divide man from man, group from group, nation from nation, religion from religion.Bethlehem, 77:usualness, with its needed subordination to the group will and need, with its lessons of sacrifice,Bethlehem, 95:consciousness, which is the consciousness of the group, of the relation of the part to the wholeBethlehem, 98:Water Carrier. This sign stands symbolically for group purity and relationship, for theBethlehem, 121:complicated than the average healer or healing group realizes. Two things only would I point out:Bethlehem, 130:part in the whole and of the individual in the group. But this is brought about willingly andBethlehem, 130:identity. It is not enforced or demanded by the group or state or kingdom, as is so frequently theBethlehem, 142:reactions to that of a slowly recognized group responsibility. The low-grade human being or theBethlehem, 143:integrated parts of the whole. Eventually, the group and its will (not the mass and its feeling)Bethlehem, 143:be of supreme importance, because they see the group as God sees it, become custodians of theBethlehem, 192:has sinned. Again, every great organization or group religion or cult of any kind has originatedBethlehem, 203:does not step. When he does, he joins the large group of sinners. Controlled action in everyBethlehem, 205:we have in our immediate surroundings, or to the group with which we may be affiliated - a familyBethlehem, 205:group with which we may be affiliated - a family group, a social group, a business group, or justBethlehem, 205:we may be affiliated - a family group, a social group, a business group, or just the group of humanBethlehem, 205:- a family group, a social group, a business group, or just the group of human beings with whom ourBethlehem, 205:a social group, a business group, or just the group of human beings with whom our general destinyBethlehem, 241:of Great Britain, and constitute a large group of human beings who make the great adventure. IfBethlehem, 253:in which self-consciousness will give place to group-consciousness, and man will know himself to beBethlehem, 263:with its own principles of living, its laws of group welfare, and its brotherhood of man. In theBethlehem, 273:as not. The question of motive, purpose and group usefulness will determine the spiritual nature ofBethlehem, 273:the whole; to be occupied with the aiding of the group; to be cognizant of One Life pulsing throughDestiny, 8:of possession and the authority of a man or a group or a church which represents the State. ForDestiny, 15:constructive. I would here point out that real group love never demonstrates as hatred of theDestiny, 15:doing is estimated as harmful to the good of the group. But the arresting will not be destructive.Destiny, 15:influence will have the ultimate good of the group deeply enshrined in his consciousness and heart;Destiny, 20:purposes of hierarchical activity) in the New Group of World Servers. This group has been chosen byDestiny, 20:in the New Group of World Servers. This group has been chosen by the Hierarchy as its main channelDestiny, 20:as its main channel of expression. This group, composed as it is of all world disciples and allDestiny, 20:initiates, finds its representatives in every group of idealists and servers and in every body ofDestiny, 20:with the interests and the good of the whole group with which they may be associated; they are notDestiny, 20:live and to it they must pay no attention. True group love is of more [21] importance than personalDestiny, 21:arises. Disciples learn to grasp the need of group love and to amend their ways in conformity withDestiny, 21:love and to amend their ways in conformity with group good, but it is not easy for theDestiny, 21:in himself and the necessities and urgencies of group work and love, the Hierarchy can work and soDestiny, 21:world effect is being produced and the New Group of World Servers has given much aid in this. TheyDestiny, 23:The new Jerusalem. Love-Wisdom Consciousness Group unity. Ruler: The Christ, The World Savior.Destiny, 34:problem of territorial possessions which is the group correspondence within the family of nationsDestiny, 36:of so doing much will be learnt of the balancing group of initiates and adepts who work entirelyDestiny, 37:purpose and the concrete objectives which this group of material workers have set themselves. TheDestiny, 39:live. All of Them were part of the directing group of Lives Who are working out the plans of God,Destiny, 48:radiation and potency of the dynamic New Group of World Servers; their ranks are filled by thoseDestiny, 49:an increased functioning activity by the New Group of World Servers, for this is one of their mainDestiny, 56:are mental, political, governing, standardizing, group-conscious, occult by inclination,Destiny, 63:Until, therefore, astrologers