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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship1, 298:group you have offered but little to the united group life of your brothers. This may perhaps beDiscipleship1, 299:in the sense in which the Catholic uses it) of a group. One's own point of view, one's own dharma,Discipleship1, 299:your clear-sightedness are contributions to the group life of such value, that I ask you today toDiscipleship1, 299:to attempt to reintegrate yourself into the group in a true and selfless manner. This particularDiscipleship1, 299:in a true and selfless manner. This particular group of my disciples has the problem of arriving atDiscipleship1, 299:third degree. The tests, therefore, to which the group members have been subjected, have been manyDiscipleship1, 299:and great, and several times the life of the group as a unit has been nearly wrecked. I. B. S.Discipleship1, 299:when it seemed well nigh impossible to save the group life. L. T. S-K. realizes today how glamorDiscipleship1, 299:- by the glamor of independence. And yet the group goes on and will go on, as long as the spirit ofDiscipleship1, 300:be the keynotes of your [300] life - as a group and as individuals - for they carry the healingDiscipleship1, 300:shine upon your way. Consider the welfare of the group by becoming an integrated part within it.Discipleship1, 300:- troubled as I am - can I be of service to the group?" With most aspirants, the need is to trainDiscipleship1, 300:4th month - Integration. 5th month - Group Life. 6th month - The radiant Way. We shall otherwiseDiscipleship1, 301:problems in solitude away from your esoteric group which you will again find at a later date,Discipleship1, 301:AND FRIEND: I am asking you to work in this group of students and aspirants for two reasons: FirstDiscipleship1, 301:and your trained experience will give to this group that balancing factor and that patientDiscipleship1, 301:and that patient stability which it needs. The group has passed through a crisis as a group.Discipleship1, 301:The group has passed through a crisis as a group. Certain of its members have likewise had peculiarDiscipleship1, 301:- if I may so express it - to bring the whole group up to par, and enable me more rapidly toDiscipleship1, 301:the service that can be rendered to you. But the group and the training to which it subjects itselfDiscipleship1, 302:A third reason for my putting you into this group is to put you in touch subjectively, as well asDiscipleship1, 302:this in mind as you attempt to work with this group of my disciples; make your mental rapportDiscipleship1, 303:of activity by which you can best aid in this group activity, and this is the development ofDiscipleship1, 303:originally asked to be a member of the initial group of disciples. Though your karma andDiscipleship1, 304:establishing a telepathic rapport with the group, beginning with D. H. B. and D. A. O. Seek toDiscipleship1, 304:By so doing you will help in establishing a group interplay and integrity which is one of the mainDiscipleship1, 304:chosen from each of the groups to form another group whose work will be to preserve a groupDiscipleship1, 304:another group whose work will be to preserve a group interplay between the groups. If you can giveDiscipleship1, 305:daily path. Bring into that [305] light your group problems which you may have to solve and face,Discipleship1, 305:possible for you to work with my first planned group. Would you care to work with me, my brother,Discipleship1, 305:me. Seek to sense my aura and to tune in on my group, of which you are a part. Then register whatDiscipleship1, 306:the Word, the 0. M. three times; once for your group brothers, then for your immediate circle ofDiscipleship1, 306:of family and friends, and finally for the group of students which you are training for me. RealizeDiscipleship1, 306:links whereby you can reach them and the group life can flow. Say the mantram of the DisciplesDiscipleship1, 306:establish a closer link between yourself and the group on the inner planes of which I am the focalDiscipleship1, 306:yourself more closely and consciously into this group of mine on the inner planes. Of this group,Discipleship1, 306:this group of mine on the inner planes. Of this group, your co-disciples are a part. Have ever inDiscipleship1, 306:Have ever in your consciousness the fact of the group, the purpose of group service at this time,Discipleship1, 306:the fact of the group, the purpose of group service at this time, and the intention that shouldDiscipleship1, 309:and objectively if possible, with your group brothers. [310] Discipleship1, 311:and contacts or your relationships with your group brothers. In what manner that extension ofDiscipleship1, 312:This has been one of your major assets in group work. You are mentally magnetic, and through aDiscipleship1, 313:change your meditation at this time, for the group meditation is intended to supersede theDiscipleship1, 313:September 1937 BROTHER OF OLD: There are, in my group of disciples, certain people who areDiscipleship1, 316:- D.L.R. February 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: This group is nearing the time when it should begin to workDiscipleship1, 316:pointed out that you were one of those in the group who are in a measure freer than the majorityDiscipleship1, 316:preserve this condition for the helping of the group and as a group service. When it becomesDiscipleship1, 316:condition for the helping of the group and as a group service. When it becomes possible to do thisDiscipleship1, 316:have to be a stiffening in the attitude of the group members in relation to this problem in theirDiscipleship1, 316:will be the existence of personal glamors in the group members which - when they approach theDiscipleship1, 316:fifth ray quality of mind can serve a useful group purpose. You are in a position to build aDiscipleship1, 316:wall (but not a separating barrier) around the group as a whole; it is to this activity I call youDiscipleship1, 316:time. You can begin to prepare the way for the group activity. I am, therefore, giving you aDiscipleship1, 317:of right observation are essential [317] to this group. They must be developed as group qualities,Discipleship1, 317:[317] to this group. They must be developed as group qualities, if the work planned is to be safelyDiscipleship1, 317:to be safely undertaken. The producing of these group attitudes can be greatly assisted by you andDiscipleship1, 317:things which I have endeavored to do with this group of disciples is to give them a grasp of theirDiscipleship1, 317:same time a real asset in connection with the group. You can aid them in gaining the needed groupDiscipleship1, 317:group. You can aid them in gaining the needed group poise for the work to be done. The OldDiscipleship1, 318:turned towards the astral world whereon your group is planning to work. This may at first produceDiscipleship1, 319:OF OLD: You have now come back to your own group and to the one to which you were originallyDiscipleship1, 319:all his responsibilities and deserting his group brothers and his post, has been the need forDiscipleship1, 319:to do, in order to pick up the threads of the group work, for you have for some time beenDiscipleship1, 319:work and you are starting work with the group at a time when it is entering upon a new venture.Discipleship1, 320:content and intelligent consciousness with your group, plus mastering the technique of the new workDiscipleship1, 320:in consciousness and visualization, prior to the group work and meditation. Sound the O. M. as aDiscipleship1, 321:through to completion. Let your service be group service and not so much individual work asDiscipleship1, 322:of service; therefore, serve. You know your group relations for this life; see that you areDiscipleship1, 323:is to go forward as desired... Your work in my group is known to you. It is twofold and that youDiscipleship1, 323:and that you also know. You can stand in the group as the embodiment of dynamic energy which, as IDiscipleship1, 324:of the soul which must be brought into play for group ends and not the will and the aspiration of aDiscipleship1, 324:things you have ever done is to start this group which you now instruct and teach. Remember thatDiscipleship1, 324:is primarily yours but the awakening aspect. The group meets ostensibly for teaching and you giveDiscipleship1, 324:need but your prime function is to charge the group members with dynamic energy. Through the powerDiscipleship1, 328:in work may be made if you and others in my group of disciples warrant increased spiritualDiscipleship1, 329:as indicated in the work which I assigned to my group (you amongst the rest), it will suffice toDiscipleship1, 329:strength and the strength of every member of my group of disciples. Discipleship1, 329:being entered upon by you, as it is by all in my group and for this you have been prepared and thisDiscipleship1, 330:will be dependent upon two things: The amount of group integration which this band of disciples inDiscipleship1, 332:is your major asset and contribution where my group of disciples is concerned for it enables you,Discipleship1, 333:upon the physical plane. The vibration of your group of co-disciples. You sense this group of mineDiscipleship1, 333:of your group of co-disciples. You sense this group of mine most potently and particularly at theDiscipleship1, 334:You sense also the vibration of two in this group of disciples particularly; they are the mostDiscipleship1, 334:three of you create in fact a triangle within my group and this should increase the interplay ofDiscipleship1, 338:which I seek to send to you and to all in my group of disciples today. You are all living on theDiscipleship1, 340:the rest of the work which you are doing with my group, after duly linking up soul and brain. YourDiscipleship1, 341:disciple and direct contact with the Tibetan's group has stopped; the decision was the disciple'sDiscipleship1, 342:reason and objective. But whilst working in my group, will you not adhere to my instructions andDiscipleship1, 343:by that time you may value that which I and the group can give. I sought to bring you into my groupDiscipleship1, 343:group can give. I sought to bring you into my group work for several reasons. My first reason wasDiscipleship1, 343:that your type of mind will be of value to the group and you can help me with your teachingDiscipleship1, 343:the divine art and know more than do your fellow group members, just as I. S. G-L. is more deeplyDiscipleship1, 343:your occasional papers will be of value to the group. Secondly, if you will temporarily abandonDiscipleship1, 343:appropriate the mental errors of others), the group identification required will greatly broadenDiscipleship1, 343:to say in the general instructions anent this group endeavor and seek to cooperate - for a while atDiscipleship1, 343:- for a while at least. The value of the group work may even outweigh in its results the teachingDiscipleship1, 343:the New Age, which is upon us, all true work is group work, with the individual subordinated to theDiscipleship1, 343:work, with the individual subordinated to the group good. This identification you have yet toDiscipleship1, 343:with the subjective aspiration and goal of the group, but not with the organization angle which isDiscipleship1, 343:only too familiar. It is the second aspect, of group inclusiveness which you have to learn and with
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