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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship1, 404:shoulders. It becomes, therefore, a lesson in group activity and hence most valuable. Lift not tooDiscipleship1, 405:sequence. Do this prior to participating in the group meditation. Let the personality identifyDiscipleship1, 406:eventuate in sound foundations. You are in this group for two reasons: First, your enthusiasticDiscipleship1, 407:is to train each of you so that you serve the group without personality hindrances andDiscipleship1, 407:and separateness... The work of this particular group cannot really begin until the personalitiesDiscipleship1, 407:personalities of the members are subordinated to group purpose, and trained to be pure channels.Discipleship1, 407:OF MINE: You have been so short a time in this group that it is not my purpose now (nor would it beDiscipleship1, 408:the next few months to a close study of all the group instructions. Attempt to master theirDiscipleship1, 408:their contents and to be familiar with the group aims, objectives and this preliminary teaching.Discipleship1, 408:to comprehend more intelligently what is this group experiment in which you are aiding. It is groupDiscipleship1, 408:group experiment in which you are aiding. It is group work in which you are engaged and not simplyDiscipleship1, 408:except in so far as it may affect the group as a whole. This is the point to be grasped by you andDiscipleship1, 408:point to be grasped by you and by several of the group members. And, my brother, may I add oneDiscipleship1, 409:1936 MY BROTHER: The task of blending with any group is ever a hard one, and has been specially soDiscipleship1, 411:you associate in your social life. Upon your group brothers. Upon the New Group of World Servers.Discipleship1, 411:life. Upon your group brothers. Upon the New Group of World Servers. Upon the world. You will noteDiscipleship1, 411:growth and service both to the world and to your group brothers. [412] Speak little, and endeavorDiscipleship1, 412:form opinions. There is much to be done by this group of servers but I cannot begin to use theDiscipleship1, 412:group of servers but I cannot begin to use the group until certain personality adjustments haveDiscipleship1, 412:your information into line with that of your group brothers. Give, therefore, ten minutes each day,Discipleship1, 413:not do any of the work then - for the sake of group integrity and the purposed undertaking ofDiscipleship1, 413:you have a relation to me and to this group of aspirants; sensitively you are adequate to the task;Discipleship1, 414:life far too seriously, such as the work of this group. You think about these things too intently,Discipleship1, 414:these things too intently, and you handle the group work, your daily life, and your home problems,Discipleship1, 414:and this spiritual energy must be used for group betterment and for the meeting of groupDiscipleship1, 414:used for group betterment and for the meeting of group conditions. I refer not here to this groupDiscipleship1, 414:of group conditions. I refer not here to this group but to all and any kind of right group activityDiscipleship1, 414:to this group but to all and any kind of right group activity which may come your way. How can youDiscipleship1, 416:them not. Study what I say to you and meet the group requirements. NOTE: G. S. S. has resigned withDiscipleship1, 416:full approval of the Tibetan. The tension of the group activity proved too much for her. In a laterDiscipleship1, 418:As regards the rest of your work, conform to group requirements and remember that rapid intenseDiscipleship1, 418:not required. I write not to the members of this group for the sake of writing. As time proceedsDiscipleship1, 418:and they come more and more into line with group purpose, in touch with myself, and in closer unionDiscipleship1, 419:grade. Nothing can stop you. Your work in the group and your power in relation to it consists inDiscipleship1, 419:compassionate comprehension. You must act in the group for that aspect of the soul which expressesDiscipleship1, 421:and friends. b.To your co-disciples. c.To your group of students. d.To the outer world. e.To me,Discipleship1, 421:e.To me, your Tibetan Brother. f. To the New Group of World Servers. g.To the Hierarchy. ThenDiscipleship1, 422:which will constitute a service to me and to the group) of four people whose names will be sent toDiscipleship1, 422:is found in the personal instructions of your group brothers must be also deeply studied by you andDiscipleship1, 424:Carry the work forward as indicated by me in the group instructions but add to it the further workDiscipleship1, 424:studied with care the replies sent in by this group of aspirants. I have studied yours with specialDiscipleship1, 425:not as seed thoughts for meditation. Follow the group meditation with care for it will give youDiscipleship1, 428:of its task, and because of the personnel of the group and their individual problems. In spite ofDiscipleship1, 428:In spite of changes and difficulties, a group of you within this group have stood steadily from theDiscipleship1, 428:and difficulties, a group of you within this group have stood steadily from the very start despiteDiscipleship1, 428:in spite of these changes and difficulties, the group persists and moves forward in strength. ThereDiscipleship1, 428:have done your full share in the preservation of group integrity; I should like to take thisDiscipleship1, 428:steadfastness and have thereby won much for your group. It is not often that I thus commend aDiscipleship1, 429:much that seems to you of hindrance to your group, much of the depression and of glamor in yourDiscipleship1, 430:the effect in my life? How would this affect the group in which I