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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship2, 317:is something which is closely related to a man's group, and the individual aspect is of secondaryDiscipleship2, 317:to serve his fellowmen, serving them through the group with which he may be affiliated and to whichDiscipleship2, 317:disciple facing the first two initiations, this group will be some exoteric body of men who claimDiscipleship2, 317:who claim his allegiance and in which he learns group cooperation and methods of working; for theDiscipleship2, 324:That initiation is concerned at this time with group life and not with the individual. ThatDiscipleship2, 325:history. Again: Initiation can now be taken in group form; this is something entirely new in theDiscipleship2, 326:later used in their future world service. This group approach, this group intention, this "groupDiscipleship2, 326:future world service. This group approach, this group intention, this "group silent reticence andDiscipleship2, 326:This group approach, this group intention, this "group silent reticence and vocal recognition," andDiscipleship2, 326:reticence and vocal recognition," and this group dedication and vision are no longer in theDiscipleship2, 326:are no longer in the experimental stage. This group achievement (I refer not here to yourDiscipleship2, 326:achievement (I refer not here to your particular group which has not been outstandingly successful)Discipleship2, 328:so that they become constructive in the group sense and cease to be destructive. NothingDiscipleship2, 329:of this can be seen in the response of this group to the work which I have asked you to undertakeDiscipleship2, 330:of development and to his ray and nature. The group of disciples within the Ashram who are of equalDiscipleship2, 330:with the new disciple, act as a safeguarding group, and this is true, no matter what the degree,Discipleship2, 331:Ashram. The evil released must emanate from a group, though it is released through the agency of anDiscipleship2, 331:influence of glamor, provided again that it is group evil. In these ways, the disciple simply turnsDiscipleship2, 331:ways, the disciple simply turns the key, and group evil enters. For instance, the harm done to theDiscipleship2, 333:4. Initiation is today concerned with the group and not with the individual. This is not an easyDiscipleship2, 333:This is not an easy matter to elucidate to a group of people who are still so polarized in theirDiscipleship2, 334:Masters when they are choosing and training a group for initiation. The Master is not occupied withDiscipleship2, 334:evocation) - and the Master can begin to train a group. This is necessarily a slow process, fromDiscipleship2, 334:upon my Ashram or upon a large proportion of the group of disciples. Let me put it this way: theDiscipleship2, 334:results affect your family, friend, or communal group, and are none of our business. Yet those areDiscipleship2, 335:failures in my experiment in forming an external group affiliated with my Ashram, and asDiscipleship2, 335:you may well wonder why on earth I chose such a group of people or why I chose to make myself awareDiscipleship2, 335:sun. The enterprise of the Masters to substitute group initiation in place of the laborious processDiscipleship2, 336:period of time to test their reactions, as a group, to the concept of group initiation and to eachDiscipleship2, 336:their reactions, as a group, to the concept of group initiation and to each other as participants.Discipleship2, 336:be a physical plane life, shared by all in the group; this need not involve similarity or identityDiscipleship2, 336:a test of individual integration, with a view to group integration later on. Discipleship2, 336:in my work with all of you in this special group; the related state persists also on the innerDiscipleship2, 336:non-affiliated) who are still part of the group chosen for the experiment, on my part, of groupDiscipleship2, 336:group chosen for the experiment, on my part, of group preparation for initiation. Other Masters areDiscipleship2, 337:by a lack of emotional emphasis. [337] Group initiation has been forced upon the Hierarchy by theDiscipleship2, 337:before the Initiator and take initiation in group form; they will pass through the door ofDiscipleship2, 343:are of wider connotation and concern the group, the Ashram, the Hierarchy and the workers with theDiscipleship2, 343:of a hint that the Master in any particular group conveys to a disciple his desire for theDiscipleship2, 343:hint is still obvious, but it is contained in group instructions, given not to the individual butDiscipleship2, 343:interpretation, of individual reception, and of group conditioning. It is with the aspect ofDiscipleship2, 344:not have been discriminatory seen by you. In one group, you have five formulas indicated, each ofDiscipleship2, 345:I... Concerns integration into an Ashram. Group feeling. Dissipation of glamor through light.Discipleship2, 345:II... Deals with alignment. Revelation of the group antahkarana. Reality revealed by an aspect ofDiscipleship2, 345:methods of interpretation, whilst the larger group of ideas concerns the second and the fourthDiscipleship2, 349:consciousness aspect of the disciple or of the group that is to undergo the process. The emphasisDiscipleship2, 350:of the consciousness of the disciple or group into areas of divine expression, hitherto unrealized.Discipleship2, 351:mental perception of the incoming disciples. Group work, group reaction and group possibilities areDiscipleship2, 351:of the incoming disciples. Group work, group reaction and group possibilities are carried to theirDiscipleship2, 351:disciples. Group work, group reaction and group possibilities are carried to