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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 36 of 83)


Externalisation, 64:glamor. This they can do because several of the group members have successfully fought glamor inExternalisation, 64:have successfully fought glamor in their lives. Group Three can begin group healing underExternalisation, 64:glamor in their lives. Group Three can begin group healing under direction, once certain interiorExternalisation, 64:certain interior adjustments have been made. Group Four can attempt to aid in the building of theExternalisation, 64:of the world antahkarana, working of course in group formation. This they can do if they divorceExternalisation, 64:my brothers, weaknesses to be found in all the group members. Personality tendencies and errorsExternalisation, 64:but these constitute no serious detriment to group work, for they can be overcome or renderedExternalisation, 64:members in all of the groups. And in each group, at this time, there is one member whoseExternalisation, 64:because they constitute a true detriment to the group life, providing (as they do) entrance forExternalisation, 64:flow of spiritual life and prevent the work of a group nature moving forward to accomplishment. InExternalisation, 65:and have thereby taxed the patience of the group members who were not implicated in the particularExternalisation, 65:situation and weakness, and who longed to begin group work. The lesson of patience has not beenExternalisation, 65:has not been lost and I would remind the group members that if they ever hope to have hierarchicalExternalisation, 65:have to be rearranged somewhat before the united group work could be carried forward. ThisExternalisation, 69:and the intelligent mental cooperation of a group of people who have pondered deeply on the theme.Externalisation, 70:The slow and careful formation of the New Group of World Servers is indicative of the crisis. TheyExternalisation, 71:judgment of people. This period of judgment is a group interlude to the full emergence of the NewExternalisation, 74:that the thinkers of the world and the new group of world servers can best serve; it is theExternalisation, 76:Psychology), are the descendants of that earlier group which was held in pralaya between the firstExternalisation, 77:then be possible. Our earth humanity and the group of human beings who are far more ancient inExternalisation, 78:into your calculations as you start this new group work or your wrong idealisms and thoughts mayExternalisation, 78:your wrong idealisms and thoughts may hinder the group work. You must recognize theoretically theExternalisation, 78:facts to your attention. If disciples are to do group work together on mental levels, they mustExternalisation, 78:superiority and criticism. You cannot work, as a group, if these ideas and thoughts are present,Externalisation, 78:now to teach you some of the first stages of group work and usefulness. It would not have beenExternalisation, 79:members of all the groups realize that exoteric group work must also be undertaken. Too many inExternalisation, 79:are satisfied with the significance of their own group work and permit it to usurp the place ofExternalisation, 79:Behind all that is going on today, the same group of spiritual Forces and the [80] same ElderExternalisation, 81:exception of any kind, in every religion, group and organization, then indeed you can go forwardExternalisation, 82:in connection with any race, any person, any group or any leaders of groups and nations. You willExternalisation, 84:of the spoken and written word in every country, group loyalty, group adherence to the leader, andExternalisation, 84:written word in every country, group loyalty, group adherence to the leader, and group methods.Externalisation, 84:loyalty, group adherence to the leader, and group methods. Success depends upon the gained groupExternalisation, 84:group methods. Success depends upon the gained group cohesion, the group willingness to sacrifice,Externalisation, 84:depends upon the gained group cohesion, the group willingness to sacrifice, plus loyalty andExternalisation, 96:desired, reached for and claimed. [96] The New Group of World Servers. They are the more advancedExternalisation, 96:the Hierarchy. They are gathered out of the New Group of World Servers. Externalisation, 96:two groups will be inevitable, whilst the other group, humanity, unaware generally of theExternalisation, 96:of fear. Between these two groups stands the New Group of World Servers, constituted today of twoExternalisation, 96:the task of bringing about the desired fusion or group at-one-ment. These are the consecratedExternalisation, 97:A small minority who have emerged out of the New Group of World Servers and who can (in everyExternalisation, 97:and who can (in every country) function in group formation if they choose, and so bring about theExternalisation, 97:and so bring about the fusion for which the New Group of World Servers is working and for which theExternalisation, 100:them which resulted in the appearance of the New Group of World Servers, and secondly, it led toExternalisation, 100:the world of small groups (within the New Group of World Servers) who were dedicated to theExternalisation, 100:mind-implantation in animal man, whilst the New Group of World Servers corresponds to the secondExternalisation, 100:sought and discovered individually by each group member, and it is this personal knowledge and thisExternalisation, 100:which leads next to the organization of the group life and relation, or to a determined process ofExternalisation, 100:himself seen the vision relates himself to the group which is conscious of this vision along withExternalisation, 100:and then follows the relating of this "visioning group" to the kingdom of God as it exists on theExternalisation, 101:It