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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship2, 96:and to your individual characters is past; group activity should take its place. By this I mean theDiscipleship2, 96:By this I mean the activity of this particular group of disciples in relation to my Ashram and inDiscipleship2, 96:next instruction may mean more to you. Take your group papers and the book Discipleship in the NewDiscipleship2, 97:for you. I have gathered you into my ashramic group and, therefore, into my aura for vitalizing,Discipleship2, 97:given during the past few years to this group of affiliated disciples. They can be regarded asDiscipleship2, 97:no thought or fear of what other members of the group may think. In an Ashram, my brothers, a manDiscipleship2, 97:is for this clear knowledge, the members of this group (affiliated with my Ashram) should prepareDiscipleship2, 98:in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction One suggestion I will make: There areDiscipleship2, 99:the relationship you have established with your group brothers? Do you know them better and loveDiscipleship2, 99:you earlier did? This means all of them, as a group. Along what lines do you feel that you haveDiscipleship2, 99:do you feel that you have been an asset to the group? These four questions concern largely yourDiscipleship2, 99:my vibration, that of your own soul or the group? What effect has the work of the full moon hadDiscipleship2, 100:in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction November-December 1949 MY BROTHERS OFDiscipleship2, 100:you I gave you only a very little teaching anent group work, though there were several significantDiscipleship2, 100:little you have profited by this teaching upon group work, though many of you have profited much byDiscipleship2, 100:would be the first to admit that there is little group interplay and no group enterprise animatingDiscipleship2, 100:that there is little group interplay and no group enterprise animating those few of you who remainDiscipleship2, 101:It is necessary for you to remember that this group effort which I initiated with the assistance ofDiscipleship2, 101:one of the factors which will serve to hold this group of disciples together. [102] There are someDiscipleship2, 102:this will be my last instruction on the theme of group work. It is not necessary for me to say muchDiscipleship2, 102:Yet they are still an integral part of this group which had the task and the responsibility ofDiscipleship2, 102:reason that I engineered this experiment in group work with all of you in order to test out theDiscipleship2, 103:and there is much personal karma in this group of over fifty people; this was necessarily so;Discipleship2, 103:no importance to that Master or to his ashramic group. It is not devotion or predilection or anyDiscipleship2, 103:choice which governs the formation of a Master's group. It is ancient relationships, the ability toDiscipleship2, 103:in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction It would be of benefit to you also toDiscipleship2, 104:position of the Master at the center of the group has no relation to that of a teacher at theDiscipleship2, 104:relation to that of a teacher at the center of a group of learners and devotees, such as we haveDiscipleship2, 106:more go out."[106] Another factor productive of group unity and synchronous precision in working isDiscipleship2, 106:These are the major factors which produce group unity; they have, as results, telepathic rapportDiscipleship2, 106:are the product of the measure of the attained group unity. You can see, therefore, the scientificDiscipleship2, 106:I had when I urged you in past years to have a group enterprise, for it is a major unifying factor,Discipleship2, 106:Had you done this (which you did not) the group would not have fallen apart - as it has done. HadDiscipleship2, 106:your individual weakness and limitations to the group as a whole was to train you in the light ofDiscipleship2, 107:in the New Age II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction Everywhere, however, the newer type ofDiscipleship2, 107:seek here to make you think and reason) that a group composed entirely of people upon the same ray,Discipleship2, 107:would be relatively futile and useless? Such a group would lack dynamic - the dynamic which comesDiscipleship2, 107:in the three worlds. I am anxious to see the group, with which I have been undertaking an occultDiscipleship2, 108:well as those who were or are in the reorganized group. The names will be sent to you withoutDiscipleship2, 108:- an etheric body - for the entire subjective group and will integrate them closely as time goesDiscipleship2, 108:themselves to be weak. This entire problem of group integrity and personnel synthesis (if I mayDiscipleship2, 108:quite unconsciously - to form part of any group; they seek ever the position of leader. This isDiscipleship2, 108:just as much as it is true of workers and group leaders in any other phase of human thought andDiscipleship2, 108:we can do is to train aspirants in recognized group requirements. We must also point out to themDiscipleship2, 109:facts, and who are also endowed with the rare group virtue of silence, we shall not have theDiscipleship2, 110:of your part in it, as an individual and as a group, above all. I ask your aid so that one of theDiscipleship2, 110:the newest Ashrams may play a good part in the group of Ashrams, gathered around that of the OneDiscipleship2, 110:on you this year; I have seen and noted it; the group - as a group - has done better this year thanDiscipleship2, 110:year; I have seen and noted it; the group - as a group - has done better this year than for someDiscipleship2, 110:they may be found, need not persist, for the