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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 44 of 83)


Fire, 849:and know the varying group "keys," the group tones and colors. It will consequently be apparent toFire, 852:of disciples, and of all who have to wait for group, and not individual, urge for the fulfilment ofFire, 852:time period, and method of the appearance in any group of planetary egos, of newly born lotus buds,Fire, 853:are the Earth humanity, along with the second group. Egos who have individualized during theFire, 854:with the deva kingdom, or to produce certain group results desired by the planetary Logos. TheyFire, 854:would be likely to have upon: Other Egos in his group. The solar Pitris who are the substance ofFire, 854:The solar Pitris who are the substance of the group. The lunar Pitris, who are linked with theFire, 854:when in physical manifestation, but nevertheless group separation is to be seen. These groups areFire, 855:their analogies on other schemes). The Master's group. These egoic lotuses are all organized, andFire, 856:Their type, Their key number, The particular group of lunar Lords who are concerned with thoseFire, 856:petal unfoldment. The history of any particular group of solar Angels concerned with the formationFire, 856:substance out of which the lotus is constructed. Group relationships. This information is used byFire, 856:Egos who are consciously working with their group. The consciousness record. This concerns theFire, 857:in such a way that the entire record of any group, however vast and extensive, is embodied in sevenFire, 857:by the Chohan responsible for the particular group involved. Fire, 858:left to the stimulation emanating from his group centers, and to the ordinary driving forceFire, 861:of the etheric centers of any particular group of men form the force centers or minute "energyFire, 861:"energy units" in the larger petals of their group center. These again form petals in someFire, 867:and powers, latent in his own Ego and egoic group. It is the Hall wherein he gains the right to useFire, 867:he gains the right to use the force of the egoic group, for he can now be trusted to wield it onlyFire, 869:the Mahachohan, of the Chohan of a man's egoic group, and the particular Ego concerned. TheFire, 869:force and energy of the Mahachohan. The third group of solar Pitris affected. Love Petals - SecondFire, 869:by the force of the Bodhisattva. The second group of solar Lords affected. Will or Sacrifice PetalsFire, 869:by the force and energy of the Manu. The first group of solar Angels affected. At the stage whichFire, 870:of the man) of an intelligent recognition of his group relationships on earth. This recognition isFire, 870:union worker displays, but it is indicative of group interplay. Fire, 870:of the lower self. This brings us to the third group of petals or to the unfolding of the will orFire, 870:purpose and pure love. The force in this group calls in a different factor, that of the Manu, asFire, 871:based on: Inherent energy, Absorbed energy, Group energy, Material energy or that which is hiddenFire, 871:in social relations, in family and other group affiliations. [872] He comes to the true recognitionFire, 874:as in connection with the Buddhas of Action. One group might be considered the divine Carpenters ofFire, 877:his recognition of the esoteric purpose of his group, and of the planetary existences. As itFire, 879:in thinking of the Pitris, he must ever think in group terms. The Pitris who formed the egoic bodyFire, 881:interplay between all forms, great and small, of group relationships, of the galvanizing power ofFire, 882:end all that is. These angels are a mysterious group of fohatic Lives Who sound forth the [883]Fire, 890:but are on the evolutionary arc as are the first group. The recipients of force, the sumtotal ofFire, 892:in connection with this particular lowest group. A beautiful diamond, a stately tree, or a fish inFire, 894:via the second globe in the second chain. A group of special devas (connected with a particularFire, 895:engenders. Second. Many devas pass out of the group of passive lives in the effort to becomeFire, 902:the goal for them is to enter into that higher group of devas which we call the gaseous or fireFire, 902:withdrawal or segregation of the unit from the group (called individualization in man, andFire, 902:amalgamation of the unit with a newer or higher group, this we call condensation for the devas ofFire, 902:initiation in man; finally, the sacrifice of the group of human or deva atoms to the good of theFire, 903:will eventually form part of the gaseous fiery group and become those fires which are the basis ofFire, 904:under the manipulatory devas of this extensive group, we are dealing with the devas of fire, andFire, 904:of forms. Certain of the subdivisions of this group are known to students, such as: TheFire, 904:in the flames of a furnace or of a volcano; this group can be subdivided into four groups accordingFire, 905:into contact with the human vibration of a group of fiery deva lives hitherto uncontacted. Just asFire, 908:are producing upon man. These are a peculiar group of Agnichaitans who have reached a stage ofFire, 908:permits of their being separated off from their group into a group connected with a certain fire inFire, 