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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship1, 217:technique of the new groups. This experiment in group activity which I am attempting to initiate isDiscipleship1, 217:I seek your aid. Make the idea and the ideals of group work in the New Age your major study duringDiscipleship1, 218:that you center it around the problem of group life, in its pure, essential meaning and that youDiscipleship1, 218:and that you seek to work out the rules for group living which I have laid down. Discipleship1, 218:know I find it useful to indicate to all in my group [219] of pledged disciples their fiveDiscipleship1, 223:to say to you or to any in this particular group of my disciples at this time. I desire mostDiscipleship1, 223:at this time. I desire most earnestly that the group integration may be strengthened by theDiscipleship1, 223:by the understanding performance of the group work. That in itself will bring fusion. That fusionDiscipleship1, 223:fusion will work out in the strengthening of the group relation and the stimulation of theDiscipleship1, 223:and the stimulation of the individual in the group - an aspect of the work which is oft forgottenDiscipleship1, 223:of real importance. To this stimulating of the group and of the individual, you can contribute muchDiscipleship1, 225:impression that you found your way into my group of disciples in which you now work, and at theDiscipleship1, 225:of service. I am glad to welcome you into this group of students. The personal touch is wise withDiscipleship1, 225:there comes a life wherein he finds the group to which he belongs. I refer to the inner group ofDiscipleship1, 225:group to which he belongs. I refer to the inner group of disciples and the outer group of serversDiscipleship1, 225:to the inner group of disciples and the outer group of servers with whom he can and must cooperate.Discipleship1, 226:when admitted in full consciousness into his group of disciples (the Master M.) is the head of allDiscipleship1, 226:Hence you can see why you found your way into my group of disciples and why also you are workingDiscipleship1, 226:end. It is in line with your inner group force and this, rightly understood and used, can make ofDiscipleship1, 226:(incoming and outgoing) of this particular group of disciples. The vibratory influence (incomingDiscipleship1, 227:be a channel of the love of the soul and of the group. Your sphere of work is clear to you, andDiscipleship1, 228:steady in the light; carry your service in my group and any other aspect of your work in the worldDiscipleship1, 228:5. Seek then to get in touch with your group brothers, holding them too, as a group, in the light.Discipleship1, 228:with your group brothers, holding them too, as a group, in the light. If you so desire, on two daysDiscipleship1, 231:A mountain top. Snow with a fold of sunshine. A group of pilgrims on the upward way. One pilgrimDiscipleship1, 231:stand in love for ever. Then mentally carry your group brothers into the light and see the wholeDiscipleship1, 231:group brothers into the light and see the whole group functioning as a unit and held together byDiscipleship1, 232:pronouncedly preparatory training for creative group achievement in your next life. One of theDiscipleship1, 232:You had, up to the age of forty-three, no real group sense. You came into incarnation to gain itDiscipleship1, 232:incarnation to gain it and found your way into group activity. This proved to you a place of soulDiscipleship1, 232:you have made real progress in the evocation of group consciousness. It has been [233] peculiarlyDiscipleship1, 233:carefully in mind and cultivate the higher or group idealism assiduously and earnestly, for it isDiscipleship1, 234:AND FRIEND: You are one of the few in the group who have - consciously or subconsciously - made aDiscipleship1, 235:B. S. March 1932 MY BROTHER: You have entered my group of disciples for a certain specific trainingDiscipleship1, 238:has been thrust upon you; this comes from a group of well-meaning aspirants gathered around aDiscipleship1, 238:may lead you to continue to form part of my group of disciples - a cooperation which has beenDiscipleship1, 238:it may lead you to work in conjunction with the group which has lately so powerfully influencedDiscipleship1, 239:which have been going to you from this group whose focus is on the astral plane. Resume then theDiscipleship1, 239:your nervous body at this time but can become a group asset. The effect of the work you have beenDiscipleship1, 239:effect of the work you have been doing with the group which is working under the influence ofDiscipleship1, 239:of you. None of it has been of any value to this group of disciples to whom you had pledgedDiscipleship1, 239:a separating effect between yourself, your group and your surroundings. This you know well and itDiscipleship1, 239:been with the objective of intensifying their group relation, to deepen their group love and toDiscipleship1, 239:their group relation, to deepen their group love and to bind them together as a group. For this isDiscipleship1, 239:their group love and to bind them together as a group. For this is group work which the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 239:to bind them together as a group. For this is group work which the Hierarchy and those associatedDiscipleship1, 239:and those associated with it do, and my group is not one wherein personal training is given inDiscipleship1, 239:you so that you can grow. I am training a group of disciples so that they may function as a unit,Discipleship1, 239:your delusion. Your failure to conform to group requirements precipitated the coming of the glamor.Discipleship1, 240:quality. Neither criticism of those who lead my group and