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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 43 of 83)


Fire, 699:heart center, and express that force. The third group, corresponding to the throat center, showFire, 700:extra-planetary stimulation, and this special group of Pitris effected a transition of the lowerFire, 701:Elementals and Fire Elementals The second group, the intermediate, can be subdivided into twoFire, 702:about relatively its intelligent cooperation in group work, and its ability to take its place inFire, 713:consciously and to recognize the plan for his group-center through the immensely increasedFire, 714:been accomplished. The polarity of a man, of a group, and of a congery of groups, the polarity ofFire, 715:Great Ones. To act as a dynamo for the immediate group which all advanced souls, disciples andFire, 718:which will eventually bring about conscious group activity, which will lead to interaction betweenFire, 719:in" in the middle of the fifth round, and were a group of initiates who arrested their ownFire, 724:of an understandable nature) He belongs to a group which represents the abstracting energy of theFire, 726:3. Interplanetary Avatars. A very interesting group of avatars is here to be found. They are mainlyFire, 726:impulse in mental matter and thus effect these group transfers. They Themselves are subdivided intoFire, 731:of consciousness, through self-consciousness to group consciousness, or universal consciousness.Fire, 737:with selfishness and separative pleasure) of the group condition called nirvanic. In this highFire, 737:identity, though self-realizing, shares in the group realization, and therein lies bliss for theFire, 738:and concerns the relation of the unit to his group on the egoic plane, prior to the unfoldment ofFire, 739:happenings, is now a conscious part of his group, and a vibrant point in a center in the body of aFire, 742:reason we have not considered specifically the group of Agnishvattas, Kumaras and Rudras connectedFire, 750:sufficiently evolved, or, via his Ego, of his group force; when very highly developed he canFire, 750:a different type of force, which blends with his group, or Ray, force, and produces significantFire, 751:levels the adept works altogether as a part of a group, and not as a separated Identity, as doesFire, 752:aware of the full extent of this planetary group influence, and [753] of his part in the greatFire, 758:the necessary endurance. Naturally, the first group will be the largest, for it does notFire, 758:and of disaster to the unit involved. The second group will be less numerous, and the last groupFire, 758:second group will be less numerous, and the last group will involve only a handful, or two or threeFire, 768:the lower Pitris are also working on theirs; one group is producing the nucleus of the egoic body,Fire, 769:together, and each of them forms part of a group. These groups in their turn form part of a vasterFire, 770:just as the Master can (by [770] studying the group or larger lotus of which He is a part),Fire, 770:by desire, of the Life animating a man's egoic group. Third, on impulse, based on the desire of theFire, 770:As identification of a man with his group becomes matured the desire impulse becomes modified untilFire, 770:modified until it is eventually superseded by group will. If these facts are pondered upon it willFire, 770:therefore not singly but according to group urge, and thus collectively. This is the basis ofFire, 770:urge, which is, of course, a reaction to group urge, is the result of personal karma. Hence, thoughFire, 770:brain, and is, therefore, unable to think in group terms. This egoic impulse in any group or anyFire, 770:think in group terms. This egoic impulse in any group or any group unit makes itself felt as aFire, 770:terms. This egoic impulse in any group or any group unit makes itself felt as a pulsation, orFire, 771:Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals From the group center, therefore, emanates an urge toFire, 771:activity, and this spreads throughout the group lotus until the units who respond to thatFire, 774:are galvanized into activity (according to the group affected) the vibration is increased, and aFire, 776:as the result of incarnation. The particular group of manasadevas who form the causal body of theFire, 777:solar Pitris where man is concerned. Where the group, and not the individual, is concerned, theirFire, 777:egoic units in their groups, and of making them group conscious, but this is only possible towardsFire, 777:stages of evolution when the work of the highest group of Agnishvattas is in order. The middleFire, 777:group of Agnishvattas is in order. The middle group who form the nine petals are always the mostFire, 777:active. They work in connection with the lower group who are the direct transmitters of energy toFire, 777:atomic triangle, receiving it from the middle group. More of their work it is not possible toFire, 777:the central list of schemes the middle and lower group of Agnishvattas are active. In the othersFire, 777:are active. In the others the higher group and middle group hold sway as these planets are the mostFire, 777:In the others the higher group and middle group hold sway as these planets are the most occult andFire, 777:egos who are on the Path, and who are therefore group-active. In