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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship1, 734:has always two things to bear in mind: the group condition which is dependent upon the aggregatedDiscipleship1, 734:together, and, secondly, the period in which the group is functioning. To this must be added theDiscipleship1, 734:question that necessarily arises is: How can a group within an Ashram (constituted of relativelyDiscipleship1, 734:who remain unknown to them. An Ashram is one group or band of disciples, initiates of variousDiscipleship1, 735:based on a sense of individual need and also on group need. It indicates also a penetratingDiscipleship1, 738:and energy which he gives to the members of his group or Ashram is rightly warranted and whether,Discipleship1, 738:rightly warranted and whether, as a result, the group has "quickened" for increased service, and isDiscipleship1, 738:fellowship and is decentralized and less a group of dedicated personalities and more a group ofDiscipleship1, 738:a group of dedicated personalities and more a group of living souls. Impersonality has also to beDiscipleship1, 738:himself. He is not occupied with making his group of disciples satisfied with themselves, theirDiscipleship1, 738:This he has shown by receiving them into his group of disciples. When he did that, he assumed alsoDiscipleship1, 739:- and endeavor to resign from the Ashram or group. This they can only do exoterically, for theDiscipleship1, 739:be temporarily negated in the need of the larger group to protect itself from some unit in itsDiscipleship1, 744:and activities which are for the good of the group. He will not sacrifice any individual to theDiscipleship1, 744:He will not sacrifice any individual to the group good until after due effort to help thatDiscipleship1, 745:both to the individual aspirant and to his group. Spiritual tension, as a result of completeDiscipleship1, 745:to use the privilege solely for purposes of group service and never for himself or his ownDiscipleship1, 746:the call will always be launched on behalf of group need and for the establishing of group purpose.Discipleship1, 746:behalf of group need and for the establishing of group purpose. No matter what the Master is doingDiscipleship1, 747:disciples go out to work in the world. The outer group, working in the world, or the exotericDiscipleship1, 747:react to the note and quality of the inner group, gathered around the Master. An Ashram is not aDiscipleship1, 747:gathered around the Master. An Ashram is not a group of people seeking spiritual realization. It isDiscipleship1, 747:seeking spiritual realization. It is a center of group activity, swept by energies which [748]Discipleship1, 748:(when given full and proper sway) enable the group to carry out the Master's plan and meet humanDiscipleship1, 748:and the Hierarchy - en rapport. This is a group correspondence to the invocation of the soul by theDiscipleship1, 748:to a consequent fusion. An Ashram or Master's group is, therefore, a center of invocation and whenDiscipleship1, 748:monadic control of the individual which (in its group form) signifies the control of the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 749:between the disciple and the Master's group. He has already been accorded the privilege of invokingDiscipleship1, 749:these are increasingly concerned with the group life and condition and not with himself. I referDiscipleship1, 749:not here to the difficulties of any ashramic group or to those connected with any group affiliationDiscipleship1, 749:ashramic group or to those connected with any group affiliation the disciple may rightly hold uponDiscipleship1, 749:physical plane, but to his responsiveness to the group need of humanity. Where this responsivenessDiscipleship1, 750:regarded as no longer a drag on the life of the group. I have pointed out to you before this howDiscipleship1, 750:to advance gradually from the periphery of the group consciousness towards the center. Each stepDiscipleship1, 750:to focus himself permanently within the group aura. This happens when he becomes conscious of theDiscipleship1, 751:ray type. The periphery of a Master's sphere of group control is contacted by him and he becomes anDiscipleship1, 751:and it would be good and helpful to the entire group. He realizes increasingly the nature and noteDiscipleship1, 751:the sphere of influence of the Master and his group; he then begins to participate more and more inDiscipleship1, 751:then begins to participate more and more in the group life and is less and less interested inDiscipleship1, 751:Master's attention when help is needed for the group, and thus becomes a chela on the thread. TheDiscipleship1, 752:fashion, he is engaged in forming his own group and today this is very often the case. The world isDiscipleship1, 752:(the rudiments, I repeat, my brother) of group work as the Hierarchy seeks to see it carried out.Discipleship1, 752:Master as he functions at the very center of his group. He has known the Master's vibratory call;Discipleship1, 752:the astral range of vibrations of a person or a group and this through the medium of their ownDiscipleship1, 754:vibratory activity enriches and intensifies the group with which he is thus affiliated. As timeDiscipleship1, 754:his work, standing at the radiant center of the group life and working from thence outwards inDiscipleship1, 754:any thoughts or desires which might disturb the group aura. When he is admitted to this stage ofDiscipleship1, 755:is that the Master's aura is dynamic and the group aura is influential, yet the two togetherDiscipleship1, 755:influential, yet the two together constitute the group aura. When this initial response is made itDiscipleship1, 757:released him for higher work and my place