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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship2, 504:[504] unbroken conscious thinking of a welded group of disciples that the Master of an AshramDiscipleship2, 504:It is not so much the active outer service of a group of disciples which is of major importanceDiscipleship2, 504:a vital purpose) as the coherent, integrated group thought which is so potent in effecting changesDiscipleship2, 511:our plans and to occupy yourself with definite group work. Our disciples learn the processes ofDiscipleship2, 511:They grasp eventually the processes also of group work and the rules which govern group endeavor.Discipleship2, 511:also of group work and the rules which govern group endeavor. These rules govern the Hierarchy.Discipleship2, 511:recede increasingly into the background as the group grows in function, purpose and usefulness butDiscipleship2, 511:initiate or disciple upon either himself or his group. The silence concerns himself, and is basedDiscipleship2, 512:The careful and considered following of the group meditation should do much to relieve theDiscipleship2, 512:and a withdrawal from the center of your group life (I refer here not to the group which I am hereDiscipleship2, 512:of your group life (I refer here not to the group which I am here teaching) just in so far as youDiscipleship2, 512:your established technique of service and your group activity. You have accomplished a good andDiscipleship2, 513:and distracting spiritual ambition which in a group leader - such as you are - would be a detrimentDiscipleship2, 513:- such as you are - would be a detriment to the group. Where the astral body is on the sixth rayDiscipleship2, 514:attention of the soul, of the Master and of the group upon the physical plane are focused upon theDiscipleship2, 515:a glamor or a purificatory process, and in the group as a force, having either a good or a badDiscipleship2, 515:when it impinges upon the personnel of the group. The following exercise can be done four times andDiscipleship2, 515:You will notice that, in combination with the group meditation, you will be working actively uponDiscipleship2, 518:these three great traits. Those in this second group of souls upon the second ray likewise fallDiscipleship2, 518:and are the outstanding occultists; the other group is distinguished by pure love. Of the groupDiscipleship2, 518:group is distinguished by pure love. Of the group which finds its way into Shamballa a developedDiscipleship2, 519:can aid you in preparing this book except some group brother or someone working consciously in anDiscipleship2, 521:the divine Will, of your spiritual will to the group will, of the group will to the Hierarchy, andDiscipleship2, 521:of your spiritual will to the group will, of the group will to the Hierarchy, and of theDiscipleship2, 521:alone, even when preparing for and taking group initiation. This is one of the paradoxes of theDiscipleship2, 521:refuge from the tests in the work of your own group, rather than in the Ashram. In your own groupDiscipleship2, 521:group, rather than in the Ashram. In your own group you have sought forgetfulness [522] and haveDiscipleship2, 522:the protection and the love of your ashramic group. That is your privilege and your inalienableDiscipleship2, 522:of my Ashram, and the call of your own exoteric group (mark those words, my brother) have soundedDiscipleship2, 523:have successfully withdrawn yourself from your group brothers; you have considered that they hadDiscipleship2, 523:the deep and lasting love of two of your group brothers has steadily protected you during this timeDiscipleship2, 523:and your past activities, as well as about your group brothers. Aim simply to achieve a point ofDiscipleship2, 524:let them be negative to criticism; all your group brothers are handling problems equal inDiscipleship2, 525:and the Ashram, as well as between you and the group which you have gathered around you upon theDiscipleship2, 525:seated sense of spiritual superiority to your group (an attitude which is sadly affecting them) mayDiscipleship2, 526:in the Ashram or to the members of your own group. You may here ask me at this point how I knowDiscipleship2, 526:in the Ashram and over the members of your own group. Many of the latter are also of an emotionalDiscipleship2, 528:lacking in love. No new age teacher gathers a group around himself, exacting their loyalty andDiscipleship2, 528:a student. So I would urge you to give up your group for two or three years (you can later resumeDiscipleship2, 529:disciple chose to withdraw from the Tibetan's group and, until the close of his life in 1953,Discipleship2, 529:interest to me to know how many members of the group are now being tested - a thing which wasDiscipleship2, 529:by several of you. Several members of the group are undergoing the painful test of war, with itsDiscipleship2, 532:humanity and not with a school of thought or a group of ideals. You stand at the parting of theDiscipleship2, 532:no personal meditation. The one assigned to the group in the group instruction is peculiarlyDiscipleship2, 532:meditation. The one assigned to the group in the group instruction is peculiarly adapted to bringDiscipleship2, 537:who react to the aura of a disciple, plus his group of co-workers. This whole question of spheresDiscipleship2, 540:you to make a closer contact with your ashramic group will be an intensification of your radiation.Discipleship2, 540:produces its individual effect upon the ashramic group, the consequent display of creativity mustDiscipleship2, 540:not as yet in the inner circle you belong to a group of brothers who - along with you - areDiscipleship2, 541:Work steadily in cooperation with your group brothers. Even though the personality instructionsDiscipleship2, 