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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 41 of 83)


Fire, 191:which entirely escape him, while the major group sounds are not differentiated at all. As evolutionFire, 192:of individual sound, A similar knowledge of group sound, and their complete unification. ThisFire, 207:root-race. Some subrace. Some branch race. Some group. Some human unit. 88 In the Secret Doctrine,Fire, 212:greatest Rod is in the care of the first great group of karmic Lords. It might be described as theFire, 215:of form to vibration, Relative homogeneity of group unity, Cyclic spiraling movement. The line ofFire, 219:Man in whose Body he finds place) from the group notes, and knows himself as omniscient. As theFire, 230:has reached the stage of vivid interaction or group activity, then he has attained fullFire, 245:Logos. "I am That I am." Universal or Group Consciousness - Manifested Logos. Consciousness ofFire, 245:planetary Logos - Absolute Consciousness. Man - Group Consciousness. Atom - Self-Consciousness. TheFire, 247:internally from the seven into the three. Its group relation. Its development of consciousness, orFire, 249:within the form. Man finds his place within the group form. Egoic groups and the Heavenly Men areFire, 249:subjective life. This emanates from his egoic group, and later from the Heavenly Man, in Whose bodyFire, 250:seven into the three and later into the one. His group relation. His development of consciousness,Fire, 255:under Law and consequent development. His group relation. His development of consciousness and ofFire, 256:of every kind, [256] from the involutionary group-soul to the egoic groups on the mental plane. HeFire, 258:His subjection to the Law of His Being. By His group relation. By His unfoldment of Consciousness,Fire, 273:of a key measure, or sound of any particular group of atoms that go to the composition of anyFire, 279:5. Buddhic realization. The unit is aware of his group. The separated unit identifies himself withFire, 288:response of those human atoms who are ready, the group soul on the upward arc, or a particularFire, 289:the matter from what is to the human being, the group concept, and not the individual. The entireFire, 289:through the final initiations - something of the group concept, or the conscious realization ofFire, 289:planetary Logoi - which center embodies their group activity. This carries them to the fifthFire, 290:It entails the attainment by a Heavenly Man of a group consciousness of a sevenfold nature, or theFire, 292:find by experience His place within the cosmic group of which He is a part, in much the same way asFire, 294:consciousness. Second. The development of group consciousness. Third. The development of GodFire, 294:emphasized. The relation of the cell to the group, of the group to the aggregate of groups, and ofFire, 294:The relation of the cell to the group, of the group to the aggregate of groups, and of them all toFire, 295:be borne in mind: [295] That the terms "cell, group, or congery of groups" relate entirely to theFire, 295:until that Realization includes the cell, the group, and the totality of groups. These ideas can beFire, 295:knows") is but a cell, a minute atom within a group. A Heavenly Man represents a coherent consciousFire, 295:A Heavenly Man represents a coherent conscious group. A solar Logos on His Own plane holds anFire, 302:these two divisions of our thesis ON FIRE. One group manifests the fire of matter, the other groupFire, 302:group manifests the fire of matter, the other group the fire of mind, for the devas are theFire, 310:unimportant Beings as our solar Logos and His group. This fifth principle is the distinctiveFire, 310:is the distinctive coloring of a particular group of solar Logoi on the causal level of the cosmicFire, 313:In relation to the units which form his group. Third, that ACTIVITY on the physical plane whichFire, 324:the whole system is somewhat apprehended, group liberation will be achieved. Perhaps in consideringFire, 328:- not into a fundamental unity - but into group unity. This is owing to the fact that the buddhicFire, 328:two great evolutions (human and deva) find their group unity on the buddhic plane, and portions ofFire, 334:of man. Wisdom or buddhi is the basis of the group manifestation of a Heavenly Man. Will is theFire, 335:as it becomes more and more detached from the group soul, 26 becomes transmuted into mentality, orFire, 336:and much as yet remains to be done. 26 "A Group-soul is a collection of permanent Triads in aFire, 336:on the higher. This description is true of all group-souls functioning on the physical plane, butFire, 336:therefore, is the psychic effect of Their united group work, and shows forth in different waysFire, 339:love and producing: Unity between all Selves. Group coherence. Qualities that are distinctivelyFire, 350:the other initiation into spiritual existence or group identification. For a solar LogosFire, 364:scheme is primarily occupied with a particular group of units, or with those Monads who vibrate toFire, 368:factor of the greater advancement of a certain group of human beings: First, the Venus Scheme,Fire, 379:origin of the manasic principle in the present group of incarnating egos, units of the fourthFire, 379:here for students to remember that only one group in the fourth