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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship1, 468:but they are not of the kind which hurt your group. You see with clarity the outlines of the taskDiscipleship1, 468:the outlines of the task ahead to which the group is dedicated. For long you have tried to help L.Discipleship1, 468:in frankness and standing by him in love? The group meditation is of importance to you and to allDiscipleship1, 468:is of importance to you and to all the group, for it holds in it the seeds of group integration.Discipleship1, 468:all the group, for it holds in it the seeds of group integration. Continue, therefore, with it. IDiscipleship1, 468:a brief morning exercise to be done prior to the group meditation. After achieving alignment, innerDiscipleship1, 469:an initial part of the technique of dissipating group glamor. Then sound the O. M., raising yourDiscipleship1, 469:one for you any more than it has been for your group brothers. Each and all have had a mostDiscipleship1, 470:force which should be of real value to the group and greatly facilitate the planned group work.Discipleship1, 470:to the group and greatly facilitate the planned group work. Correspond with each other and stand byDiscipleship1, 470:instruction. As a preparatory exercise for the group meditation, it will prove effective for it isDiscipleship1, 470:it is along the same general line, only in the group meditation the work is more specific andDiscipleship1, 471:You are considerably younger than some in my group of disciples and have, therefore, lessDiscipleship1, 474:those seeds originate in the thought life. The group unity and life is affected by the thoughtDiscipleship1, 474:thought content of the disciples who form the group. See to it that what you put into the generalDiscipleship1, 474:therefore, to be of a vital usefulness to my group by cultivating beauty in your thought. ReadDiscipleship1, 475:better purified and cleansed. I am training this group of disciples, affiliated with my Ashram, forDiscipleship1, 475:for service and they will have to function as a group - both on the inner and the outer planes.Discipleship1, 475:and with it blend my own. 5th month - Unto my group I give the gain of all the past, my love andDiscipleship1, 476:your soul or which surround you as a part of the group aura. Reflect on this and work at increasingDiscipleship1, 477:higher. I always speak to those who are in my group of disciples with frankness. Hence my criticismDiscipleship1, 478:to serve the Plan more effectively and your group brothers more understandingly. My heart goes outDiscipleship1, 479:in your different ways - are holding back the group. Your co-disciples cannot go on as a groupDiscipleship1, 479:the group. Your co-disciples cannot go on as a group until you have both stepped your vibration upDiscipleship1, 479:not be solved, however, by your leaving the group or resigning. You are an integral part of theDiscipleship1, 479:or resigning. You are an integral part of the group upon the inner planes and that remains anDiscipleship1, 480:fellow disciples. There is real need for this group to work as a group... but this will only beDiscipleship1, 480:There is real need for this group to work as a group... but this will only be possible when unityDiscipleship1, 481:TIME: Forget not that it is not simply this group work and the fact that you have been chosen toDiscipleship1, 481:the fact that you have been chosen to work in my group of disciples which accounts for that whichDiscipleship1, 487:am going to ask you to be one of the first in my group of disciples to begin to deal definitelyDiscipleship1, 490:he is entirely engrossed with some individual or group of individuals. This dynamic and intenseDiscipleship1, 496:even though you belong, in reality, to the group of another teacher. He has, however (because youDiscipleship1, 496:He has, however (because you were new in his group) asked me to help you - a brother on the sameDiscipleship1, 497:April 1938 MY BROTHER: Your admission into this group and the assigning to you of greatly increasedDiscipleship1, 498:need to pay the most attention. Conform to the group requirements during the coming months. I willDiscipleship1, 498:expansion of the Plan. 4th month - The New Group of World Servers. 5th month - The work of theDiscipleship1, 501:you no special work but would ask you to do the group meditation with regularity and with as muchDiscipleship1, 503:May when I will give you, along with the entire group, your personal instructions and yourDiscipleship1, 505:are recognized. How else your inclusion in this group of mine? But much hindrance comes throughDiscipleship1, 506:thought-forms. You ask: What is my gift to the group? I answer: The gift of a pure and unselfishDiscipleship1, 507:the light. Also, until you do it (as this is a group endeavor) you hold back this group ofDiscipleship1, 507:(as this is a group endeavor) you hold back this group of co-disciples from fuller revelation andDiscipleship1, 508:to serve with freedom and to go forward in my group of disciples to greater usefulness. I stand by.Discipleship1, 512:him. Here again you are not guilty. Others in my group of disciples are more prone to this failingDiscipleship1, 512:commend these questions to you and to all in my group of disciples. Right here for you - as for soDiscipleship1, 513:adequate to bring release, and the love of this group of disciples is sufficient to carry youDiscipleship1, 515:much rests - both to yourself and to the group. It might be of value if I touched here upon aDiscipleship1, 515:in the minds of disciples working together in group formation and in a Master's Ashram. Just howDiscipleship1, 515:of any individual disciple help or hinder the group of disciples? Because of the [516] innateDiscipleship1, 516:"holding" effect even upon those disciples in my group whom you do not personally know. I ask youDiscipleship1, 518:own effort and to the growing potency of this group of disciples. You are not so deeply immersed inDiscipleship1, 519:aspiration and steadfast service. For you the group meditation is peculiarly suited and useful; itDiscipleship1, 522:the inner planes your garden is of service to my group of disciples and to others - in largerDiscipleship1, 526:(as it has been laughingly called by one of M.'s group of disciples) but I would ask you to ceaseDiscipleship1, 531:question: Why was I chosen as a member of this group? Because an old time link connects us, andDiscipleship1, 532:time, for you have been so short a time in this group that you have scarcely mastered the initialDiscipleship1, 533:and that which you have to give to your group brothers and to your fellowmen is nearer to theDiscipleship1, 535:meditation work. As a soul, link up with your group brothers and with all who are close to you onDiscipleship1, 537:through love, is what you have to give your group. The technical foundation of truth is there butDiscipleship1, 537:not upon the ground. 2nd month - Recognize the group of fellow climbers and not just the two orDiscipleship1, 538:form - which will embody the objectives of the group of my disciples with whom you are affiliated,Discipleship1, 538:be called a point of tension. Study, in the new group instructions, what I have said about tensionDiscipleship1, 538:you prefer to go forward steadily, with no group effort, making your work for me and for the groupDiscipleship1, 538:effort, making your work for me and for the group an ordered part of the daily life, which you canDiscipleship1, 539:period and as a contribution to the life of your group, you write a paper giving your understandingDiscipleship1, 539:words which I gave you when admitting you to the group was the word understanding. MentalDiscipleship1, 540:of the goal and succeeded in fulfiling your group tasks in spite of continuous change ofDiscipleship1, 541:home duties, plus your executive work in the group, your life is not yet dynamically focused onDiscipleship1, 544:reflect deeply upon it. Then proceed with the group meditation, for the united group work and theDiscipleship1, 544:with the group meditation, for the united group work and the facilitating of its preliminaryDiscipleship1, 544:Temporarily, this disciple withdrew from the group of the Tibetan's disciples, influenced theretoDiscipleship1, 545:of instruction, as are senior disciples in my group. I only seek to suggest. I give hints in theDiscipleship1, 548:light and love in strength and blessing. To your group brothers. To all in your immediate familyDiscipleship1, 550:on the Seven Rays. Direct knowledge of the inner group of workers with whom you are affiliated.Discipleship1, 552:self-forgetfulness. [552] You are in this group of my disciples, as are all the others, in order toDiscipleship1, 553:You have been relatively so short a time in the group, and there has not been time, therefore, forDiscipleship1, 554:their incorporation into the daily life. This group is today, for the first time, a completed groupDiscipleship1, 554:group is today, for the first time, a completed group unit. The time for fusion and for blendingDiscipleship1, 554:however. I definitely ask you to hold the group in the strength of your love and thus aid itsDiscipleship1, 554:co-disciples. This will do more to release this group and to align them with myself and with what IDiscipleship1, 554:regarded as a service that you can render to the group. Go forward with strength, love andDiscipleship1, 558:in such form that they may be of service to your group brothers, that is entirely your own affair.Discipleship1, 559:co-disciples, I would like to point out that the group work of healing can be started, if the groupDiscipleship1, 559:the group work of healing can be started, if the group continues with its work of integration andDiscipleship1, 559:in love and understanding. Continue with the group meditation and with the work of the Full MoonDiscipleship1, 560:mean more to you. A deeper integration into your group of kindred souls, with a consequent grasp ofDiscipleship1, 560:of kindred souls, with a consequent grasp of group contacts and less interest in the personality,Discipleship1, 560:I, your Tibetan brother, am interested in the group but not in the individual. This is the firstDiscipleship1, 561:and strengthen your link in relation: To your group brothers. To L. R. U. Karmatically with myself.Discipleship1, 561:and until the next full moon, ponder on the group work and not on the Tibetan. I fancy, my brother,Discipleship1, 562:those reactions which may be engendered by your group brothers; shut them also upon thoseDiscipleship1, 563:inclusiveness which will eventually make this group work successful in service. I point this out,Discipleship1, 564:and proved) and your sincerity stabilize your group. Be not preoccupied with the non-essentials ofDiscipleship1, 564:generous of yourself and time, and give to your group brothers with a clear impersonality whichDiscipleship1, 566:a definite hindrance. Like a few others in my group, your astral body is not found upon the usualDiscipleship1, 567:One of the things which you have done in this group of disciples is to act as a stable, loving,Discipleship1, 567:steadily done during the past months and your group brothers should be aware of it. Continue withDiscipleship1, 567:work. Once in the recent history of the group who compose part of my Ashram I gave a certainDiscipleship1, 567:to a brother. I told him to go forward with his group work in forgetfulness of me. I forbade him to
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