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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship1, 695:mentally and astrally en rapport with the inner group and begin to form part of the Master's sphereDiscipleship1, 696:[696] This lies entirely in the hands of the group. Every new person who is put in touch with theDiscipleship1, 696:a Master form and organize his Ashram or inner group of which the personnel is provided from theDiscipleship1, 696:which the personnel is provided from the outer group of aspirants? It must surely be apparent toDiscipleship1, 696:seeking to accomplish through the medium of his group. This entails, finally, the enquiry, in theDiscipleship1, 696:to decide and prove. Disciples are in a Master's group because of similarity of ideas, even thoughDiscipleship1, 697:of contact, the analogous idealism for the group effort and then to submerge their entireDiscipleship1, 697:of Discipleship - Part III Every Ashram or inner group is essentially a reservoir of thought andDiscipleship1, 697:call or note, to his vibration and to his group. Instinct, in its early stages, is the name givenDiscipleship1, 698:by love. According to the ability of the group, as a whole, to function under the impetus of theDiscipleship1, 698:to carry out his plans through the medium of the group. Under divine law, he may not work alone; heDiscipleship1, 700:of the relation between the "Life" of the group (in this case, the Master) and "the lives" (in thisDiscipleship1, 700:forces. From the Master's angle of the group problem, duality enters into the group expression. He,Discipleship1, 700:of the group problem, duality enters into the group expression. He, the central energy, must workDiscipleship1, 701:monadic energy, whilst disciples in his group are seeking to express soul energy and are doing so,Discipleship1, 701:- their failure. Disciples within the Master's group or the Master's Ashram have a potent effectDiscipleship1, 701:come to him from other members of the Ashram or group. This effect will be dependent upon his beingDiscipleship1, 701:your fellowmen. This is vitally true also of a group of disciples. What protects most disciplesDiscipleship1, 702:goal for all work done by disciples, either in group formation or in the Ashram, is the expression,Discipleship1, 702:or in the Ashram, is the expression, within the group, of the causal creative process. This isDiscipleship1, 702:in greater detail the nature of a Master's group, sometimes called an Ashram. It might be valuableDiscipleship1, 702:of the difference between a Master's particular group, and the many outer groups which, thoughDiscipleship1, 702:of the Master" and with the cooperation of his group. A group of disciples is not pledged to do theDiscipleship1, 702:Master" and with the cooperation of his group. A group of disciples is not pledged to do the sameDiscipleship1, 702:would ask you to realize that an Ashram is not a group of people, working under the tutelage ofDiscipleship1, 703:two magnetic factors: A united urge towards group formation upon the mental plane. This is theDiscipleship1, 703:life" controls. When the magnetic pull of the group is adequately strong, then comes the death ofDiscipleship1, 703:of the personality life. Until, therefore, the group of disciples in all its parts expresses thisDiscipleship1, 703:of the positive center at the very heart of the group; that means the magnetic pull of the Master.Discipleship1, 703:fuse the energies, tendered and proffered by the group (under the urge to serve) and to indicateDiscipleship1, 703:rendered and untidily followed. When any group - working in this way under a Master - is moved byDiscipleship1, 703:positive nucleus in an atom), the potency of the group will become immediately effective and notDiscipleship1, 703:that the so-called inner Ashram is to the outer group what the soul and its vision is to theDiscipleship1, 703:of their spiritual recognition of the inner group potency and their facility to contact the MasterDiscipleship1, 703:contact the Master - both as individuals or in group formation. One of the things which a MasterDiscipleship1, 705:are primarily occupied with world affairs. As a group they are pledged to world work; asDiscipleship1, 705:between the effect (magnetic and dynamic) of the group and the conscious effort which the group mayDiscipleship1, 705:of the group and the conscious effort which the group may make, under united desire and theDiscipleship1, 705:to a certain point) offset or stimulated by the group potency. This is one of the major tasks ofDiscipleship1, 705:to withdraw completely, as individuals and as a group, from the world of physical reactions,Discipleship1, 705:the vision and the Plan, as well as towards the group soul and to the Master - all in this order ofDiscipleship1, 705:order of response. Next follows the power, as a group, to formulate the desired thought-effect inDiscipleship1, 705:the light and love, as well as the idea of the group in conformity with group vision. [706] For howDiscipleship1, 705:well as the idea of the group in conformity with group vision. [706] For how many is this kind ofDiscipleship1, 706:of aiding humanity, as a part of the Master's group or Ashram, the fact that there are men andDiscipleship1, 707:each other and recognizing the Master of their group. The inner Ashram is a focus of souls, freeDiscipleship1, 707:An Ashram is the state of mind of a spiritual group. It is a point of united thought; it is aDiscipleship1, 707:contact between their own souls, the ashramic group and the Master. Then they learn to comprehend -Discipleship1, 707:individuals, which may not be submitted to the group "gaze"; thus they arrive at the stripping awayDiscipleship1, 708:will be greatly increased; they will - as a group - know