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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship2, XIII:attempted to aid you in the instructions as a group more than as individuals, and I will thereforeDiscipleship2, XIII:in other papers than your own. It is as a group that you work and as a group you go forward. [4]Discipleship2, XIII:own. It is as a group that you work and as a group you go forward. [4] The sense of criticism andDiscipleship2, 4:and mental. It is this which blends the group into one organized whole, which the Masters of theDiscipleship2, 4:of some of you - to prepare you all as a group for an active participation in this future work. AsDiscipleship2, 4:understanding. This formation of the New Seed Group is my second attempt to be of hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 5:technique and to train groups (for it [5] is a group age) which can express the New Age types ofDiscipleship2, 5:Age types of work. In my first attempt certain group limitations initiated difficulty and led toDiscipleship2, 5:who have been selected to work in this new group to bear in mind that they may quite easily carryDiscipleship2, 5:easily carry their earlier tendency into the new group. Only a fresh dedication and a renewedDiscipleship2, 5:glamor and of its effects in the individual and group life can eliminate the danger of infectionDiscipleship2, 5:themselves - all of them concerned with the group work per se; none of them concerned you, asDiscipleship2, 5:is concerned. Where world values and where group consciousness are involved, the indication ofDiscipleship2, 6:are tested and tried in connection with the group personality, and upon the response depends theDiscipleship2, 6:response depends the future activity of both the group and its Master and Teacher. But it is theDiscipleship2, 6:group and its Master and Teacher. But it is the group, as you see, which decides procedure. I haveDiscipleship2, 6:I have endeavored to remove out of this group those elements which might perchance have handicappedDiscipleship2, 6:perchance have handicapped it, and which the group members - as they are at present constituted andDiscipleship2, 6:and motivated - are not capable of absorbing. Group unity is not dependent upon personal sympathy,Discipleship2, 6:and understanding as it may exist between the group members, but upon capacity to absorb andDiscipleship2, 6:- from the limited point of view of the group member. This is oft overlooked, but upon the capacityDiscipleship2, 6:but upon the capacity to do this depends much of group success. When a group cannot yet be dependedDiscipleship2, 6:to do this depends much of group success. When a group cannot yet be depended upon to do thisDiscipleship2, 6:not the fault of those people, but that of the group which is not yet integrated enough or unifiedDiscipleship2, 6:spirit and the priceless gift of silence. A group of disciples must be distinguished, as I alreadyDiscipleship2, 6:relation with Humanity. What, therefore, is the group will in any ashram or Master's group? Is itDiscipleship2, 6:is the group will in any ashram or Master's group? Is it present in any form vital enough toDiscipleship2, 6:in any form vital enough to condition the group relations and to unite all into a band of brothersDiscipleship2, 7:these fundamental [7] effects of standing as a group in the "head's clear light" that it isDiscipleship2, 7:of thought, and this only because of a group temporary limitation. I have pointed out along whatDiscipleship2, 7:and more vital manner. If this New Seed Group measures up to requirements, then there may againDiscipleship2, 7:of the potency of life to be found in the seed group. The work to be done by us in jointDiscipleship2, 7:most important) must be given to the general group meditation, and the other to that meditationDiscipleship2, 7:consciousness with the soul. This will lead the group as a whole to function correctly, because theDiscipleship2, 7:to function correctly, because the individual group units are aligned and rightly adjusted. Why isDiscipleship2, 8:can teach. A Master looks at each member of his group from the angle of their usefulness in theDiscipleship2, 8:the angle of their usefulness in the general group service. The contribution of each may differ;Discipleship2, 8:an impersonal attitude; his usefulness to the group can be that, and the Master will seek to trainDiscipleship2, 8:direct relation to myself? One or two in this group have direct approach, and another one of youDiscipleship2, 8:possess a strong inner spiritual life, but the group antahkarana is usually still incomplete andDiscipleship2, 8:is non-existent - speaking from the angle of the group personalities which make up the personalityDiscipleship2, 8:is overcome. Then, and only then, can the "group stand." I propose to give you personalityDiscipleship2, 9:in your individual meditation [9] or in the group meditation. At this time I will give to this newDiscipleship2, 9:At this time I will give to this new seed group a meditation intended to produce coherent relationsDiscipleship2, 9:to produce coherent relations and a conscious group interplay. I will give each member also aDiscipleship2, 9:from this she has ever carefully protected the group and all work she does as an intermediaryDiscipleship2, 10:three things to do. First, I must gather the group of disciples as a whole into my aura and soDiscipleship2, 12:I would deal with directness when teaching this group, owing to the urgency of the time and theDiscipleship2, 12:apply my suggestions to yourself and not to your group brothers? One of the most needed things forDiscipleship2, 13:in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction Group Instruction December 1941 