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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Discipleship2, 692:withdrawal from this astral concentration upon a group thought-form. I have earlier told you thatDiscipleship2, 692:- you are already peculiarly susceptible to group thought-forms; you must learn increasingly toDiscipleship2, 693:background, one's tradition and one's social group - is a very difficult and subtle undertaking. ItDiscipleship2, 693:termination of a relation to a physical plane group, or to the abstraction of an interest regardedDiscipleship2, 693:of an outgoing affection towards a person or a group of persons upon the astral plane. This canDiscipleship2, 694:will note how increasingly, as this particular group [695] develops, I have ceased to give stanzasDiscipleship2, 695:This will be of service to you and also to your group brothers. Strive to cultivate a happy spirit.Discipleship2, 695:like to see you resume your work in the teaching group. You have the time, my brother, and aDiscipleship2, 699:with other people, particularly with your group brothers, friendliness to and interest in all youDiscipleship2, 701:of my Ashram; you are still linked to your group brothers and to me, even if you ignore them and meDiscipleship2, 702:of F.B. and A.A.B., as well as that of your group brothers, would evoke from you some recognition.Discipleship2, 702:K.H. Such is my task with several of you in this group; you and they do not essentially belong inDiscipleship2, 709:(relatively few) who have a sound and beautiful group effect, but your individual contacts are notDiscipleship2, 711:of the Arcane School must be that of a group, when A.A.B. is not with you and has passed on toDiscipleship2, 711:on to other and more important inner work; this group will necessarily be under the generalDiscipleship2, 713:now and have been readmitted into the new seed group. The reason that I mention this is because IDiscipleship2, 714:has always been the major weakness with your group service. You work a little bit in someDiscipleship2, 714:You work a little bit in some department of the group activity, and then you turn to somethingDiscipleship2, 715:you, therefore, to stop all meditation, even the group meditation. You can give fifteen minutes toDiscipleship2, 715:the full moon period. You can participate in the group meditation at the School, but see to it thatDiscipleship2, 715:meditation at the School, but see to it that the group meditations are regarded by you as acts ofDiscipleship2, 715:and refreshed. You can take part in the group held by A.A.B. on Friday evenings, for there is muchDiscipleship2, 717:there is service you can render along with your group brothers and with me. Discipleship2, 717:have noticed how frequently, in this series of group and individual instructions, I have used theDiscipleship2, 718:you call "behind" the others in the new seed group, as far as the reception of the series of groupDiscipleship2, 718:group, as far as the reception of the series of group instructions is concerned. She asks me whatDiscipleship2, 719:closer and more rapid intervals than have your group brothers, because of your importunity and theDiscipleship2, 719:you will therefore only receive the current group instructions after the sun has moved northward,Discipleship2, 719:from using the Sacred Word, except when in group meditation, when the aura of the group will absorbDiscipleship2, 719:when in group meditation, when the aura of the group will absorb the incoming energies and you willDiscipleship2, 720:to the phases of the work undertaken by his group brothers; it is in learning to see the pictureDiscipleship2, 721:year, send in to A.A.B. (for the helping of the group) your interpretation of these symbols. SpeakDiscipleship2, 724:of your life, except the meditations in group formation at the Headquarters of our work. You willDiscipleship2, 724:(a very slight) degree, affects your ashramic group of brothers. A future of service opens wide forDiscipleship2, 725:Ashram are pledged to materialize. It is their group duty, not from the angle of authoritativeDiscipleship2, 726:well ask, my brother: Why then keep me in your group? Why not wait until I have learnt better andDiscipleship2, 726:be changed in your next incarnation into a group asset. There is consequently no need for theDiscipleship2, 727:glamor of spiritual power which led some of your group brothers astray for months. There has alwaysDiscipleship2, 727:interlude. I asked for your resignation from the group, and the door of the inner Ashram closedDiscipleship2, 727:Ashram reopened and you were readmitted to the group life. For a year all seemed well, but the dualDiscipleship2, 727:of the Ashram and the active work in my group proved too much, and glamor again enveloped you. YouDiscipleship2, 727:the work as indicated by me, and to which your group brothers and my Ashram are pledged, played noDiscipleship2, 729:of those more advanced than yourself. Do the group work and meditation as indicated. I assign youDiscipleship2, 729:seek to see you more closely integrated into the group in my Ashram of which you are a part. HaveDiscipleship2, 729:The love and understanding and gratitude of your group brothers stands with warmth around you. IDiscipleship2, 729:to be known by him and to be a part of his group or Ashram. You longed for the status, technicallyDiscipleship2, 730:you so deeply; you are an integral part of a group, affiliated with my Ashram; you are an acceptedDiscipleship2, 730:of my Ashram (known to none of you in this group which I am instructing), he remarked: "The soul isDiscipleship2, 732:and by your constant inner dwelling on your group relations. You did fail, my brother. But why