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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 42 of 83)


Fire, 466:Those working with involutionary forces. One group is the agent of constructive purpose, and theFire, 466:More need not be submitted anent this group as they are not easily contacted, fortunately for man,Fire, 466:and can as yet only be reached by a particular group ritual accurately performed, - a thing as yetFire, 489:heredity. The sevenfold nature of the peculiar group of devas which constitute its being in anFire, 497:The devas who work in this kingdom are a special group, and have a closer and more peculiarFire, 502:of His own life, and the life of His group, into the monadic aspect which is reflected in theFire, 503:period, from the point of view of universal or group consciousness it is occurring NOW. ForFire, 507:Logos, Who is the central life of any particular group of Monads. This fact has been littleFire, 525:and the students of the Knowledge - actuated by group consciousness, and working consciously - willFire, 525:consciously - will separate themselves in group formation from those who know not, and from thoseFire, 525:be self-induced, and a natural outgrowth of the group life; it will in itself be of a temporaryFire, 529:solar system as an abstraction. A man can attain group consciousness; he can vibrate to the note ofFire, 532:between these focal points of force of the group - human or otherwise - and a chain, a globe, and aFire, 533:Manus. The seventy-seven Embodiers of form - a group of solar Lords Who are concerned with formFire, 533:The entities who are the sumtotal of those group souls who contain definite permanent triads. NineFire, 534:magnetism, and the life of form. A peculiar group of Beings connected with a certain constellationFire, 534:the system. The entities who are the sumtotal of group consciousness on egoic levels, rememberingFire, 534:groups of seven egoic vehicles forming one group which is the body of this lesser solar Deity.Fire, 535:band of disciples and initiates form a group or force center. These groups have their permanentFire, 539:Ignorance, of Learning, and of Wisdom. a. First Group of Petals - Knowledge Petals: The Petal ofFire, 540:begin to unfold until fully developed. b. Second Group of Petals - Love Petals: The Petal ofFire, 541:to give up his own desires for the sake of his group. His motive is still somewhat a blind one, andFire, 541:display of energy and rapidly rotating. c. Third Group of Petals - Sacrifice Petals: The Petal ofFire, 542:fire) a blazing center of heat, radiating to its group warmth and vitality. Within the periphery ofFire, 547:the effect of that condition upon a particular group of cells; the group karma of a collection orFire, 547:condition upon a particular group of cells; the group karma of a collection or congery of causalFire, 547:force center has a definite effect upon the group or community of Egos in which it may have aFire, 547:of expression. Second, the karma of the egoic group as it becomes more apparent on the physicalFire, 547:has been said and taught about individual karma. Group karma in the future will slowly assume itsFire, 547:to a more sympathetic understanding of group responsibilities, and to a more adequate solution ofFire, 547:and to a more adequate solution of group problems. [548] The study of occult psychology involves aFire, 548:utilized to produce specific results in group evolution, and thus some of the world problems willFire, 549:plane; how best they can ascertain their group formation, and thus work along with their group, andFire, 549:group formation, and thus work along with their group, and in unison with the total energy of thatFire, 549:and in unison with the total energy of that group; how best their threefold lower self - physical,Fire, 552:of thought a body which can respond to that group of vibrations which are concerned with the cosmicFire, 555:this stimulation will be applied: Through the group to the unit. Through a more evolved "Kingdom ofFire, 563:if beneficent it works as "good karma" in the group in which the emanator has a place. This is whatFire, 567:or do I build those which go to the good of the group? Many such thoughts will arise, and in theFire, 581:controls the process of the [581] breaking up of group souls; it governs the periods when theFire, 587:Sacrifice and Death, make still another group. It is logical for the first Ray only to haveFire, 592:classes the human Monads, as they evolve. One group then (containing those who will reach theFire, 593:it arrives at the stage of love of humanity or group love consciousness which is the predominantFire, 605:Teutonic and Anglo-Saxon. Concrete mind. The 5th group of Devas - Fire Devas of the mental plane.Fire, 605:plane - the mental plane - comes under the same group of correspondences and Agni, as theFire, 613:the negative aspect and are swept into action in group formation through the play [614] of positiveFire, 619:fanning the flame until each unit becomes fully group conscious and aware of his place within theFire, 624:from cause. Direct force. This particular group of devas emanate from a great force center which weFire, 636:The three groups function as follows: Group A. on the first subplane. They are the sumtotal of theFire, 636:of the atomic matter of the physical plane. Group B. on the second, third and fourth