with whom you have been affiliated, norDiscipleship1, 240:affiliated, nor criticism of those who lead the group upon the astral plane which has brought youDiscipleship1, 241:glamor but you were also the focal point for the group love, which you aided much in awakening.Discipleship1, 241:you the way of liberation. Be concerned with the group work and its rightful processes. Your soulDiscipleship1, 241:each day's task... Your offering to the group is the providing of opportunity for service. You mustDiscipleship1, 241:life. This testing glamor can serve the entire group of my disciples as an illustration of muchDiscipleship1, 242:each of you with utter frankness. We can, as a group of disciples, begin now our real work and canDiscipleship1, 242:We are working towards a matured and synthesized group activity - as are all the Ashrams of all theDiscipleship1, 242:achieve it, but in this particular affiliated group the conditions for such work are not yetDiscipleship1, 245:will function as an attractive magnetic unit in group service. Here, therefore, lies your immediateDiscipleship1, 247:Liberation for you lies in submergence in your group of fellow disciples and in the elimination -Discipleship1, 249:As I study the disciples in this particular group, affiliated with my Ashram, I ask myself if it isDiscipleship1, 249:satisfied with this separate attitude. The group rhythm, the group unity, the group integrity andDiscipleship1, 249:this separate attitude. The group rhythm, the group unity, the group integrity and the groupDiscipleship1, 249:attitude. The group rhythm, the group unity, the group integrity and the group synthesis areDiscipleship1, 249:the group unity, the group integrity and the group synthesis are secondary in the consciousness ofDiscipleship1, 249:I have only three disciples in this particular group who are free from this weakness and who areDiscipleship1, 249:weakness and who are primarily concerned with group life in contradistinction to the individualDiscipleship1, 249:The remainder are individualistic still, but not group members, integrated into the group. InDiscipleship1, 249:but not group members, integrated into the group. In saying this, I state to you your [250]Discipleship1, 250:seek to play a leading part; subordination to group life, so necessary a factor in the work to beDiscipleship1, 250:two things with each disciple in this particular group: Point out the particular predisposition toDiscipleship1, 250:Point out the particular predisposition to the group life which exists in you and on what it isDiscipleship1, 250:wherein you can integrate more closely into the group and thus feed the group life, not simplyDiscipleship1, 250:more closely into the group and thus feed the group life, not simply drawing sustenance forDiscipleship1, 250:simply drawing sustenance for yourself from the group. As I make this statement, I ask myself howDiscipleship1, 250:to learn which would govern your attitude to the group and which, when learnt, will integrate youDiscipleship1, 250:learnt, will integrate you more closely into my group? Simply this: [251] You can serve my groupDiscipleship1, 251:my group? Simply this: [251] You can serve my group most and yourself best by achievingDiscipleship1, 251:personality, then you will integrate into your group in a new and effective way. You will be ofDiscipleship1, 251:and effective way. You will be of value to my group and will feed its life because you will be aDiscipleship1, 251:it in self-forgetfulness, being urged thereto by group needs, by world need and by my need of helpDiscipleship1, 251:alignment. Learn to think always in terms of the group and not in terms of I. B. S. This is boundDiscipleship1, 252:will not then exist in you those barriers to group integration which are now found. Having pointedDiscipleship1, 252:clogs and hinders, you can greatly enrich the group life and give much to your fellow disciples. GoDiscipleship1, 256:I give to you and your co disciples in this group in such a way that perception may come to thoseDiscipleship1, 256:in the minds of the other disciples in the group. You have traveled far during the past six yearsDiscipleship1, 257:the mental problems of the disciples in this group. I told you earlier that your mental body wasDiscipleship1, 258:understanding. Personality unity and synthesis. Group unity and synthesis. Discord, interior andDiscipleship1, 260:the gloom, those of you who are working in my group of disciples can help set the way, aid inDiscipleship1, 260:To do this adequately requires a personal and group decentralization which few of you as yetDiscipleship1, 264:themselves those who will constitute their own group, those whom they can specifically help. ThisDiscipleship1, 265:tread the Path with me." Your usefulness to my group is that of emotional poise. See that you loseDiscipleship1, 265:recognition of the reality which lies behind the group of disciples with which you are nowDiscipleship1, 266:you have read the instructions given by me to my group, that I am somewhat changing my approach andDiscipleship1, 266:I am forced to recognize your sincerity as a group and your willingness as individuals to conformDiscipleship1, 266:on my part - an effort called forth by the group itself. My time is most precious at this period ofDiscipleship1, 266:activity but I am willing to cooperate with the group if they continue to evidence willing service.Discipleship1, 267:to guard our disciples from the potency of the group which we represent. The risk ofDiscipleship1, 267:care all the instructions which disciples in my group (whom you may know) may be willing to shareDiscipleship1, 267:of teachings, given individually or to the group as a whole. In this way, the potency is somewhat
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