stayDiscipleship2, 733:Go forward in confidence, my brother; the group has never left you or deserted you, and you need noDiscipleship2, 735:for the disciple in training. Twelve of the group members have the fourth Ray of Harmony throughDiscipleship2, 735:Such a proposition faces many in this group today as it, in its turn, faces humanity, one of whoseDiscipleship2, 737:helping of your brothers. This teaching has a group significance. I am not referring more clearlyDiscipleship2, 738:in the home. The duty of the individual in the group. The obligation of the individual to humanity.Discipleship2, 738:through him, and life also as it actuates the group to life and as it expresses itself throughDiscipleship2, 739:the circle of your service in relation to your group brothers and the senior group within theDiscipleship2, 739:relation to your group brothers and the senior group within the Arcane School. Circumstances,Discipleship2, 740:set no meditation of a special kind for you. The group meditation will suffice. I ask you to doDiscipleship2, 743:- under a condition which is in the nature of a group occult paradox - his outer effectivenessDiscipleship2, 743:not many. A disciple of your standing serves a group and not just a person here and there, andDiscipleship2, 745:my brother. I am, as I have told several of your group brothers, ambitious that all of you in myDiscipleship2, 745:1946 MY DISCIPLE: You are of those in this group who are within the Ashram, and that fact carriesDiscipleship2, 747:no meditation now. To you, as to others in the group, I say: Go forward with [748] confidence andDiscipleship2, 749:I will dwell in my next communication to this group of disciples. It is nevertheless something toDiscipleship2, 750:to you in your personal instructions since this group was organized. This will give you (as nothingDiscipleship2, 756:the implications. There is no need for your group brothers, or any one else who may come across andDiscipleship2, 757:you to lose a student out of your secretarial group, yet at the same time you write less andDiscipleship2, 760:the three worlds. There are four of you in this group who have such a relationship to me. It is -Discipleship2, 760:is - between us - an old story. Others in this group, as you know, are temporarily under myDiscipleship2, 761:you did when you were first affiliated with my group, and the last two years have brought aboutDiscipleship2, 763:outer plane of life. The closing of this outer group may enable you the more easily to do this, andDiscipleship2, 763:this opportunity. As regards the outer group, I would ask you to keep in close touch, however,Discipleship2, 763:through correspondence, with J.S.P.; she is a group brother who sorely needs your strength andEducationIn the statement of the problem which our group was to study, Education in a Democratic Society, weEducation, 2:is true of the individual is also true of the group and as a group thinks, so does it eventuallyEducation, 2:individual is also true of the group and as a group thinks, so does it eventually react. As theEducation, 2:thinks, so does it eventually react. As the group thought-waves penetrate into the mentalEducation, 10:the mystical, under which heading one would group those with religious, artistic and the moreEducation, 10:expression and enable them thus to fulfil their group obligations. [11] 5. Spiritually. By this IEducation, 12:nature, and to human tendencies. Response to the group. The child becomes aware of his environmentEducation, 12:and so take his place as a factor in the group life, and to promote group welfare by some aspect ofEducation, 12:as a factor in the group life, and to promote group welfare by some aspect of active work and byEducation, 13:of their very sensitive response apparatus to group ideas and the dominant thoughts of their timeEducation, 13:by producing a subjective synthesis in the group he is teaching, and by fanning the flame of theirEducation, 13:the flame of their spiritual aspiration, the group may arrive at a right discrimination as to theirEducation, 13:I would enjoin upon you the inculcation of the group spirit, for that is the first expression ofEducation, 19:of the consciousness of the whole. We call it group consciousness. Its first development isEducation, 20:[20] is, therefore, a stage on the way to group consciousness and is the consciousness of theEducation, 20:part of a greater whole. He blends then with the group interests, activities and objectives. TheyEducation, 20:They are eventually his and he becomes group conscious. This is love. It leads to wisdom, which isEducation, 20:in manifested activity. Self-interest becomes group interest. Such should be the major objective ofEducation, 20:(self-consciousness), love of those around us (group-consciousness), become eventually love of theEducation, 21:hold before its exponents as personality and group objectives. It is the attribute latent in allEducation, 23:means as yet the submergence of that unit in the group, leaving him little opportunity for the freeEducation, 29:concerned the individual hitherto more than the group. Now it concerns the group, for so many ofEducation, 29:more than the group. Now it concerns the group, for so many of the sons of men are ready for thisEducation, 29:process that today the time has come for a group understanding of this emerging technique, for aEducation, 29:understanding of this emerging technique, for a group bridging, leading to a consequent orEducation, 29:bridging, leading to a consequent or subsequent group revelation. This provides the modernEducation, 29:a new unfoldment in educational methods. The "group aspirant" must be met and the group antahkarana
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