is in connection with vision that much of the group difficulty lies. Let me be specific andExternalisation, 101:- before you, calling your attention to the New Group of World Servers. As far as I could and daredExternalisation, 101:to individuals; the vision is a vision of group work, of group relationships, of group objectives,Externalisation, 101:the vision is a vision of group work, of group relationships, of group objectives, and of the groupExternalisation, 101:vision of group work, of group relationships, of group objectives, and of the group fusion to theExternalisation, 101:relationships, of group objectives, and of the group fusion to the larger Whole. When this isExternalisation, 102:my brothers? Another of the aspects of this group work is that its influence is pervasive, and notExternalisation, 102:pressures and the steady spreading of the group influence and ideals. It is therefore ultimatelyExternalisation, 103:oneness and directed thought and this "group aroma" (as it is esoterically called, though the wordExternalisation, 103:but for the carrying forward of the desired group purposes. The need is for group thinking of aExternalisation, 103:of the desired group purposes. The need is for group thinking of a powerful nature along theExternalisation, 103:from the Hierarchy, via the focused minds of group members who are definitely en rapport with theirExternalisation, 104:the first and most important objectives of the group work with which I and others of the workersExternalisation, 105:are therefore linked subjectively to [105] their group brothers in all lands, so that a pervasive,Externalisation, 107:gland. 2. THE HIERARCHY The New Jerusalem. Group Consciousness Ruler: The Christ. The World Savior.Externalisation, 112:have gone on and have been registered by some group within a nation or by a nation itself (ifExternalisation, 120:(which is basically a recognition of group relation) began. A period of urban existence supersededExternalisation, 125:the issues which control or should control the group of which he is a part. These are allExternalisation, 125:the will, and this because they are motivated by group good and the need of the majority. The testExternalisation, 125:and its scientific and mental attainment to group good or to selfish ends, to material issues or toExternalisation, 126:values and whose keynotes are sacrifice, group good and world understanding, and those whose focusExternalisation, 127:will-to-power has been to stimulate a certain group of outstanding personalities in many lands soExternalisation, 127:nations. In every nation a relatively small group of people decide all important issues andExternalisation, 128:nor is it properly admissible. No nation or group of nations can be classed in a broadExternalisation, 128:forward when the conflict ends. As for the other group, they are those who through inclination orExternalisation, 130:of the planned activities, so within that group or organized body which goes by the name ofExternalisation, 132:do control the impulses governing this group of federated states. The will-to-be of Humanity withExternalisation, Esoter:II - The General World Picture In the second group of changing ideologies and of reaction to massExternalisation, 134:often the case - under the influence of some group ideal or wisdom plus personal ambition, personalExternalisation, 135:men or any statesmen, dictator or upon any group. Look not to one person or to one group of personsExternalisation, 135:upon any group. Look not to one person or to one group of persons and accuse them of causing theExternalisation, 135:condition. Look not also to any one person or group to bring liberation or to find a solution ofExternalisation, 136:has entirely clean hands. Also, no one national group is purely wrong and evil or purely good andExternalisation, 143:and capacity to serve and help, establish group contacts and so systematize your work that when theExternalisation, 145:that which is desired into the fabric of the group life, producing incidentally (though none theExternalisation, 145:this. If the above is true of the OM and of its group effects, it is infinitely more true of theExternalisation, 145:nature is love and whose purpose is solely group good), backed by or "occultly propelled forth" (toExternalisation, 146:the race of men could settle down to a life of group goodwill, individual harmlessness and rightExternalisation, 147:I am seeking today all over the world for a group of aspirants and disciples who can and will useExternalisation, 147:be trained to do so. In this way there will be a group upon the physical plane and in everyday lifeExternalisation, 147:will and human freedom of action, motivated by group consciousness, the Hierarchy chooses toExternalisation, 149:think and feel as souls, which means ever in group terms. Today, however, there are those in everyExternalisation, 151:whether there are enough selfless and group-conscious people upon the planet to warrant a directExternalisation, 152:retrospection and anticipation which the larger group does not register, involving as it does theExternalisation, 152:to bear. The capacity to shoulder and register group pain as well as to bear his own personal karmaExternalisation, 155:Aquarius is the coming expression of the group consciousness which is the first and immediateExternalisation, 156:or reservoirs of spiritual force. Only the group of Contemplatives in the Hierarchy which are givenExternalisation, 156:your relation to the Hierarchy, via your own group of disciples (if you know which it is) or inExternalisation, 157:desired ends. Forget not that this has to be a group endeavor and must be carried forward inExternalisation, 165:to effects which will express themselves as a group activity, motivated by the essential values of
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