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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship1, 117:- as it expresses itself through a second ray group such as my group of disciples - with myDiscipleship1, 117:itself through a second ray group such as my group of disciples - with my individual vibration.Discipleship1, 117:the ray vibration for purposes of stimulating a group. My vibration, which is naturally stronglyDiscipleship1, 117:by the second ray. The vibration of a second ray group which is an aggregate of all the notes andDiscipleship1, 117:all the notes and tones of the disciples in the group. The vibration of advanced second rayDiscipleship1, 118:or an emotional reaction. In considering my group, I am impressed (yes, and somewhat amused) by theDiscipleship1, 119:this evidence can be produced? You entered this group work as the result of serious and earnestDiscipleship1, 119:alone for many years. You brought to this group activity certain assets of a pronounced nature andDiscipleship1, 119:equally pronounced - as have all the group members. My task is to use the assets in the group andDiscipleship1, 119:members. My task is to use the assets in the group and to aid you in relinquishing the liabilities.Discipleship1, 120:gaze. Both eyes are focused on the tumultuous group of seekers after truth. The soul searches forDiscipleship1, 121:personally gauge the capacity and growth of the group and from that angle I am pleased with theDiscipleship1, 121:though somewhat balanced by the work done in my group, has nevertheless had a restricting effectDiscipleship1, 122:vibration of a powerful [122] astrally polarized group. Do you know to what I here refer? A lifeDiscipleship1, 124:a steady adherence to the chosen way and to your group brothers. You are still, however, under theDiscipleship1, 125:by your soul, by me and through the chosen group work. Yet in all of this, you take no joy nor findDiscipleship1, 125:and maybe in time illumination will come. The group work is not easy for you. It is hard for anDiscipleship1, 125:- will mince no words with you or with any of my group. There is not time, such is the immediateDiscipleship1, 125:train workers and it is surely needless with a group such as this. You will remember that I gaveDiscipleship1, 125:the various aspects and vehicles of each of the group members, and I trust that a careful analysisDiscipleship1, 127:for bringing people together into such a group as this. There is, first of all, their mutual karmicDiscipleship1, 128:In these cases, there exists [128] a need in the group for a specific and peculiar development inDiscipleship1, 128:and peculiar development in order that the group life may be thereby enriched and deepened. InDiscipleship1, 128:to work in cooperation with myself and my group of disciples. In your particular case, theDiscipleship1, 128:were the contribution you can make to this group, out of your rich equipment of deep desire andDiscipleship1, 128:an urge may not be disregarded. Entering this group is not an easy matter for you. You questionDiscipleship1, 128:to submit to the inevitable, even if voluntary, group discipline. I have also questioned it, notDiscipleship1, 131:which may be yours. This tends definitely to group integration... You are in a position to aid andDiscipleship1, 131:it. You will, of course, endeavor to conform to group requirements, will you not? But this must beDiscipleship1, 131:of your own free choice and for the purposes of group integrity. Discipleship1, 131:of work. Earlier, you have worked with another group. Then the pressure of life and of circumstanceDiscipleship1, 131:of activity, temporarily lifted you out of the group life and your place was filled by another.Discipleship1, 131:by another. Now, work is found for you in a group which is to occupy itself with the dissipation ofDiscipleship1, 131:I have decided to put you to work in this group because you are relatively free from glamor (I didDiscipleship1, 131:This freedom should be of service to the group. You can think with clarity and usually know why youDiscipleship1, 131:acting. Will you remember this as you work in my group and later - as the group works unitedly toDiscipleship1, 131:this as you work in my group and later - as the group works unitedly to dispel prevailing glamorousDiscipleship1, 132:Will you try to remember this? This group work is either of moment and useful, or else it isDiscipleship1, 132:his "personal freedom" higher than the planned group activity and thus for two years delayed thisDiscipleship1, 132:activity and thus for two years delayed this group of workers from arriving at [133] the intendedDiscipleship1, 134:now completed a year's work with me and in this group of disciples. You have had this time forDiscipleship1, 134:objectives and purposes of the work which this group should soon begin. You start somewhatDiscipleship1, 134:You are starting in at the stage of organized group work. Will you do this with patient applicationDiscipleship1, 136:ray types to cooperate, to fall into line with group suggestion, with group rhythm or groupDiscipleship1, 136:to fall into line with group suggestion, with group rhythm or group discipline, or with unitedDiscipleship1, 136:line with group suggestion, with group rhythm or group discipline, or with united synchronizedDiscipleship1, 136:years to bring about the adaptation of the group members to each other so that effective work canDiscipleship1, 136:and the new technique of civilization and of group work - suitable for the New Age - are emergingDiscipleship1, 137:temporarily falling in with my plans for the group. In connection with my disciples, completeDiscipleship1, 137:that from the start of your