Hierarchy was affected by theFire, 379:time are component parts of the two groups: one group, which received the manasic stimulationFire, 379:during this world period, and another group which received the stimulation during the previousFire, 379:during the previous chain. The last named group can be seen incarnating in all those who tread theFire, 380:might be well to enumerate: The fact that each group forms a different center in the body of aFire, 390:to withhold) to the other. An entirely new group of human beings will sweep into incarnation in ourFire, 392:who are swept into the vortex through group ; it is necessarily terrific, and forces theFire, 392:intellectual application, to bring about certain group results. It will result in the triumph (theFire, 394:Thus were swept into objective activity that group of monads who go to the composition of aFire, 400:becomes part of the consciousness of that occult group hinted at in various places which standsFire, 410:and scheme. Chain and chain. Globe and globe. Group and group. Subdivision and subdivision. UnitFire, 410:Chain and chain. Globe and globe. Group and group. Subdivision and subdivision. Unit and unit. 45Fire, 417:and to expand the concept from the unit to the group, and from the group to the totality of groupsFire, 417:concept from the unit to the group, and from the group to the totality of groups within the solarFire, 419:and able to take his share in the work of his group. Only the voluntary merging of interest and ofFire, 420:he is beginning to sense his oneness with his group. When groups make a similar assertion they areFire, 420:the hour of conscious merging with His greater group will be approaching. Broadly (in relation toFire, 420:within the chain and his relationship to the group of which he forms a part. "I am That I am"Fire, 422:Path, and beginning to know themselves as the group. [423] In reference to what has been said anentFire, 423:voluntarily, and with manasic realization of group need. The whole trend of mental effort duringFire, 430:or construction of the antahkarana of that group which we call the fifth root-race. On the fourthFire, 436:indwelling Entity; it brings about coherence and group activity; it is the warmth that causes allFire, 437:and are composed of deva and human units in group activity, or of force vortices which contain inFire, 438:life. A solar system. 2. Planetary Logos Human group units. Deva Builders. A scheme. 3. A Man SevenFire, 445:are considering the incarnation of a man, of a group, of an idea, or of all entities of lesserFire, 446:the transference during this cycle of a special group of highly advanced units of the human andFire, 447:the scientist. In the elemental kingdoms and the group souls found therein, it produces facility inFire, 449:worlds are concerned, very largely fall into a group of mantrams, hidden in the consciousness ofFire, 450:anchoring of the permanent atoms within their group soul, or the union of matter and consciousness.Fire, 450:conscious, sentient life from form to form, from group to group, from kingdom to kingdom within theFire, 450:sentient life from form to form, from group to group, from kingdom to kingdom within theFire, 450:First. Developed the consciousness of the group in which they themselves find place. Second.Fire, 450:the secret of the notes and tones to which that group responds. Third. Apprehended certain setFire, 450:bring about results outside the periphery of the group whose consciousness is theirs. For instance,Fire, 452:it into, or out of, form. [452] There is a sixth group intimately connected with electricalFire, 455:the menace incident to the advent of the other group. The arranging of this and the preparing ofFire, 455:time of the Master R - and the Master H - . 52 A group of scientists will come into incarnation onFire, 457:(as far as may be in this round) [457] the group antahkarana, 53 or the link between the mental andFire, 458:succeeding one in the evolutionary process. Any group, which may be under consideration, should inFire, 458:objective forms on some plane from the earlier group. From the third kingdom springs the fourth,Fire, 461:evolution. The remainder were rejected, and as a group they became temporarily quiescent, and willFire, 462:those which will be finally separated from the group soul at the reopening of the door into theFire, 463:to the effect of the consciousness of one group upon another group, and the advancement of theFire, 463:of the consciousness of one group upon another group, and the advancement of the lesser, by theFire, 464:and intelligently working at the development of group consciousness. The vibration, for instance,Fire, 464:is begun when the sixth spirilla (in the minor group of seven) is active. The consciousness of manFire, 465:The increase of the total consciousness of the group. The stimulation of units in the group. TheFire, 465:of the group. The stimulation of units in the group. The group magnetism producing increasedFire, 465:The stimulation of units in the group. The group magnetism producing increased healing or blendingFire, 466:who are seventh Ray Monads. On a peculiar group of devas who are the agents, or "mediates" betweenFire, 466:white or black) and the elemental forces. This group is occultly known as "The Mediator Seventh,"
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