group love can offset them all; personalityDiscipleship2, 110:I would have you - again as individuals and as a group - measure up to this chance. Fix your eyesDiscipleship2, 113:Our immediate concern is the bringing about a group unity rooted in love, and this requires theDiscipleship2, 113:For this reason, I shall give you for your group meditation a form which will stimulate the heartDiscipleship2, 113:Hierarchy - provided it is established within a group of pledged disciples, dedicated to theDiscipleship2, 114:The heart center cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness or unhappiness, andDiscipleship2, 114:center cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness or unhappiness, and other groupDiscipleship2, 114:group happiness or unhappiness, and other group relations. The following diagrammatic formDiscipleship2, 115:the second six months. This dual meditation is a group meditation and will have primarily a groupDiscipleship2, 115:is a group meditation and will have primarily a group effect. This fact must be most carefullyDiscipleship2, 115:all today, prior to the definite and detailed group work - later to be outlined. Under cyclic lawDiscipleship2, 115:called, and called prior to participation in the group meditation with which you will [116] beDiscipleship2, 116:Moon of May, the individual seeds within the group periphery (could we symbolically call it theDiscipleship2, 116:(spiritual energy) and the succeeding period of group interrelation and group activity will beDiscipleship2, 116:the succeeding period of group interrelation and group activity will be correspondingly potent. InDiscipleship2, 118:firm foundations will thus be laid for the group work and the group meditation, which I intend toDiscipleship2, 118:will thus be laid for the group work and the group meditation, which I intend to give you in May,Discipleship2, 118:in May, when I will give you your personal and group instructions. At the time of the Full MoonDiscipleship2, 118:notice - I would ask you to work as follows: Group yourselves, all twenty-four of you,Discipleship2, 118:linked together so that the heads of all the group members are thinking as one and the hearts ofDiscipleship2, 118:are thinking as one and the hearts of the group members are loving as one. Your aspiration alsoDiscipleship2, 118:field of light and life, within which the New Group of World Servers will live, mature and come toDiscipleship2, 119:which will determine the success of the needed group relation and the potency of its future work"Discipleship2, 119:the individual meditation which will aid in group integration and in the unfoldment of theDiscipleship2, 119:also that at the time of the Full Moon and in group formation, plus direct contact with myself, youDiscipleship2, 119:through the protective magnetic field of the group life can you complete the meditation. The FullDiscipleship2, 119:and I will now outline for you Stage II in the group meditation. The first half should now be soDiscipleship2, 124:the center of the heart see the energy of your group brothers as the radiating spokes of a greatDiscipleship2, 124:love, mention aloud the names of each of your group brothers, not omitting yourself. 9. Then seeDiscipleship2, 125:of the day which is not the time chosen for the group meditation. I do not want the two meditationsDiscipleship2, 125:your possible glamors to be interjected into the group consciousness. Beware of doing this becauseDiscipleship2, 125:problems of some distressed brother in the group. In giving you your personal instructions, I shallDiscipleship2, 125:of instructions. But speaking generally, the group as a whole has not given as much attention andDiscipleship2, 127:Sun. As you swim, you become aware of your group brothers, also swimming in the same direction. YouDiscipleship2, 127:as climbing into the boat. When all of the group are in, then see yourselves as each grasping anDiscipleship2, 127:see me together. Then say, inaudibly, yet as a group: "Into the light we move, beckoned thereto byDiscipleship2, 127:Moon (as earlier detailed), you will produce a group fusion of purpose which is for you the nextDiscipleship2, 127:you the next desired step. You have worked at a group fusion in love; some success is apparent. NowDiscipleship2, 128:your thought and therefore your life within the group life. It is simply in the nature of aDiscipleship2, 128:and your cooperation, and all from the group angle. Therein lies its value. The so-calledDiscipleship2, 128:symbolic usefulness is great and has a definite group usefulness. One suggestion I will make. AtDiscipleship2, 128:you have been following since the new seed group was organized have not done what was intended andDiscipleship2, 128:and shall continue so doing in the hope that the group [129] will move forward with a uniformDiscipleship2, 129:closer your alignment, the better will be the group alignment. The exercise is so short and simpleDiscipleship2, 131:I found, as you know, that the great need of the group was to develop the relatively simpleDiscipleship2, 132:interplay of energy between the members of this group in my Ashram, via the seven centers. TheDiscipleship2, 132:group in my Ashram, via the seven centers. The group thought-form will have in it seven points ofDiscipleship2, 132:the energies of which will be contributed by the group members. This etheric form of the group lifeDiscipleship2, 132:by the group members. This etheric form of the group life will be an expression of the sumtotal ofDiscipleship2, 132:engineered, of the individual soul with the group soul, and later with the Hierarchy - via myDiscipleship2, 135:within the Ashrams of the Masters. In the major group Ashram (which is the Hierarchy itself) this
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