in his group was taken by another disciple on the secondDiscipleship1, 757:individual implications and its more esoteric group results. More I may not say, nor can I enlargeDiscipleship1, 757:him and watch over the other disciples in the group [758] according to their need, their ray andDiscipleship1, 758:among the great Beings who form his group of active workers. Bear in mind, however, that theseDiscipleship1, 760:can, at will, distribute the ashramic and group-soul energy in their pure state. He has, therefore,Discipleship1, 761:advanced accepted disciple has always his own group which he gathers around him for active andDiscipleship1, 766:states of consciousness in the life of the group and of humanity, and to integrate himselfDiscipleship1, 767:in an ashram. The Master is the heart of his group and the Christ is the heart of the Hierarchy.Discipleship1, 768:monadic life. The Master at the center of his group. The Christ, the heart center of the Hierarchy.Discipleship1, 768:be concerned, for - as you come closer to your group - you can begin to get that training whichDiscipleship1, 768:you to find out and to prove to yourselves. This group has had much opportunity [769] offered to itDiscipleship1, 769:in devotion and service, demonstrated by this group, should be quite unusual and it should be aDiscipleship1, 769:should be quite unusual and it should be a group demonstration. I would ask if this is so? Are youDiscipleship1, 769:if you care enough. Is your awareness a constant group-awareness? Or is it a constantDiscipleship1, 769:based. By the response of the disciples in his group or Ashram, the Master gauges the place andDiscipleship1, 770:more promptly and clearly than the above group. They usually receive it through the vision andDiscipleship1, 771:their success is largely due to their constant group awareness and to a deep humility and,Discipleship1, 771:that I can say to you all at this time anent the group work and relationships. There is an esotericDiscipleship1, 771:loyalty which I seek to see developed in the group. Some of you, particularly those who take quickDiscipleship1, 771:silent loyalty which serves to integrate the group, as one. It is easy in self-defense to sacrificeDiscipleship1, 771:thinking is needed along many lines as this group begins to cohere and work together. An acuteDiscipleship1, 771:must exercise an unprejudiced attitude. To this group comes the difficult task of standing firmlyDiscipleship1, 772:idea. It is not possible for members of the New Group of World Servers to divorce themselves fromDiscipleship1, 781:given by me, as a Master, to the members of a group within my Ashram. This group has preserved myDiscipleship1, 781:to the members of a group within my Ashram. This group has preserved my anonymity for more than aDiscipleship1, 783:attention to the world situation and to the New Group of World Servers. I thus endeavored to anchorDiscipleship1, 783:themselves to help their fellowmen. This great group constitutes the World Savior at this time andDiscipleship1, 783:as to modes and methods of cooperation with this group of World Servers, already in existence andDiscipleship1, 783:and active in many fields. Those whom the New Group of World Servers influence and with whom theyDiscipleship1, 784:of the will-to-good which animates the New Group of World Servers. I would emphasize that this workDiscipleship1, 784:emphasize that this work of anchoring the New Group of World Servers and organizing the goodwillDiscipleship1, 785:work: the books, the Arcane School, and the New Group of World Servers. The impact made upon theDiscipleship1, 785:and by indicating what is the work that the New Group of World Servers are seeking to [786] do, butDiscipleship1, 786:I have, since the year 1931, been training a group of men and women, scattered all over the world,Discipleship1, 786:of the many possible neophytes, I indicated a group of approximately 45 people - some knownDiscipleship1, 786:and who could be tried out for fitness for the group work of the new discipleship. These peopleDiscipleship1, 786:and a name has been given to me. To my own group of specially picked aspirants I have acknowledgedDiscipleship1, 788:- on humanity and on world service, and not on a group of Teachers who, even if they haveDiscipleship1, 789:because silently working; that the New Group of World Servers exists; that the men and women ofDiscipleship2pioneering experiment in new age training for group initiation. This involved the entry of thoseDiscipleship2as well as flowers emerge. It was a new age group forcing process, tested in operation by the useDiscipleship2process, tested in operation by the use of this group of chelas all of whom had voluntarilyDiscipleship2to emerge. Individuals benefited greatly. As a group achievement it was not a success as is madeDiscipleship2is made abundantly clear in these pages, but the group is a living entity on the inner planes ofDiscipleship2, XII:they blamed her. The training given to this group was not a part of Mrs. Bailey's system ofDiscipleship2, XII:field of training for the disciple is in the New Group of World Servers. The decision to publishDiscipleship2, XII:was always incidental to a planned special group achievement. It should be remembered that theseDiscipleship2, XIII:am able to start my instruction to this New Seed Group with the words "My Brothers," you will thenDiscipleship2, XIII:you will then know that an adequate measure of group-integration has been achieved and that theDiscipleship2, XIII:has been achieved and that the real group work can begin. I have earlier stated the wider and moreDiscipleship2, XIII:majority of you) individually polarized and the group polarization lies ahead. I have given much
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