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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship2, 583:for you any set meditation work. All in this group (unless expressly forbidden by me) are in aDiscipleship2, 584:the service of the Triangles, and in all your group undertakings. They govern, if you study themDiscipleship2, 584:in the light. Now comes the disbanding of the group, and a sense of failure which it naturallyDiscipleship2, 584:too strongly urge upon you and upon all your group brothers the relative brevity of life. I sayDiscipleship2, 585:the imminent passing away of any of you in the group. I refer simply to physical plane living fromDiscipleship2, 586:people in the groups of nine and in the new seed group, as well as the three other people who haveDiscipleship2, 587:to have in mind all the members of the personal group with whom I have worked with the aid ofDiscipleship2, 587:thought-form. I would recall to you and to your group brothers that an Ashram is in reality aDiscipleship2, 589:subjective aspects of the active working group. Intelligent adaptability should be the mental note.Discipleship2, 589:but also to weld the efforts of your group brothers [590] in the same united determination whichDiscipleship2, 592:you since I published my first pamphlet, The New Group of World Servers, in 1932. That was only aDiscipleship2, 593:the processes of their development - individual, group, and eventually a veritable network ofDiscipleship2, 595:be perhaps the most satisfactory of any in the group. I am, therefore, giving you a passage fromDiscipleship2, 601:as grave as yours. Some day I will give the group members a diagnosis of their racial coloring andDiscipleship2, 602:or the response of the Master. All in this group have been watched by me for many years and inDiscipleship2, 603:you do in regard to your own attitudes to the group and to the work with which you are all engaged?Discipleship2, 603:The task is so vital that you and all your group brothers must lose sight of the little self in theDiscipleship2, 604:(and, when I say this I am speaking to all the group members and not only to you) that work inDiscipleship2, 605:the body, sound the 0M and proceed with the group meditation. This meditation should definitely aidDiscipleship2, 607:your aid, my brother. Second: This particular group of disciples in my Ashram, with which you areDiscipleship2, 607:and speaking esoterically, both I and your group brothers "know where to find you." The part thatDiscipleship2, 608:focal point of loving attention to which your group brothers can turn in years to come. Give out toDiscipleship2, 608:these personal instructions, as well as in the group teachings, will be found much that hasDiscipleship2, 608:with care the instructions of the individual group members. There was much of esoteric value in theDiscipleship2, 608:in the various statements given last year to the group [609] members, and the sixth sentence inDiscipleship2, 610:and your understanding you can form part of the group which stands in this "Middle Chamber" (to useDiscipleship2, 610:between the Hierarchy and Humanity - the New Group of World Servers occupying this lower midwayDiscipleship2, 618:the doing of the meditation work of the advanced group and your presentation of the problems, youDiscipleship2, 618:A.A.B. has quietly rendered for many years. Each group - through its meditation work - must haveDiscipleship2, 618:arts. In the Groups of Nine and in the New Seed Group, it was the cause of much difficulty. IDiscipleship2, 618:a manner that they threw themselves out of the group. I may deal with this in greater detail whenDiscipleship2, 618:Another handful is still in receipt of the group instructions but lack dynamic. The rest have movedDiscipleship2, 619:preoccupying us at this time and only in group formation can it be adequately handled. In spite ofDiscipleship2, 619:so that you can become an integral part of the group life. When I say group, I mean neither yourDiscipleship2, 619:an integral part of the group life. When I say group, I mean neither your immediate circle ofDiscipleship2, 619:your immediate circle of co-workers nor the group of my disciples who are recipients of theseDiscipleship2, 619:of these instructions. I mean the entire group of serving disciples who are at work in the worldDiscipleship2, 620:and illumined by soul light, being dedicated to group work and not to personality aspiration andDiscipleship2, 621:in connection with your fellow-workers and your group brothers and so discover the cause of yourDiscipleship2, 622:Instructions to Disciples - W.D.S. One of your group brothers asked a rather lengthy question whichDiscipleship2, 627:and emotionally with one or other of your group brothers. Take each of them on successive days.Discipleship2, 627:links and with your brothers walk. Walk as a group upon the Lighted Way. The chain of HierarchyDiscipleship2, 631:that I need the assistance of this entire group within my Ashram. I also need their individualDiscipleship2, 631:when or where that service must be rendered. The group work and the four stages of reflection whichDiscipleship2, 631:within the Ashram. I have given you (in various group instructions) the stages of discipleship.Discipleship2, 638:a few years ahead for the [638] majority of the group. Here are four of the difficulties whichDiscipleship2, 642:sound the OM seven times and proceed with the group meditation. These phrases have each threeDiscipleship2, 645:given by me to the individual members of the group and to the group itself, you will find that I amDiscipleship2, 645:the individual members of the group and to the group itself, you will find that I am giving youDiscipleship2, 645:souls and of the Hierarchy can reach you. Your group brothers