connection with Uranus, NeptuneFire, 780:with man, as triple in their ranks: The highest group of all receives the energy from the higherFire, 780:of the three permanent atoms. The second group, being the positive energy that attracts, builds andFire, 780:the body of man on the three planes. The lowest group are the negative aspect of energizedFire, 782:it [782] otherwise: the response of the highest group of lunar Pitris to the chord of the Ego. ThisFire, 782:plane involved. This concerns the second group of Pitris, whose function it is to gather togetherFire, 782:the place of "substance and essence." This third group of Pitris is really not correctly termedFire, 782:lunar Pitris are those of the first and highest group, for they embody one aspect of theFire, 782:of Brahma, or of God-in-substance. The third group are literally the lesser Builders, and are blindFire, 783:deal may become apparent anent a very important group of deva workers. They are a group who onlyFire, 783:very important group of deva workers. They are a group who only come into manifestation as aFire, 785:is marked by the active cooperation of another group of Pitris, termed "The Pitris of Vitality" inFire, 785:of Vitality" in connection with the others. Group after group [786] cooperate, for the three mainFire, 785:in connection with the others. Group after group [786] cooperate, for the three main bodies areFire, 789:the result of different forces, and primarily of group force. It is predominantly marked by an actFire, 789:reflex action, and is based on the force of the group of etheric centers through which man (as anFire, 791:produces a very definite effect upon the lower group of lunar Pitris, and is one of the meansFire, 792:groups. One Brahmic moment - Concerns an egoic group, and its relation to the whole. These are theFire, 796:If the radiatory effect of a human being or of a group of human beings upon each other is as yetFire, 797:system, planetary scheme, planetary chain, egoic group or individual egoic life) the true nature orFire, 797:is to be found the clue to the "egoic family or group." With this clue the student can thenFire, 797:can then ascertain the characteristics of his group on egoic levels, its place among other egoicFire, 797:other egoic groups, and eventually his ray or group center. As time elapses, the true study ofFire, 798:of life. Men will be true to their group affiliations, and the present misgrouping and mismatingFire, 799:finds a place. In the human atom this means his group force or influence. The life influence of theFire, 799:of the particular center in which his egoic group has a place, and the type of energy which itFire, 800:which governs the reaction of the atom to its group life, and which enables the quality of its lifeFire, 802:conscious response, and produce aggregations or group activity. The liberation from karma aboutFire, 802:sensation), and its conscious acquiescence in group response and work. It marks the dissociation ofFire, 802:of his greater whole, or the life of the egoic group - a center in the planetary body. It involvesFire, 802:he is still nevertheless controlled by the group karma of the planetary center, by its influence,Fire, 803:in the aggregate of lives which form his egoic group, by the aggregate of groups which form oneFire, 804:setting of circumstances outside human and even group control, which illustrates the helplessnessFire, 808:Ego on the mental plane in cooperation with its group or groups. In the first case, we have theFire, 808:on its own plane; in the third case, we have a group realization, or the entrance by the unit intoFire, 810:the physical brain a conscious realization of group affiliations on the mental plane, a consciousFire, 810:on the mental plane, a conscious recognition of group relationships, ideals and goal, and aFire, 810:of lesser lives, dependent upon him for their group nature, for their type of activity, andFire, 813:the emotional nature of [813] humanity, to the group relationships involved, and to the interactionFire, 813:of citizenship - a citizenship based upon egoic group relations, the law of rebirth, and the realFire, 821:and to the carrying out of His purposes in group work. Each of these three groups of petals comeFire, 821:of the three circles of petals, and each group has also a special influence upon the particularFire, 832:through the conscious effort of the Ego in group service. The pull of the lower nature isFire, 836:up the lesser builders and devas return to their group soul. Certain of them, those who form theFire, 841:to provide vehicles for those of their own group. The lotuses of Brahman, in which the second petalFire, 841:lately in America. Primary lotuses. These are a group of special interest brought in under theFire, 841:and fifth subraces of this root-race. They are a group a good deal more advanced than the earlierFire, 842:Lords who embody this type are linked with a group of lunar Lords who respond magnetically to theFire, 842:bulk of the Monads of Love are among this large group and they are to be seen incarnating in theFire, 845:ever in three groups of forces, and again as one group when synthesized during the process ofFire, 849:(causal consciousness) and know the varying group "keys," the group tones and colors. It will
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