seek to work? Would this effectDiscipleship1, 433:from his determination to work in the Tibetan's group and is there actively engaged. Discipleship1, 435:work and thoughts suggested are to preface the group meditation which I would be glad to have youDiscipleship1, 435:I would be glad to have you do, along with your group brothers. After due composure and a clearingDiscipleship1, 435:the above outline of meditation. Incorporate the group meditation and any work that you yourselfDiscipleship1, 435:meditation, pour out love and wisdom on your group brothers, making your link with your soul, withDiscipleship1, 435:your link with your soul, with me, and with the group, and regard yourself only as a channelDiscipleship1, 438:and freedom, both for yourself and for your group and those you serve. It could give you also, ifDiscipleship1, 438:I give you no work, except that which the group is doing, and no special meditation. Your majorDiscipleship1, 439:suffering, thereby forming one of the great group of his companions who are pledged to theDiscipleship1, 439:keywords which I gave you when you entered this group - endless patience, with yourself, withDiscipleship1, 439:a few minutes each morning (prior to doing the group meditation) to rest quietly back in your chairDiscipleship1, 440:OF OLD: Of all the members in your particular group, you are perhaps the freest from any seriousDiscipleship1, 442:provided for you a needed forcing ground. The group activity with which you are engaged, the playDiscipleship1, 442:to you as you prepare for work in this group and for the gradual development of your psychicDiscipleship1, 444:life? What will be the effect in the life of the group I wish to serve? Can I honestly say that IDiscipleship1, 446:task and be free to participate in the group work as time proceeds. It should always be borne inDiscipleship1, 446:case of students such as those of you in this group, it is one of the fundamental recollections andDiscipleship1, 448:few minutes' careful consideration (prior to the group meditation) and make it the keynote of yourDiscipleship1, 449:my brother, at this time. The service which your group can render, as outlined by me in thisDiscipleship1, 449:link upon the spiritual side between all the group members is growing firm and clear and I amDiscipleship1, 449:time can hinder your close integration into this group of brothers? It is of so subtle a kind that,Discipleship1, 449:Yet you knew not enough - even about your own group. At the same time, your rays are such that theyDiscipleship1, 450:the first time since you were admitted into this group relation a sense of freedom in approachingDiscipleship1, 451:factors of momentous import. Though no person or group of persons or nation at this time knows theDiscipleship1, 454:do this nine months' work for the aiding of your group usefulness in the world, for use and aid byDiscipleship1, 454:This disciple severed his relation with the group because he felt that the Tibetan failed toDiscipleship1, 454:that the Tibetan failed to appreciate what the group was doing. It was his own doing and the doorDiscipleship1, 455:intuition functioned and you saw clearly the group implications, as you did also in the matter ofDiscipleship1, 456:leading to success, must be achievement for the group. Freedom from personality problems does notDiscipleship1, 456:the strain and effort. But usefulness to the group and the providing of a channel whereby spiritualDiscipleship1, 456:love may enter into the living organism of the group, that must be for you the requisite motive,Discipleship1, 456:groups, each unit contributes somewhat to the group thought content. Your contribution must be theDiscipleship1, 456:thus stimulating the clear shining of the group aspiration and love. That which you have to giveDiscipleship1, 457:the testing time to which the members of this group of disciples have been subjected? Have you anyDiscipleship1, 457:the glamor which descended temporarily upon the group, and the effects of this are only nowDiscipleship1, 458:of discipline which has overtaken several of the group. They were subjected severally to: TheDiscipleship1, 458:an aspirant can be subjected. The reality of the group life with its similarity of inner activityDiscipleship1, 458:are one. Loneliness will end when the inner group continuity of consciousness is established. YourDiscipleship1, 459:my brother, anent the study work assigned to the group. Might not the ideas underlying the Lord'sDiscipleship1, 459:mind need not necessarily be imparted to your group but much may be given. In so teaching, yourDiscipleship1, 459:embodied in words may carry real benefit to your group brothers. This is but a suggestion. I wouldDiscipleship1, 459:at this time, as always, that my work with this group is never to be regarded as authoritative orDiscipleship1, 464:of your assurance and your integration in this group work. I shall not at this time change yourDiscipleship1, 465:these next six months. Occupy yourself with the group meditation and with the Full Moon Contact.Discipleship1, 465:your major service. My instructions to all the group members have been brief this time. I gave youDiscipleship1, 467:which will be of value to [467] you, to your group brothers and to others. Will you gather out ofDiscipleship1, 467:for their being chosen to form part of this group. The possession of a fourth ray mind is anDiscipleship1, 467:and it is going to be of real service to your group if you will learn to focus yourself there moreDiscipleship1, 467:emphasis upon the form side of manifestation and group expression. This leads to a devotion to theDiscipleship1, 468:Increasingly, you must also stand with your group, giving them the knowledge which is so abundantly
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