ethericFire, 636:aspects of the logoic dense vahan, or vehicle. Group C. the lowest three subplanes; they are theFire, 637:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals Group C. Agnichaitans In considering these groups ofFire, 637:exoteric science is dealing, and that as regards Group C, science is already making fair progressFire, 639:which we are seeking to make anent this third group of the lowest devas. They are very destructiveFire, 640:Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals The third group of these devas is very definitely connectedFire, 641:aspect. We have seen that the work of the lowest group of Agnichaitans is to build continents byFire, 642:and its embodiers. The Agnichaitans of the third group are as yet a menace to man, and are onlyFire, 642:as yet a menace to man, and are only handled in group formation, and on a large scale by the headFire, 643:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals Group B. Agnichaitans In taking up the matter of theFire, 643:In taking up the matter of the second group of Agnichaitans - Group B - we are dealing with thatFire, 643:the matter of the second group of Agnichaitans - Group B - we are dealing with that important groupFire, 643:- Group B - we are dealing with that important group of devas who are designated in some works asFire, 645:vibrations of the seven rays. Class 2. A group of Agnichaitans who manifest as physical planeFire, 645:as physical plane electricity. They are a group who are coming somewhat under the control of man,Fire, 645:be more and more dominated by him. Class 3. A group who form the health auras of all the threeFire, 646:world. Class 5. We have here a very important group of devas, who are peculiarly active andFire, 650:Briefly it might be pointed out that we have: Group A - The plane Adi - Divine evolution. SystemicFire, 650:plane Adi - Divine evolution. Systemic atomic. Group B - The three worlds of the Triad - SpiritualFire, 650:the Triad - Spiritual evolution. Logoic etheric. Group C - The three worlds - Human evolution.Fire, 650:and Fire Elementals As regards the devas of Group B, little more can be said. Only a few moreFire, 651:as it worked, can be seen among the devas of Group A, or those devas who are (in an occult sense)Fire, 653:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals Group A. Agnichaitans We have seen that on all planesFire, 654:Those which embody the negative aspect. That group which - in time and space - is the union of theFire, 654:when we enumerated the groups of Agnichaitans. Group A - Corresponds to the manifestations ofFire, 654:aspect which is understood by the term Agni. Group B - Corresponds to the Vishnu-Surya aspect.Fire, 654:B - Corresponds to the Vishnu-Surya aspect. Group C - Corresponds to the Brahma or the creativeFire, 654:Now, we might take up the consideration of Group A, the most important group on the physical planeFire, 654:the consideration of Group A, the most important group on the physical plane from the standpoint ofFire, 656:do to the seventh. Therefore, the devas of Group A are the concentrated creative force of theFire, 656:will, therefore, be recognized that the devas of Group A, being what we might call the key-devas,Fire, 656:for this will be apparent. If the devas of Group A could be recognized, or even contacted byFire, 656:as yet unprepared to wield it wisely. Therefore, Group A of Agnichaitans must remain profoundlyFire, 657:the polar opposite of ours. With that particular group in that scheme which is one of the points inFire, 664:originate in the central sun of our particular group of solar systems. This series involves theFire, 664:instance, as: "The triangle of... of... and of Group... of the Agnisuryans formed itself, and inFire, 672:the sixth and seventh - are a very mysterious group as far as man is concerned. 17 [673] 17Fire, 673:our planetary individualization. They were the group which had much to do with the "sin of theFire, 676:of man's causal body, and who are the linking group between the Triad and the Quaternary, both inFire, 677:precipitated in watery physical matter. A group of devas, who form the desire body of that greatFire, 677:Christian or believer of any faith. Another group - being the seventh order - form the Hell for theFire, 677:studying thought-form construction. A mysterious group of devas intimately connected at this timeFire, 677:human family on the physical plane. They are a group who are, at this juncture, swept into being,Fire, 677:into a higher center. There is also a group of devas connected with the Lodge of Masters, whoseFire, 678:to effect definitely constructive results. A group of devas closely connected with the mysteries ofFire, 679:of transinutative force. They are a peculiar group of devas who embody the "fires of transmutation"Fire, 694:character, emanating from a particular group. The human permanent atom responds to force emanatingFire, 694:atom responds to force emanating from a group on the evolutionary arc and the Ray of a particularFire, 696:but also of the consciousness of the group wherein a man is found. It infers the full unfoldment ofFire, 698:atom, and all of which work as a unit. One group, the highest, is connected with the logoic headFire, 699:substance and the life of those planes. Another group is connected definitely with the causal
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