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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship2, 384:application of the Rod of Initiation becomes a group inheritance and serves to galvanize, integrateDiscipleship2, 384:and serves to galvanize, integrate and fuse the group into renewed activity and a deeper subjectiveDiscipleship2, 387:held not so long ago) when addressing a group of new initiates. Discipleship2, 390:and is related entirely to the hierarchical group intention and to the furthering of the divineDiscipleship2, 392:seek the welfare of their fellowmen. The highest group formulates the Plan; the second groupDiscipleship2, 392:highest group formulates the Plan; the second group "modifies, qualifies and adapts" the Plan toDiscipleship2, 392:and steady continuity of the Plan; the third group are the agents who carry this Plan to mankindDiscipleship2, 392:- the compromise evidenced by the second group. Disciples, as they grasp the Plan and areDiscipleship2, 393:and to the nations and groups with which the New Group of World Servers is working. This triangleDiscipleship2, 393:its second point is anchored in the New Group of World Servers; its lowest point penetrates intoDiscipleship2, 393:Masters into the ranks of men, and - in the New Group of World Servers - the task of "modifying,Discipleship2, 397:(via the ajna center) into the work and into the group which is under hierarchical influence,Discipleship2, 406:- Part X Part X For years we have talked about group initiation, and it remains as yet, for you, anDiscipleship2, 406:yet, for you, an unsolved problem. The phrase, "group initiation" is only used by the Members ofDiscipleship2, 406:his personality is tempered and adjusted to group conditions; increasingly he is manifesting as aDiscipleship2, 407:to be found through their particular separative group. The Kingdom of God is not Christian, orDiscipleship2, 407:what it claims to be: a vast and integrated group of soul-infused persons, radiating [408] love andDiscipleship2, 408:with the Personnel of which it is composed; this group of liberated and functioning souls willDiscipleship2, 409:come forth to contact humanity on any large or group scale; many of their senior disciples have,Discipleship2, 409:of certain of the Ashrams, as well as a trained group of initiates and disciples. These happeningsDiscipleship2, 410:there is today and will increasingly be need for group initiation. It must be remembered that ifDiscipleship2, 410:of the initiatory formula will have to be in group formation, and that - as you know - hasDiscipleship2, 410:groups of all kinds and working steadily in group formation; these can be regarded as preparatoryDiscipleship2, 410:these can be regarded as preparatory classes in group fusion and group work. Among those in theseDiscipleship2, 410:as preparatory classes in group fusion and group work. Among those in these many groups -Discipleship2, 410:under many varying astrological aspects. Such a group is the one with which you are affiliated,Discipleship2, 410:and disciples to function in this preparatory group formation and to make it the major interest inDiscipleship2, 411:and to the Hierarchy. With these ideas on group initiation, I leave the subject and will nowDiscipleship2, 417:my one effort at this time, as far as you as a group are concerned, is to indicate the relationDiscipleship2, 418:therein. It is a statement of individual, group, planetary and cosmic import and is the one hintDiscipleship2, 424:the fundamental realizations which the united group of Masters of the Wisdom bring definitely andDiscipleship2, 429:The Hierarchy has been pictured as a group of eager men, anxious to establish happy relations withDiscipleship2, 430:the individual disciple, and that of the group of which you should be (are you?) an integral part.Discipleship2, 432:He becomes a part of a great energy distributing group. You will realize, therefore, from theDiscipleship2, 445:to a cause, to me, to your brothers or your group into a flaming love for all that breathes. LearnDiscipleship2, 445:and seek the world of causes. Three in this group stand close to you. Discover who they are andDiscipleship2, 447:life, your service to the Plan, your various group affiliations and your general attitude to theDiscipleship2, 448:you to action in your personality life, in your group relation, and in your service to humanity? ADiscipleship2, 449:constitute your cooperative contribution to the group need and to humanity. Take the three wordsDiscipleship2, 452:- in your own life, in the life of any related group, and in the life of humanity itself. They areDiscipleship2, 455:of rhythmic mental building. Keep close to your group brothers. Seek to establish a contact -Discipleship2, 455:trust; the love of your brothers in the outer group of the Ashram surrounds you at all times. SeekDiscipleship2, 456:good reaches us, except in the case of an entire group where the group interplay, the group actionDiscipleship2, 456:except in the case of an entire group where the group interplay, the group action and the groupDiscipleship2, 456:an entire group where the group interplay, the group action and the group effect does affect theDiscipleship2, 456:the group interplay, the group action and the group effect does affect the Ashram. The quality ofDiscipleship2, 457:of such groups as yours, the relating of group with group within the range of influence of thatDiscipleship2, 457:such groups as yours, the relating of group with group within the range of influence of that superDiscipleship2, 457:within the range of influence of that super group, the Hierarchy. Such groups are forming now inDiscipleship2, 457:Arcane School students the world over, and my group of special workers such as yourself, mustDiscipleship2, 