know more about group astrology and know also how to determine pastDestiny, 64:place today not only individually but also in group formation. This tends to produce an inevitableDestiny, 95:to demonstrate in the steadily expanding group, national and racial consciousness which humanity isDestiny, 96:the fusion of three powerful racial types in group formation and not through admixture as in theDestiny, 97:her rightful place in world affairs. This latter group, if they succeed in their endeavor, willDestiny, 98:would-be world dictators such as Hitler and his group of evil men, ecclesiastical dictators in anyDestiny, 98:any religion, business dictators in any business group in any part of the world, or those minorDestiny, 100:groups of leaders, dominated by the evil German group, with Italy and Japan fighting at intervalsDestiny, 100:seldom but unconsciously often), and the second group - the leaders of the Allied Cause. No matterDestiny, 103:the destiny of humanity in relation to its group units, large and small. The soul and personalityDestiny, 106:aggressive selfishness, released through a group of unscrupulous and ambitious men in everyDestiny, 107:in their direction and their emphasis. One group, under the divine plan, works with the form aspectDestiny, 107:works with the form aspect entirely, and in this group the light of love and of selflessness isDestiny, 107:of love and of selflessness is absent. The other group is working entirely with the soul or theDestiny, 107:soul or the consciousness aspect, and in this group the doctrine of the heart and the law of loveDestiny, 108:external chaos, the differentiation of the two group ideals into the many human experiments, andDestiny, 114:demanded and sought through the medium of group work. [115] The apparatus of the human being, whichDestiny, 121:of the imposition of the will of some nation or group of nations and their desire to impose someDestiny, 130:you also indications as to the laws which govern group work. You must remember that disciples uponDestiny, 131:magical achievements and creations, producing group activity and the appearance of certain forms ofDestiny, 134:methods of daily living. These three are: Group activity for the scientific relation of substanceDestiny, 140:that for the first time some of its broader group implications become a reality and henceforthDestiny, 142:lays the stage for the appearance of a certain group of disciples from Shamballa. Two thousandDestiny, 145:of consciousness which will reveal to him group relations instead of his individual andDestiny, 145:finds full expression through the medium of the group, passing from service to himself andDestiny, 145:of himself as a personality to service of the group and a growing expression of the Hierarchy toDestiny, 146:task. Hence the anchoring upon earth of the New Group of World Servers, whose representatives areDiscipleship1of the Wisdom to some members of his inner group, and also a series of personal instructions, givenDiscipleship1of personal instructions, given by him to a group of his disciples. Many of these people wereDiscipleship1, XI:that it was felt both by [XI] me and this group of disciples that the sanity, the breadth ofDiscipleship1, XII:Age I - Foreword The work with this particular group began twelve years ago. Each person'sDiscipleship1, XIV:being. The Tibetan tells the members of his group which five rays condition them and students willDiscipleship1, XV:and will be composed of those who are becoming group-conscious and who can work in group formation.Discipleship1, XV:are becoming group-conscious and who can work in group formation. This will be possible, becauseDiscipleship1, XV:in nature) and will be identified with certain group expansions of consciousness. It will also beDiscipleship1, XV:and of discrimination which the Buddha taught. Group initiation, made possible by theDiscipleship1, XV:of the personality and of the unit to group interest and group good. [4] Group endeavor, carriedDiscipleship1, XV:and of the unit to group interest and group good. [4] Group endeavor, carried forward as a group,Discipleship1, 4:the unit to group interest and group good. [4] Group endeavor, carried forward as a group, to loveDiscipleship1, 4:good. [4] Group endeavor, carried forward as a group, to love all beings and to apprehend andDiscipleship1, 4:true significance of the Aquarian technique of group love and work. Discipleship1, 4:of the Plan, and also laying the ground for group work which will greatly help the individual butDiscipleship1, 4:all but in order to lay the foundation for the group work to be done in the world during the comingDiscipleship1, 6:methods and of implementing the new technique of group work has to be carried out, likewise, in the
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