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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship1, 169:nurtured in all whom you draw into the circle of group influence as collaborators and cooperatorsDiscipleship1, 169:first ray soul and into a first ray Master's group. See to it that your second ray personality canDiscipleship1, 177:steady and know that you are not alone. This group of disciples in my Ashram is not as yet anDiscipleship1, 177:I refer to all the disciples in this ashramic group) that nearly all of you are on the second rayDiscipleship1, 177:this choice of second ray souls to work in this group, is because this ray is pre-eminently theDiscipleship1, 177:obvious that the major influence, dominating the group, would be that of the second ray. TheDiscipleship1, 177:There are no second ray personalities in this group. This requires, consequently, much definitelyDiscipleship1, 177:as you study the work of the Ashram and the group interrelation. Only the balanced person can trulyDiscipleship1, 178:Then, my brother, I will give you and all in my group a meditation which will aid you in balancingDiscipleship1, 181:monad bestows upon the initiate. Prior to your group meditation, my brother, I would have you doDiscipleship1, 182:until you - as a Master - gather around you your group for instruction; you are preparing forDiscipleship1, 183:expression. Integrate you more closely into the group life. I would remind you that in this groupDiscipleship1, 183:the group life. I would remind you that in this group (if it is to be a true nucleus of the groupDiscipleship1, 183:this group (if it is to be a true nucleus of the group life of the future) the disciple mustDiscipleship1, 183:disciple must recognize that it is the united group thinking, the unified group desire and theDiscipleship1, 183:it is the united group thinking, the unified group desire and the blended group activity whichDiscipleship1, 183:the unified group desire and the blended group activity which conditions its expression. This, inDiscipleship1, 183:hope that they may pronouncedly condition the group thinking and in this way produce the neededDiscipleship1, 183:chosen field of work or between you and your group brothers. A disciple and later the initiate ofDiscipleship1, 183:relation enables them (as a result of their group unity) to be en rapport with levels ofDiscipleship1, 183:higher than their own. This is, therefore, a group relation, dependent upon the establishedDiscipleship1, 183:dependent upon the established interrelation of group members. [184] With those to whom he isDiscipleship1, 184:which are the result of the drawing power of the group soul. It will be of real value to youDiscipleship1, 184:by him so that, by the subjective interplay, group fusion may proceed without hindrance and withDiscipleship1, 184:and keener interest on your part. Your group attitude to your group brothers is somewhat negative,Discipleship1, 184:on your part. Your group attitude to your group brothers is somewhat negative, is it not? A moreDiscipleship1, 184:words "give and take." What do you give the group? What do you take from the group? Unless bothDiscipleship1, 184:do you give the group? What do you take from the group? Unless both exist there is no freeDiscipleship1, 184:must give place to the guarding of the group interests. It may be the result of shyness and of anDiscipleship1, 185:power to communicate, which is the hall mark of group life. I would ask you to consider theseDiscipleship1, 185:care and to ponder upon the establishment of group relations and their recognition in your brainDiscipleship1, 185:for it is your problem in connection with the group of which you are a part. To the exotericDiscipleship1, 185:I would ask you: How does a Master reach his group of disciples? Through direct radiation. It isDiscipleship1, 185:It is the basis of all telepathic communication, group interplay, and potent usefulness. As anDiscipleship1, 185:next few months to endeavor to reach two of your group brothers through directed thought, joy andDiscipleship1, 186:loneliness. You have now become a part of my group of disciples and these, a chosen band ofDiscipleship1, 186:closely connected and esoterically form one group. I would ask you to realize that in this workDiscipleship1, 187:his fellowmen. Our objective is to function as a group, pledged to a united service in which allDiscipleship1, 187:and those arising in connection with the group or in your chosen field of service. Two things IDiscipleship1, 189:is to set up an understanding relation with your group members and with myself. No groups belongingDiscipleship1, 189:cooperation between the units who compose the group. This is not always easy. You have been askingDiscipleship1, 190:the healing art. Thus will you serve me and my group of disciples and make that which I have saidDiscipleship1, 190:more easily available in compact form for the group use. This will be a real service. To you I giveDiscipleship1, 191:so brief a time have you been working in this group. The doors of opportunity have opened wide forDiscipleship1, 191:for your increased stimulation (through your group affiliation) has so enhanced your potency thatDiscipleship1, 194:demands trained and skilled workers. No group can be used in world service that is not working inDiscipleship1, 194:accord and this harmony must be attained as a group. It must be brought about, not through theDiscipleship1, 195:themselves and thus inhibit that which upsets group equilibrium, but by the process of lovingDiscipleship1, 195:Use these powers as a contribution to your group life, and, by means of your loving radiation,Discipleship1, 195:means of your loving radiation, strengthen the group structure, and stimulate the group