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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 40 of 83)


Externalisation, 598:Christ is already active in the form of the New Group of World Servers; they are as potent a bodyExternalisation, 599:spiritual Hierarchy and as the Leader of the new group of world servers, and in His Person voicingExternalisation, 599:on Earth at this time of the Christ, of His group of Disciples and Executives, of TheirExternalisation, 600:of the Christ, when He - as Leader of the new group of world servers - employs the new InvocationExternalisation, 601:of all world disciples and the new group of world servers by the Christ Himself. You will recallExternalisation, 607:has trained His disciples, initiates and the new group of world servers, He must come forth andExternalisation, 609:the universal keynote. He will - through the new group of world servers and the men of goodwill -Externalisation, 611:nation and nation, religion and religion, group and group, and man and man. If you can succeed inExternalisation, 611:and nation, religion and religion, group and group, and man and man. If you can succeed inExternalisation, 618:relations. These are the things which the new group of world servers, the disciples, the aspirantsExternalisation, 618:the pre-war conditions. Upon these facts the new group of world servers must today take theirExternalisation, 626:enable the disciples of the Christ and the New Group of World Servers to prepare the way for HisExternalisation, 631:It is short and powerful, but requires a unified group or a truly integrated personality to useExternalisation, 632:the existence (hitherto unrecognized) of the New Group of World Servers. This is an effective groupExternalisation, 632:New Group of World Servers. This is an effective group of workers, intermediate between HumanityExternalisation, 633:I therefore wrote a pamphlet entitled The New Group of World Servers. In it I called attention toExternalisation, 633:the habit of their activity. They constituted a group who were subjectively, spiritually,Externalisation, 634:incentive and endeavor, they work today as one group; on the outer side of world affairs, they mayExternalisation, 634:and relate members and adherents of the new group of world servers (and particularly in theExternalisation, 634:find and mobilize the groups formed by the new group of world servers throughout the world, so asExternalisation, 636:the Hierarchy has always done. As a spiritual group, They can and do set Their faces againstExternalisation, 636:principle of evil, though never against any group of human beings. Please [637] note this. TheExternalisation, 639:There is nothing intrinsically wrong in any group of nations standing together for mutual aid andExternalisation, 639:in when they stand united against any other group of nations, and therefore against any group ofExternalisation, 639:group of nations, and therefore against any group of human beings. It is this attitude, engineeredExternalisation, 641:Goodwill, so that every nation may have its group of men and women dedicated to the establishing ofExternalisation, 641:available. 6. Discover the members of the new group of world servers, whenever possible, andExternalisation, 647:today labor functions internationally; it is a group which learns with rapidity and has in it theExternalisation, 647:in it the seeds of vast good; it is probably the group which will place goodwill in the forefrontExternalisation, 647:for discipleship and to the members of the New Group of World Servers. Members of the New Group ofExternalisation, 647:New Group of World Servers. Members of the New Group of World Servers consist of those who areExternalisation, 652:If the forces of good, the work of the new group of world servers, and the activities of men ofExternalisation, 660:major preoccupation of the Master K.H. and His group of initiates and disciples. The first stepExternalisation, 661:dual activity are the Master K.H. and a chosen group of His senior initiates and disciples, of whomExternalisation, 662:to make their united appeal. The Ashram or group center through which the Master Morya works isExternalisation, 662:when here before that His mission or work had a group or brotherhood objective, it is well known inExternalisation, 664:and trouble makers; they were in reality a group of disciples (many of them unconscious of theirExternalisation, 665:knit together subjectively, because in each group this Master has His disciples who are workingExternalisation, 665:and in the right direction of this potent labor group in every land lies the foundation of the newExternalisation, 666:will come about, because it is essentially this group which (if I dare so express it) is copingExternalisation, 667:the entire human family to the point where a group transition will take place from the fourth intoExternalisation, 668:exceedingly great because they belong to no one group of people and to all the ideologies. TheExternalisation, 671:that unity, which will work for the entire group of human beings in all lands everywhere, and whichExternalisation, 676:men and those few women who will be working as a group along spiritual lines in or near one orExternalisation, 679:the ashrams, no matter what the ray: An internal group unity, conducive to a synthesis ofExternalisation, 679:various ashrams. There spring out of a unified group objective a sense of loyalty to the HierarchyExternalisation, 680:disciples in the many different ashrams, into a group movement or a group inclination towards theExternalisation, 680:different ashrams, into a group movement or a group inclination towards the Christ, the major andExternalisation, 680:It is something quite different. It is a