with my group that you should aim at a similar clarity ofDiscipleship1, 138:for the space of one year and thus aid the group whilst helping yourself? To help you in thisDiscipleship1, 138:to the invitation to work in the Tibetan's group and though interest was evidenced in the papers,Discipleship1, 139:my intention to indicate to those who work in my group the methods they should follow as regardsDiscipleship1, 140:on earth. I represent the ONE." Your work in my group and your power in relation to your groupDiscipleship1, 140:in my group and your power in relation to your group brothers, consists in your compassionateDiscipleship1, 147:those strong souls who can belong to the New Group of World Servers, if given right training. TrainDiscipleship1, 148:suggestions which I make in connection with your group work and service; and with deep,Discipleship1, 148:reflection upon the Plan and the work of the New Group of World Servers... My word to you today isDiscipleship1, 150:This appeal is one that I make to all in my group of disciples. In all of you are limitations,Discipleship1, 156:with K. H. and serving with the Tibetan's group. [157] Discipleship1, 157:rest of the meditation period should be given to group work, and to a consideration of the plans toDiscipleship1, 157:be followed in the unfolding work of the larger group to which this group belongs. You willDiscipleship1, 157:unfolding work of the larger group to which this group belongs. You will comprehend what I mean,Discipleship1, 158:You have a sphere of potent usefulness within my group. You give stability and [159] you carry theDiscipleship1, 159:the gift of assured belief. Each member of my group has been chosen for what he can contribute toDiscipleship1, 159:for which you incarnated. The members of the New Group of World Servers - e'en when they workDiscipleship1, 159:With you, as with all the members of my group, there is a realization of the Plan and an innerDiscipleship1, 160:work is to contribute to the success of the New Group of World Servers and to the spreading of theDiscipleship1, 160:direct your attention. Your work for the New Group of World Servers is now beginning. There willDiscipleship1, 160:recognition of those who constitute the world group. Here D. R. S. is of service to you for heDiscipleship1, 161:now in cooperating with those who are the New Group of World Servers and in organizing theDiscipleship1, 161:In the presentation of the work which the New Group of World Servers can do, certain definite andDiscipleship1, 162:would be no true synthesis in the output of this group. I am working on a prearranged Plan of myDiscipleship1, 162:years' close observation of the members of my group. I have seen no reason to change my originalDiscipleship1, 162:developed as I foresaw, though one or two of the group are learning more slowly than the restDiscipleship1, 162:slowly than the rest whilst one member of my group has unexpectedly leaped ahead. Your work isDiscipleship1, 163:into an organism through their agency. The New Group of World Servers is a rapidly developingDiscipleship1, 163:organization of the outer expression of the New Group of World Servers. After the initial,Discipleship1, 163:task is, however, complicated because the New Group of World Servers has in it so many aspirantsDiscipleship1, 164:therefore, for you and other members of my group of workers to hold yourselves sensitive to the newDiscipleship1, 164:the people whose task it is - equally with the group to which you belong and recognize - toDiscipleship1, 164:belong and recognize - to precipitate the new group activities, the new attitudes and the newDiscipleship1, 164:the voice of your own soul, to my voice and to group impression but also to the voices of those whoDiscipleship1, 164:the voices of those who will be attracted to the group whom you recognize by similarity of purpose,Discipleship1, 164:It must be remembered that this is a group responsibility. Your task is the attaining of a keenerDiscipleship1, 164:to subtle and spiritual impression and to the group impulses of the New Group of World Servers...Discipleship1, 164:impression and to the group impulses of the New Group of World Servers... As you go forward withDiscipleship1, 164:method of approach to those working in the New Group of World Servers will appear, the needed doorsDiscipleship1, 164:cycle of activity in connection with the New Group [165] of World Servers. Forget not, all creativeDiscipleship1, 165:with a cyclic rhythm. The rhythm set by the New Group of World Servers is a three year cycle and toDiscipleship1, 165:no serious mistakes will be made... The New Group of World Servers must work in these three yearDiscipleship1, 165:from strain and yet enable the workers in the Group to feel that there is no failure. It isDiscipleship1, 165:they are actively associated with the New Group of World Servers. They have not yet made theirDiscipleship1, 165:contact with you or with those in my particular group of disciples. You must learn, as must theDiscipleship1, 165:You must learn, as must the other members of my group, to recognize them. Where there is aDiscipleship1, 166:of your soul and in the blended light of your group brothers. Discipleship1, 166:planes and greater intuitive reflection. This group of disciples has undertaken to do two things:Discipleship1, 166:to do two things: To assist the work of the New Group of World Servers in linking them, widely andDiscipleship1, 167:I present it to you, my brother, and to my group, and I throw behind you the weight of my strengthDiscipleship1, 167:therefore, and with the other members of my group push through. Stand steady and do not be so
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