what has to be done and find eventuallyDiscipleship1, 708:interpretations of truth. The Master takes a group of people with fixed ideas (which they areDiscipleship1, 709:which the Master is engaged in relation to his group of disciples is to teach them the deepDiscipleship1, 710:stage, the disciple emerges out of his Master's group and becomes what is esoterically called "aDiscipleship1, 710:The one involves the development of love and of group consciousness; the other involves theDiscipleship1, 710:to understand. The members of a Master's group and of his Ashram have to become increasinglyDiscipleship1, 711:the Master is seeking to impress you and the group with which you may be affiliated. You willDiscipleship1, 711:be dealing with the relation of a Master and his group to the individual disciple and not so muchDiscipleship1, 712:the end of the Path. The second is the factor of group response. This means response in twoDiscipleship1, 714:part in and shoulders a part of the karma of his group. This dual karmic undertaking sets up aDiscipleship1, 714:sets up a veritable vortex of force in the group aura. This attracts hierarchical attention. TheDiscipleship1, 714:of its shadow. When this happens, the egoic group is definitely affected and the Master (upon theDiscipleship1, 714:As time goes on, there appears in the egoic group what is technically known as the "linking light"Discipleship1, 715:unafraid (because the part is not alone and the group is unafraid) looks down, catches the light,Discipleship1, 715:of selfish spiritual purpose. The recognition of group relationship is missing; the knowledge ofDiscipleship1, 715:group relationship is missing; the knowledge of group inclination is not present; there is no true,Discipleship1, 715:lasting happiness. This has to be changed into group emancipation, group cohesion and group joy.Discipleship1, 715:This has to be changed into group emancipation, group cohesion and group joy. The first stage,Discipleship1, 715:into group emancipation, group cohesion and group joy. The first stage, therefore, in the trainingDiscipleship1, 720:to do that which is needed for the good of the group in the right way and with the needed skill inDiscipleship1, 720:disciple's own self, his family and immediate group. This is the will-to-fire. It would be well toDiscipleship1, 721:and under his influence can be provided with a group which can: Respond intelligently to thatDiscipleship1, 725:The first thing that has to be established in a group of disciples is love and trust, for withoutDiscipleship1, 725:want to bring about the needed rhythm. In any group of disciples, there are those who do not putDiscipleship1, 725:one which should unquestionably arise: Is the group of working disciples to be keyed to the note ofDiscipleship1, 725:the note of the more advanced disciples in the group or is it to be stepped down to a generallyDiscipleship1, 725:it in another form: Are the least evolved in a group of disciples and aspirants to pull down toDiscipleship1, 727:Ashram and to the life and vitality of the inner group. This group is composed, as you know, of oldDiscipleship1, 727:the life and vitality of the inner group. This group is composed, as you know, of old andDiscipleship1, 727:and the inner Ashrams, between the objective group upon the outer plane and the very much largerDiscipleship1, 727:the outer plane and the very much larger inner group. This brings me to a question which may quiteDiscipleship1, 727:arise in the minds of those working in the outer group and loosely related to the inner group: IsDiscipleship1, 727:the outer group and loosely related to the inner group: Is the level of the consciousness of theDiscipleship1, 727:outer Ashram determined by the personnel of that group or by its relation to the whole Ashram ofDiscipleship1, 727:definite preoccupation with the personnel of the group and not with the group as an aspect of someDiscipleship1, 727:with the personnel of the group and not with the group as an aspect of some Master's Ashram.Discipleship1, 728:as Ashram members. An Ashram is an international group; it is composed of souls in incarnation andDiscipleship1, 728:even though he still remains in a Master's group until he has taken the fourth initiation. I amDiscipleship1, 728:of the sphere of activity, though not out of the group. It is the unready and the untrained who doDiscipleship1, 729:is to stimulate as many as possible in his group to work consistently on levels of spiritualDiscipleship1, 729:to the Ashram personnel. But where all the group are aflame with love and are living as souls, thenDiscipleship1, 729:personality as a result of the failure of his group brothers to understand or to arrest the fire ofDiscipleship1, 730:conditioned in time and space by some Master or group of Masters, working on some one ray or rays.Discipleship1, 731:in the last analysis, directed by a Master, by a group of three senior initiates and by anotherDiscipleship1, 731:a group of three senior initiates and by another group of lesser initiates, thus representing (inDiscipleship1, 731:words: the initiated disciples in a Master's group focus the inflowing energies; the acceptedDiscipleship1, 732:if the accepted disciples in a Master's [732] group are themselves unable to react to the idea andDiscipleship1, 732:of an Ashram and the senior initiates in his group are responsible for the relation betweenDiscipleship1, 733:can be and how, in a Master's Ashram or group, [734] the responsiveness of the membership to theDiscipleship1, 734:either by the individual disciple or by the group as a whole, and the answering of these questionsDiscipleship1, 734:questions has a conditioning effect upon the group. It is here the Master's particular work comes
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