love. ThisDiscipleship1, 195:the group structure, and stimulate the group love. This is something I ask you definitely to do. MyDiscipleship1, 197:of concise definition. Continue also with the group meditation, but write those brief reports, notDiscipleship1, 197:but also for the enlightenment of your group brothers. In connection with your personality rays, IDiscipleship1, 198:not discouraged, my brother. If you and all your group brothers will work on these ray ideas andDiscipleship1, 198:as composites, you will soon be ready for group work in healing. For this I am planning. Discipleship1, 198:and what will be the effect in the life of the group whom I serve? an I honestly say that I knowDiscipleship1, 200:far more of a strength, inner and stable, to my group than you have ever been. Preserve thisDiscipleship1, 200:with the quality of free analysis. This group of disciples is more aligned, and integrated, than itDiscipleship1, 200:rightly established rapports: Between the group members and myself, your Tibetan Brother. BetweenDiscipleship1, 200:and myself, your Tibetan Brother. Between the group, as a whole, and the Hierarchy. Between thisDiscipleship1, 200:as a whole, and the Hierarchy. Between this group of chelas and other groups in my Ashram. BetweenDiscipleship1, 200:my Ashram. Between the individual members in the group. I would ask you to ponder on these matters.Discipleship1, 202:of great satisfaction to you that some in my group are starting definite group work in healing. YouDiscipleship1, 202:you that some in my group are starting definite group work in healing. You are on the active lineDiscipleship1, 202:you to carry forward regularly before doing the group meditation. This exercise will aid inDiscipleship1, 202:downflow of the healing force which - in this group work - must come from the soul. The group isDiscipleship1, 202:this group work - must come from the soul. The group is not really working (as does the averageDiscipleship1, 203:[203] This exercise will build up a closer group rapport and is in the nature of a special serviceDiscipleship1, 203:a special service which you are rendering to the group, and will establish a kind of rhythmicDiscipleship1, 203:MY BROTHER: You have been asked to serve in my group of disciples for three reasons. It mightDiscipleship1, 204:influences which has brought you into a New Age group. I am glad, my brother, to have youDiscipleship1, 204:my brother, to have you associated with this group and I believe that you will benefit much, asDiscipleship1, 204:These are not yet particularly apparent as the group is only in process of integrating and the trueDiscipleship1, 204:is only in process of integrating and the true group problems (to which I am here referring) canDiscipleship1, 204:I am here referring) can only emerge after the group brothers have worked together for some littleDiscipleship1, 204:to study the instructions I have given to this group with care and with as much speed as isDiscipleship1, 204:up the work intelligently along with the other group members, and proceed with them to the nextDiscipleship1, 206:is to ask you to take five minutes, prior to the group meditation, for pondering on the familiarDiscipleship1, 209:period until such time as I give out the next group instruction, I would ask you to discipline yourDiscipleship1, 209:they are as constructive in expression of the group will as you can make them. This, you will neverDiscipleship1, 211:yet. You, as well as two other disciples in my group, are starting to work with me at this timeDiscipleship1, 211:comes for their identities to be merged in a group soul and their personal isolation is therebyDiscipleship1, 211:be cultivated is that of relation ship with the group of Masters and the Hierarchy, plus theDiscipleship1, 214:I am myself feeling my way with this particular group of my disciples. I find it necessary to workDiscipleship1, 214:I seek not to change the work assigned until the group is more developed. In every small group ofDiscipleship1, 214:the group is more developed. In every small group of disciples there is always one among theDiscipleship1, 214:there is always one among the members of the group who has a definite point of contact that bringsDiscipleship1, 214:energy. You can serve in this way with this group of disciples because you have for many yearsDiscipleship1, 214:therefore, a specific responsibility to the group which you fulfil by holding yourself steadily inDiscipleship1, 215:human beings and you seek to integrate into this group of mine because I, whom you know and love,Discipleship1, 215:because you are asked to serve. Give to your group brothers of that great gift of love which is soDiscipleship1, 216:this lesson that you have been placed in my group of disciples, which can (for the time at least)Discipleship1, 216:yourself with the subjective life of the group and to work in rhythm with them is somewhatDiscipleship1, 217:indicated to you your responsibility to my group of disciples and your function in my group. TheDiscipleship1, 217:to my group of disciples and your function in my group. The power through which this particularDiscipleship1, 217:group. The power through which this particular group will integrate must come through you. Each ofDiscipleship1, 217:of my disciples has something to give to the group as a whole... I tell you again that the forceDiscipleship1, 217:coherent energy must pour to all of this group through you; upon this task I ask you to meditate.Discipleship1, 217:to you is along this line. Ponder deeply on group work and study carefully all I have said on groupDiscipleship1, 217:work and study carefully all I have said on group activity and the technique of the new groups.
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