MyDiscipleship2, 13:Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction Group Instruction December 1941 My BROTHERS: IDiscipleship2, 13:the Threshold in your own life and also in the group life, and then - from that vantage point ofDiscipleship2, 14:the brother through with the least damage to the group. In this group work you need to rememberDiscipleship2, 14:with the least damage to the group. In this group work you need to remember that increasingly thereDiscipleship2, 14:together initiates the activity for which the group is responsible and for which you have beenDiscipleship2, 14:full consciousness is achieved. The work of this group, and of other groups similarly motivated, isDiscipleship2, 15:of you but it needs expression, and for that the group exists; there is light in all of you andDiscipleship2, 15:spare the needed energy to get in touch with the group during the coming full moons, prior to thatDiscipleship2, 16:circumstances. This, my brother, is to be a group effort, and not an individual one, and it is as aDiscipleship2, 16:and not an individual one, and it is as a group that I shall seek to contact you. Therefore it isDiscipleship2, 16:that moment. You must link up first with all the group members, pouring yourself out in love toDiscipleship2, 16:procedure: Having linked up with all your group brothers, and having raised your consciousness asDiscipleship2, 16:to see - stretching between yourself, the group and me - a band of golden light and know this to beDiscipleship2, 17:esoteric work. Regard this always as a united group effort and remember that in doing it you aidDiscipleship2, 17:other work, for the helping and informing of the group members. Turn them in, my brother, even ifDiscipleship2, 17:which I shall follow in dealing with this group of disciples and in the working out of theDiscipleship2, 17:experiment hinted at earlier - the experiment of group initiation. I would like, therefore, to makeDiscipleship2, 17:be said and which will be individual as well as group expansion. I will outline the outer processesDiscipleship2, 17:and this in its turn is determined by the group condition - for which you are one and allDiscipleship2, 17:in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction I. Definite and planned Meditation. TheDiscipleship2, 18:in any one individual to the remainder of the group members, regarding the centers as radiatingDiscipleship2, 18:of energy to the centers of the other group members. This will result in the forming of seven greatDiscipleship2, 18:centers of energy which will constitute the group centers, fed and enlightened by the energyDiscipleship2, 18:undertaken) of the individual soul with the group soul and consequently a conscious rapport withDiscipleship2, 19:Antahkarana forms part of my instruction to this group. No major initiation can be taken untilDiscipleship2, 19:and so delayed his moving forward. In this group experiment which I am undertaking, I propose toDiscipleship2, 19:which are the hints I give, so that together the group may profit by them, stimulated by eachDiscipleship2, 19:inflow of light from the Spiritual Triad via the group antahkarana, constructed of the "rainbowDiscipleship2, 19:real teaching (by means of stimulation) to his group until there is established by the disciples -Discipleship2, 20:but only seek to give to each other and to the group. The above concerns and applies to yourDiscipleship2, 20:in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction IV. I shall, therefore, endeavor toDiscipleship2, 21:the initiate-disciple, via the centers, via the group centers - and when of very high developmentDiscipleship2, 21:This may involve at times an analysis of your group relation, of the effect that your national andDiscipleship2, 23:in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction August 1942 My BROTHERS: I would likeDiscipleship2, 23:remind you that whatever you do affects your group - either constructively or adversely. There areDiscipleship2, 23:in these three classes of spiritual events. The group is the factor of importance and, as I said,Discipleship2, 23:individual life of the disciple lessens and his group awareness and sensitivity increases. BearDiscipleship2, 23:as I have repeatedly told you, an experiment in group initiation. This means that though each ofDiscipleship2, 24:and understood - will [24] initiate entire group units into the Light and into the "Labor of theDiscipleship2, 24:Light and into the "Labor of the Plan." Such a group must itself be composed of people who haveDiscipleship2, 24:people who have taken initiation. As one of your group members will only take the first initiationDiscipleship2, 24:initiation next life, it is obvious that the group initiation to which I refer will not be taken inDiscipleship2, 24:taken in this immediate cycle. The rest of the group have to wait for him. In any case, they areDiscipleship2, 25:I regard it as of major importance in the group endeavor, and if I, your teacher and friend (underDiscipleship2, 25:opportunity), can spare the time to aid the group in this particular way, it is surely not too muchDiscipleship2, 26:in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction Make a most definite effort during theseDiscipleship2, 27:and then standing before him. See also your group brothers standing with you. Then each of you canDiscipleship2, 27:himself, in imagination, as spokesman for his group and offer the group in service and deepDiscipleship2, 27:as spokesman for his group and offer the group in service and deep consecration to the service ofDiscipleship2, 27:that you see me rising from my chair. Then as a group we face the East and say together the Great
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