in this new seed group. I would likeDiscipleship2, 645:reach you. Your group brothers in this new seed group. I would like to point out that in theseDiscipleship2, 646:Beginning with the lowest contact, your group brothers, you have the intelligent activity andDiscipleship2, 646:lines. You have a particularly interesting group of life forces or energies conditioning you,Discipleship2, 646:with myself and brought to you your particular group of brothers in the new seed group. ThisDiscipleship2, 646:particular group of brothers in the new seed group. This information may prove of use to you evenDiscipleship2, 647:relation with me and your connection with your group brothers. By so doing, the sense ofDiscipleship2, 647:may be. On retiring at night. At the time of the group meditation, whenever you may decide to doDiscipleship2, 648:is light and love and strength." When doing the group meditation, begin to capitalize on thisDiscipleship2, 649:the "haze of blue" has protected you, your group brothers have stood as a shield around you, andDiscipleship2, 653:it in the ordinary form, for all of you in this group should now have reached the point at whichDiscipleship2, 653:served and been served, and having taken your group brothers into your consciousness and recognizedDiscipleship2, 660:be done each day at the close [660] of your group practice. Its objective is the increase of theDiscipleship2, 660:themselves, taking one each month for a year. Group love, embracing individuals. Humility,Discipleship2, 661:I would ask you, my brother, as a service to the group, each month to write a short paper on theseDiscipleship2, 662:Write. Search for the younger members of my group whom yet you do not know. Recognize them when youDiscipleship2, 664:you those who may form the nucleus of your own group in a later life experience? One of the thingsDiscipleship2, 664:to the senior members of this particular group of chelas in my Ashram (as their teaching is carriedDiscipleship2, 666:in preparation for initiation, as are all in my group - accepted disciples in training - I willDiscipleship2, 667:You will see, therefore, why I have asked this group within my Ashram to study the antahkaranaDiscipleship2, 669:entire Hierarchy is that of Supreme Master. His group of disciples includes all initiates over theDiscipleship2, 669:- is the cause of the choosing of this special group through whom the problems emerging out of theDiscipleship2, 670:among the "friends of Christ," as this special group is called, and are upon a peculiar path ofDiscipleship2, 670:that your advancement is ahead of that of your group brothers. There are those in this group and inDiscipleship2, 670:of your group brothers. There are those in this group and in my Ashram who are ahead of you, ifDiscipleship2, 671:special training to fit them to form the special group of the "friends of Christ" must submitDiscipleship2, 672:initiation (as, my brother, are several of this group). Your reaction to this was normal - as farDiscipleship2, 672:you were slated to take her place as far as this group is concerned. You gave that impression toDiscipleship2, 672:You gave that impression to some of the group members you met last year and you gave thatDiscipleship2, 673:as the only factor of importance. The new seed group is discontinued. My contact with you and withDiscipleship2, 673:with you and with some other members of the group is exoterically not disturbed, and therefore (asDiscipleship2, 673:as is F.B. and three or four others in the group. The rest of the group members are linked with theDiscipleship2, 673:or four others in the group. The rest of the group members are linked with the Ashram, andDiscipleship2, 679:failing... You are anxious to see the new seed group members take control of the organizationalDiscipleship2, 679:to A.A.B., forgetting that the work of that group is mainly to create a subjective channel ofDiscipleship2, 679:would like to run the work with your own chosen group of workers. You are not working with love andDiscipleship2, 679:the Goodwill work is founded and engineered by a group of disciples [680] who are working in theDiscipleship2, 682:on the quality of my communications with the group, that you felt the need of a greater expressionDiscipleship2, 682:for her to tell me as I had "listened in" on the group (as you call it in radio language) and I sawDiscipleship2, 682:with this matter as it will be of service to the group; she also sensed your sincere desire. IDiscipleship2, 683:chosen you for instruction and to be part of my group of disciples and this choice, being acceptedDiscipleship2, 684:is a personal relation or you would not be in my group, but it is of secondary importance to yourDiscipleship2, 684:group, but it is of secondary importance to your group interrelation and activity. There is no needDiscipleship2, 684:greater clarity, both as individuals and as a group, is the present need of humanity and the law ofDiscipleship2, 688:of a lasting nature and the light of the group will also be stronger. Discipleship2, 690:and not what you think is best in terms of some group, some school of thought, or some historical,Discipleship2, 690:in larger terms than those of some national group or group of nations. That means an intensifiedDiscipleship2, 690:terms than those of some national group or group of nations. That means an intensified study uponDiscipleship2, 690:him more of that than almost anyone else in the group and in his immediate circle of co-disciples.Discipleship2, 691:might anticipate, but they will open up to you a group and mental approach to realization, and thatDiscipleship2, 692:the average citizen. You thought in terms of one group. This you are learning to negate and the
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