unified group endeavor, generated in each ashram andExternalisation, 680:and fostered by all alike, to bring the entire group - as a band of world servers - into the auraExternalisation, 680:Christ), become an invocative, magnetic state of group consciousness; this evokes from the ChristExternalisation, 680:identification of Their united thought with the group aspiration. This is the higher spiritualExternalisation, 681:inevitably be established and sustained by the group, with the ashram and with the Christ, on theExternalisation, 686:Kumara" is given up. The entire attitude of the group of Masters, initiates and disciples who areExternalisation, 688:minority referred to above, and into the large group of Masters and initiates and disciples to whomExternalisation, 689:form of evil is being combated today by the New Group of World Servers. Of this battle you knowExternalisation, 691:then evoke in the person to be helped, or the group to be aided, no reciprocal personalityExternalisation, 691:entire quality of the personality life or the group life on the purificatory way on to higherExternalisation, 694:The intuition is essentially the organ of group perception and that which eventually elevates theExternalisation, 694:position as the agent of the Soul in the group. [695] Z...has a sound theory as to group attitudesExternalisation, 695:in the group. [695] Z...has a sound theory as to group attitudes and group work, and he will beExternalisation, 695:Z...has a sound theory as to group attitudes and group work, and he will be exceedingly surprisedExternalisation, 695:But - as long as he insulates himself from warm group contacts and fails to seek (in the name ofExternalisation, 695:to seek (in the name of service) the love of the group, and as long as he fails to recognize errorExternalisation, 695:that people like him on the platform; that is group work, but not essentially working with theExternalisation, 695:group work, but not essentially working with the group. He must learn that at present he is theExternalisation, 695:learn that at present he is the onlooker at the group and as yet not a part of it, and that he isExternalisation, 695:his personality and its acclaim, and not to the group. This will be hard for him to realize and heExternalisation, 695:to a recognition of equality with all the group with whom he is associated, and with the mostExternalisation, 695:and with the most unimportant members of that group; this he does not yet do - in spite of what heExternalisation, 701:I refer not here to the laws which make group relations sound, possible and right; such laws areFire, viii:discipleship training has been attempted in Group formation. The record of one such experiment andFire, viii:instructions by the Tibetan to a selected group. In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire the Tibetan has givenFire, 7:kingdom. The goal for the evolution of man is group consciousness, as exemplified by a planetaryFire, 12:theirs. They wrought for union, each in his group assigned. The moulds grew fast beneath theirFire, 66:home, and of the factory. They are of the same group as the fire spirits who can be contacted deepFire, 67:are closely allied to a still more important group of devas, who form the fiery envelope of theFire, 80:Man, the planetary Logos, or the manifesting group. The Grand Man of the Heavens, the Macrocosm,Fire, 90:beneficial. Relations between man and this group of devas are very close, but fraught as yet withFire, 92:is caught up and transmitted via a particular group of devas, called the "devas of the shadows,"Fire, 95:of the third Logos. In dealing with the first group of forms, it must be noted that the pranicFire, 95:have a curious and intricate relationship to the group soul of the radiating animal or vegetable.Fire, 96:arc. 42, 43, 43a [96] In dealing with the second group, the human form transmits the emanativeFire, 107:connection with its rotary action, some of the group rules of health may be comprehended andFire, 111:tiny system is the correspondence to that fourth group of karmic entities whom we call the LipikaFire, 111:law to his threefold lower nature. The fourth group of extra-cosmic Entities Who have Their placeFire, 112:Lords in Their three groups (the first [112] group, the second, and the four Maharajahs, making theFire, 112:present. Second. The four Lipikas of the second group, referred to by H. P. B. as occupied inFire, 112:destiny of the races. The work of the first group of four cosmic Lipika Lords is occult and is onlyFire, 119:three abstract subplanes of the mental are the group of transference from off the personality rayFire, 127:be desired, not for selfish ends, but because group perfection is the goal and scope for greaterFire, 130:of the atom, Man, of the Heavenly Man [130] or group, and of the Logos or the Totality) comes aFire, 144:least resistance, and repulses all tendency to group formation, while Spirit, governed by the LawFire, 180:the great force centers of which any particular group of adepts and Their pupils are the exponents.Fire, 180:adepts and Their pupils are the exponents. Every group of Masters and all the human beingsFire, 180:The force center of which the Manu, and His group, are the expression. The center of which theFire, 186:juncture. The senses in the animal kingdom are group faculty and demonstrate as racial instinct.Fire, 188:5. Spiritual discernment Response to group vibration Spiritual telepathy 7th (form) 6th (form) 5thFire, 190:of: His own sound. His brother's sound. His group sound. The sound of that one of the Heavenly MenFire, 191:[191] On the mental plane he begins to find his group note. On the buddhic plane, or the plane of
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