908:being separated off from their group into a group connected with a certain fire in man's bodies.Fire, 910:in groups, and not as individuals, though each group is composed of units, and has nothing of theFire, 910:has nothing of the nature of the involutionary group soul. The group soul on the involutionary pathFire, 910:the nature of the involutionary group soul. The group soul on the involutionary path and that uponFire, 913:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals Each group of devas has some specific method ofFire, 914:with that of the human family. There is another group of devas about which much may not as yet beFire, 914:being only twelve. Four work in the violet group, five in the green group, and two in the white,Fire, 914:Four work in the violet group, five in the green group, and two in the white, with a presidingFire, 914:stands for perfection in the deva kingdom. This group presides over the three earlier enumerated.Fire, 914:Certain subsidiary groups are found. Under group 1 are found all the elementals working with theFire, 914:pass into the deva kingdom of violet hue. Under group 2 work the fairies of plant life, the elvesFire, 915:to talismans and to stones, and also a special group to be found around the habitations of theFire, 915:of the Masters wherever situated. Under group 3 work the elementals of the air and the sea, theFire, 915:is concerned - into two main groups. Each group is represented on each of the four subplanes, andFire, 915:of prana to all forms of life; they are a group of intermediary devas, and may be regarded as theFire, 919:main groups, we did not touch upon that great group of Builders who are called esoterically "ThoseFire, 920:Systemically they fall into three groups: Group 1 includes those transmitters of the Word who areFire, 920:subplanes of the plane Adi, or the logoic plane. Group 2 comprises those great builders whoFire, 920:planes, the monadic, the atmic and the buddhic. Group 3 is formed of those who carry on a similarFire, 924:dark and unrevealing, of the Godhead. This group of transmitters are responsible for threeFire, 928:manifest its purpose and its nature. A third group [929] of devas from the logoic throat centerFire, 929:out an individual concept at the expense of the group, great or small. This apparent defect,Fire, 929:the purpose and plan of the Intelligence of his group. He will awaken to the beauty of that planFire, 929:swept hither and thither by the energy of his group, but will become a positive, active potentFire, 931:of the dense physical body. This second group are spoken of as the "seeing elementals," for theyFire, 931:of the human vehicle. This is the highest group of lesser builders, who are highly specialized.Fire, 932:liquid substance, whilst the earlier mentioned group work with the gaseous devas. A hint is hereFire, 932:of all animal etheric forms. These are a group closely allied with those who build the human form.Fire, 934:of all that man creates. These are a special group of etheric builders who, under karma, are forcedFire, 935:They exist, therefore, in four groups, and each group has a curious karmic relation to one of theFire, 935:relation to one of the four kingdoms in nature: Group - Plane - Kingdom. First - One - Human.Fire, 939:devas of the permanent atoms. This particular group of devas are the aggregate of the lives whoFire, 939:very highest type of building devas, and form a group of lives which are closely allied to theFire, 940:can be seen in: The triads of the involutionary group soul. The appearance of triple natured man inFire, 941:the causal periphery. We can now consider the group of builders who, responding to the note of theFire, 941:and to the initial vibration of the second group of builders concerned with the triple lower self,Fire, 942:of one of the Lords of Karma from the lowest group. These Lords are to be found in three groups,Fire, 942:in three groups, and a Lord out of the third group has the work of superintending the builders ofFire, 943:directly in touch with an agent of the sixth group and of the fourth. Through these two the workFire, 944:elementals. The strictly dense elementals. One group concerns itself with the fiery channels, withFire, 944:to be found within the human periphery. Another group [945] is to be seen working in connectionFire, 945:agents, The karmic agents, but they come under: Group karma and vibration which will sweep inFire, 945:karma and vibration which will sweep in another group of agencies and builders, and thus affect aFire, 946:by the gales of circumstance; the press of group and racial karma will force him into situationsFire, 950:individuals, who thus break away from blind group activity, and become conscious centers of forceFire, 951:of two groups of lunar lords) that the third group of lunar entities who construct the mental bodyFire, 954:around the sun, will tend to approximate a group center. Thought energy, which now emanates fromFire, 954:towards the creation of that desired by the group, and not solely towards that desired by the unit.Fire, 954:antagonism that all constructive thinkers and group workers encounter. The stream of energy whichFire, 955:personal aspect, and the faculty of working in group form, each thought being sent upon the
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