457:on one point only, and that is Goodwill. Each group must necessarily be left free to proceed withDiscipleship2, 458:that task; seek not to link groups with your group, but recognize your group and all other similarDiscipleship2, 458:link groups with your group, but recognize your group and all other similar groups as parts of aDiscipleship2, 461:solar plexus to the heart. In this process, the group meditation should materially help and IDiscipleship2, 461:will have to watch the earlier effects of this group meditation with care so that the solar plexusDiscipleship2, 462:activities. This exercise, coupled to the group meditation, will (as you will have undoubtedlyDiscipleship2, 463:just given [463] must be done before the group meditation as it is the nature of a clearingDiscipleship2, 463:done properly, it will hasten the results of the group meditation for it will clear the solarDiscipleship2, 464:who have achieved freedom can return to that group with immunity and helpfulness in their hands -Discipleship2, 464:immunity and helpfulness in their hands - the group from which they have been freed. I have for youDiscipleship2, 464:to summarize for you what he then said. The group protection accorded you (greater than perhaps youDiscipleship2, 465:assistance from the enlightened among the New Group of World Servers, and this will make your workDiscipleship2, 466:spiritual focusing. The deep love of all your group brothers is yours, and many, many people areDiscipleship2, 466:into a very close relation to myself and to the group. Such a definite and close relation [467]Discipleship2, 467:to you personally, and to no one else in this group. In your question, my brother (about the natureDiscipleship2, 468:to the heart center at the fifth initiation for group purposes, and the achieving of this in fullDiscipleship2, 469:application to the way of the head, and constant group activity, with an increasing capacity to beDiscipleship2, 469:The heart center cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness or unhappiness, andDiscipleship2, 469:center cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness or unhappiness, and other groupDiscipleship2, 469:group happiness or unhappiness, and other group relations. This may give you a needed hint. It is aDiscipleship2, 474:to point out to you (and incidentally to your group brothers) that many disciples today - who, likeDiscipleship2, 474:everywhere, which will form the nucleus of that group of aspirants and of younger disciples whichDiscipleship2, 474:go out into the world and say: "I will gather a group which will form my future ashram." If he doesDiscipleship2, 477:That is why sixth ray people can easily form a group around themselves. But they seldom succeed inDiscipleship2, 478:the other days you will simply carry forward the group reflective assignment with your groupDiscipleship2, 478:the group reflective assignment with your group brothers. In this way the days of your personalDiscipleship2, 480:that a Master shoulders as he seeks to prepare a group of people for world service; seldom do theyDiscipleship2, 480:much of his effort (as has been the case in this group), and which frequently condition a discipleDiscipleship2, 480:these for your guidance and the guidance of the group: The karma of the disciple. Of this, theDiscipleship2, 481:imperil the success of the joint endeavor. The group has therefore to proceed without the helpDiscipleship2, 482:him a source of amusement and concern to his group. All these factors, and several others stillDiscipleship2, 484:Much soul contact and contact also with your group brothers on interior levels is easy for you andDiscipleship2, 485:MY BROTHER: It is in no way your fault that this group on the physical plane is being disbandedDiscipleship2, 485:a close and honest analysis on the part of the group itself would probably show that the majorDiscipleship2, 486:your contact with me, the Ashram and the group; to render yourself sensitive to spiritualDiscipleship2, 487:functioning as a conscious disciple. Most of the group are not yet at that stage. The AshramDiscipleship2, 488:of responsibility. One of the students in this group asked me a question some time ago which I haveDiscipleship2, 488:of a harmful nature. Many aspirants in this group, in the Arcane School and elsewhere, are inDiscipleship2, 489:This is an exercise I would like to see all the group undertake. It involves only the steadyDiscipleship2, 489:form, as are so many which I have given to the group. It is intended simply to be suggestive. YouDiscipleship2, 491:rendered expressive on the mental plane; to the group emotional expression, and to your fellowmen.Discipleship2, 493:to do. They are to be found quite often in this group and this [494] is to be expected owing to theDiscipleship2, 494:influences behind my efforts. Seven of the group members are conditioned by these energies and mostDiscipleship2, 494:This should be noted as definitely coloring the group and creating (if I might so express it) theDiscipleship2, 494:and creating (if I might so express it) the group note. Of these potencies the whole group can,Discipleship2, 494:it) the group note. Of these potencies the whole group can, therefore, avail itself for it meansDiscipleship2, 497:of men, speak through a nation, focus through a group. Lean on your Soul. Your field of service hasDiscipleship2, 500:relation with me, with my Ashram, and with your group brothers; day by day investigate your serviceDiscipleship2, 500:you no particular meditation. I believe that the group meditation will give you all you need alongDiscipleship2, 501:to establish [501] a much closer link with your group brothers. They value you and must also do
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