their highest point ofDiscipleship2, 352:but which is based on initiate-relationship in group form, and which is present between Humanity,Discipleship2, 352:into closer contact with the Hierarchy and a group within the Hierarchy; that angle of it willDiscipleship2, 352:the past. It is the moving forward of an entire group of spiritually-minded disciples and initiatesDiscipleship2, 352:made possible by the relatively new process of group initiation, growing out of the slow method ofDiscipleship2, 353:with his full and free consent merged into the group; he achieves this fusion by his own individualDiscipleship2, 353:The underlying Principle of Fusion and of group endeavor is right and part of the divine plan; itsDiscipleship2, 354:significances, and it is to these that the group attention is now called. Let me point out that theDiscipleship2, 355:sensed no matter how dimly, that each initiate-group enriches the ashram with its invokedDiscipleship2, 355:mind three things: A hint today will concern the group - its interrelation, its fusion, itsDiscipleship2, 357:with the Ashram and his instinctive demand for group work and recognition. The new energies pouringDiscipleship2, 358:reflection: Evolutionary Change, Reorganization, Group Responsibility. The concept of serviceDiscipleship2, 358:the Hierarchy because he has "entered with his group"; this is a fact, even if he fails toDiscipleship2, 358:learns that only in so far as he has developed group consciousness and is beginning to function asDiscipleship2, 358:to function as "one absorbed within the group" can he truly pass into a closer and more [359]Discipleship2, 360:attitude must be, and how inevitably the group relationship to the planning becomes apparent andDiscipleship2, 360:to him as an individual as well as to the group as a whole. [361] It is for this reason thatDiscipleship2, 361:easy thing for them to achieve at once, but the group consciousness gradually assumes control, andDiscipleship2, 361:disciple's ability to think and work with the group in terms of the Plan. He grasps eventually thatDiscipleship2, 361:These two groups have the task - the first group consciously and the other unconsciously - ofDiscipleship2, 362:limited disciples, thus setting them to work. A group of carefully chosen disciples are always heldDiscipleship2, 364:into the Ashram; it concerns the "revelation of group feeling." It is related to sensitivity andDiscipleship2, 373:steady within the aura of the Master or of a group of Masters. The energy is then projected on to aDiscipleship2, 373:in close with some hierarchical group. If I say to you that the initiated disciple usesDiscipleship2, 375:reality - the energy generated by his Master's group, the ashram. Hierarchical energy or the energyDiscipleship2, 375:of certain associated ashrams or of the entire group of Ashrams, the Hierarchy itself. The use ofDiscipleship2, 378:Their sense of values is in error. There is a group service quality to the revelation with which weDiscipleship2, 379:but which is nevertheless related to the group or to the nation with which he is by birth orDiscipleship2, 381:of this is - for the first time in history - group initiation. This can now be undertaken, and itDiscipleship2, 381:and disciples are concerned. The problem of group initiation must be, I know, one of difficulty forDiscipleship2, 381:for instance, the faults of a disciple keep the group back from initiation? The answer is no. TheDiscipleship2, 381:the dominant shortcomings of the members of the group being prepared for initiation only serves toDiscipleship2, 381:only serves to eliminate them from the group temporarily, but it does not thereby hold back theDiscipleship2, 381:but it does not thereby hold back the group. The group moves forward through the door when all theDiscipleship2, 381:but it does not thereby hold back the group. The group moves forward through the door when all theDiscipleship2, 381:eliminations have taken place, and also when the group has developed certain capacities - as aDiscipleship2, 382:towards a more complete fusion with the group. He knows himself to be an integral part of the groupDiscipleship2, 382:He knows himself to be an integral part of the group and with all that such a relationshipDiscipleship2, 382:he is blending always more closely with the group in training, and is becoming an integral part ofDiscipleship2, 382:It is the fusion of all these capacities in group work which enables the group to seek initiationDiscipleship2, 382:these capacities in group work which enables the group to seek initiation and to be welcomedDiscipleship2, 382:well be asked is: Do all the members of the group have to be at the same point upon the Path ofDiscipleship2, 383:mean when you ask this question is: Is the group - composed as it is of individuals - taking theDiscipleship2, 383:the same point in evolution? By no means. A group should be (and is) composed of individuals atDiscipleship2, 383:and his Master; it is of no interest to the group itself; the diversity of the initiations forDiscipleship2, 383:preparation is being made tends to enrich the group content; the more ray types which are foundDiscipleship2, 383:ray types which are found functioning in the group, the more valuable will be its service. It isDiscipleship2, 384:well be asked: What is the [384] attitude of the group during initiation if the individual membersDiscipleship2, 384:are undergoing different initiations? Is the group integrity imperilled? During the period ofDiscipleship2, 384:that Will. If, therefore, each initiate in the group is conscious of the initiation next to beDiscipleship2, 384:of outer contacts and stands alone, and yet in group formation, before one or other of the two
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