541:the personality instructions come to an end, the group instructions will give you all the help youDiscipleship2, 541:steadfastness your relation to the life of the group. This is all I have to say to you, but if youDiscipleship2, 542:the rhythm you are achieving and many of your group brothers and fellow students will look to youDiscipleship2, 545:influence too is frequently found in this seed group, for ten of the group members have the mind asDiscipleship2, 545:found in this seed group, for ten of the group members have the mind as the battle ground ofDiscipleship2, 545:what problem or problems I refer. None of your group brothers will understand to what particularDiscipleship2, 548:of instructions which I am now giving to this group of disciples in my Ashram, of whom you are one.Discipleship2, 548:certain aspects of truth which have more of a group implication than a personal one. The previousDiscipleship2, 548:of Nine, and in the first cycle of the New Seed Group work this was continued, though in a lessenedDiscipleship2, 548:which I intend now to give will have a clear group import, even though adapted to the disciple'sDiscipleship2, 548:usefulness, it will profit each member of the group also to read and study and apply the teachingDiscipleship2, 548:read and study and apply the teaching from the group angle. There are, of course, three basicDiscipleship2, 549:in training. These three are: Occult Obedience. Group Integration. Right of Access. Let us considerDiscipleship2, 549:each of them for a minute with a view to group instruction, but with an individual applicationDiscipleship2, 549:give help, speaks increasingly of "my work, my group, my teaching, my people, my plans," and in soDiscipleship2, 550:appear in your speech when in company of your group brothers and of other workers in the field ofDiscipleship2, 551:of the Full Moon each month. In company of your group brothers, you have for [552] years visualizedDiscipleship2, 552:wood, in which I live. With you are walking your group brothers, and all of you are talking on theDiscipleship2, 552:referred as governing the life of the Ashram - Group Integration and Right of Access - will take onDiscipleship2, 552:Within the circle of those who talk there is no group integration. Right of access comes to thoseDiscipleship2, 553:to those you teach and bring you to a point of group usefulness next life. Then you will carry outDiscipleship2, 553:across the burning-ground - as have all your group brothers. The whole of mankind is passing enDiscipleship2, 554:creative imagination. Some time ago I told the group that initiation was simplification. Therefore,Discipleship2, 555:inner fellowship. The inner relation of the group to me and to the Ashram and towards each other isDiscipleship2, 558:functioning again as a recognized member of my group of chelas. You and I knew always that the linkDiscipleship2, 560:will demonstrate to you as the nucleus of that group which every disciple begins to gather aroundDiscipleship2, 569:Ashram with which you are connected and to the group of co-workers with whom you are determined toDiscipleship2, 570:or self-defense and for the good of your group brothers, that you will see directly that which I -Discipleship2, 571:to add your burden-bearing capacity to the group of world workers everywhere who are attempting toDiscipleship2, 571:by us as a basically selfish and self-centered group - those who belong to the so-called socialDiscipleship2, 572:in this connection. Humanity, and not the group of so-called cultured people, should take your timeDiscipleship2, 572:still guided by the massed self-interest of that group of men and women whose lives are preoccupiedDiscipleship2, 573:and usefulness. Do this meditation prior to the group meditation and do it with dynamic brevity. ADiscipleship2, 573:Hierarchy, passing through the members of the group. Then breathe out the OM again and see it goingDiscipleship2, 573:the personality. Then breathe it out over the group of your brothers. [574] From thence toDiscipleship2, 574:my brother, and I do not regret adding you to my group of accepted disciples. NOTE: This was theDiscipleship2, 576:do. Most of the meditations which I gave to the group members in the earlier stages of the formingDiscipleship2, 576:this advanced training and for this you, as a group, must be prepared. You may wonder why I amDiscipleship2, 578:as a disciple and as a member of the New Group of World Servers have been difficult, but you areDiscipleship2, 579:which I desire to see in all the members of this group in my Ashram is a process of deepening,Discipleship2, 579:- both of the individual disciple and of the group - be implemented from this inner center, andDiscipleship2, 579:feel no need to give you any set meditation. The group meditation, your own reflective work uponDiscipleship2, 579:definition of meditation given by a Master to a group of disciples. He is not one of the MastersDiscipleship2, 581:send it out to the public, was entitled The New Group of World Servers. This was followed by oneDiscipleship2, 583:is not for nothing that eleven of the particular group of disciples with which you are associatedDiscipleship2, 583:present in their equipment. The entire group has, therefore, within its ring-pass-not all that isDiscipleship2, 583:will express itself when all of you in the group begin to study your rays from the angle of groupDiscipleship2, 583:group begin to study your rays from the angle of group service, and not so much from the angle ofDiscipleship2, 583:or capacity. Disciples must learn to study the group equipment as a whole, and discover where aDiscipleship2, 583:which they may be the custodian can enrich the group life, enhance its effort and round out its
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