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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 45 of 83)


Fire, 955:and unconscious of that which is higher and of group activity. This clear vision brings about anFire, 955:an ability to lose sight of self interest in group interest, and thus cooperate with the plan, andFire, 956:then cooperate in the work of some particular group of Nirmanakayas. This is succeeded by aFire, 970:its utilitarian purposes, and its value to the group in the service of humanity, the man hasFire, 971:with which we have earlier dealt. The secondary group of Sephiroth find their analogy in the workFire, 976:of independent action, except through cumulative group work. Until matter of the three higherFire, 977:to the impulses of others, and therefore to group thought forms. It will be apparent, therefore,Fire, 978:for Them if the interplay between units of the group is steady and uninterrupted. One of the mostFire, 978:One of the most frequent causes of difficulty in group work and consequent arrest of the inflow ofFire, 978:mention these three factors for this question of group work is of vital importance and much isFire, 985:for motive that which will be of benefit to the group for whom he is expending his energy and time.Fire, 986:therefore of all that is. He works [986] through group centers and vital points of energy, and fromFire, 987:and is himself under the direction of certain group Heads.. For instance, the Brothers of the WhiteFire, 997:into cooperation with his purposes. The second group will carry the work on down to the plane ofFire, 997:manifestation becomes possible. The third group of rules will deal with the physical plane, withFire, 1013:ensue as a voluntary offering to the good of the group or planetary existence, but identificationFire, 1018:other is revealed to him when he has achieved group consciousness. [1019] The formula for theFire, 1021:of the forms and mantrams by which the new group of builders can be reached, and the gap betweenFire, 1032:is likewise felt, but until the nature of the group soul is more apprehended, and the quality ofFire, 1033:bud, the lives of the petals, and the triple group of lives who form the three permanent atoms) isFire, 1034:of consciousness, and of time. It is unified group consciousness - "I am That," the activity ofFire, 1037:possible and that it concerns primarily that group of adepts who are on that particular line ofFire, 1040:and the modification produced on them by their group activity. This causes progression andFire, 1042:of the human being, and his initiations, we group them under the second "Law of Monadic Return."Fire, 1045:is brought about by the effect of its group activity, or the motion of the form modifying its ownFire, 1045:progressively forward by the influence of its group, or the potent activity of the Heavenly Man inFire, 1048:impulse which forces the individual atom towards group determination, and is the secret of theFire, 1048:realization of the nature of the all-enclosing group, the solar atom. 9 1. The Names of the SunFire, 1048:interplay, modified by the Life of the planetary group, or Heavenly Man, pursued through longFire, 1051:They are: [1051] His Ray vibration, his monadic group. His subray vibration, or the vibration ofFire, 1051:subray vibration, or the vibration of the egoic group. His personality affiliations, such as hisFire, 1058:man as yet to master his own dharma, to fulfil group karma, and to dominate what is called "hisFire, 1065:hinted at in the ambiguous term "self-conscious group realization." Fire, 1071:Students will eventually ascertain how to group the various types in the different kingdomsFire, 1080:now) we have the cyclic appearance of a whole group of human units who have a definite karmicFire, 1083:other kingdoms are concerned with groups. When a group is known, the nature, vibration, and rhythmFire, 1083:vibration, and rhythm of the atom within that group is immediately apparent. Fire, 1085:stars and starry systems. A cosmic wheel, or a group of seven constellations. These are groupedFire, 1086:limited consciousness the general nature of the group of constellations, and the force occasionallyFire, 1089:They refused to incarnate because of internal group conditions brought about through theFire, 1091:the fifth kingdom has been passed through, and group consciousness is merging in that of theFire, 1092:planetary wheel, which concerns the particular group of Monads incarnating in a particular scheme,Fire, 1098:order" and have a close connection with that group of cosmic Lives who (through the impress ofFire, 1098:system is a system of the fourth order. This group of Lives is manipulated and controlled, in theFire, 1100:of logoic purpose, which is that of the fourth group. It might be expressed otherwise: "When all isFire, 1101:who is the coherent [1101] life of the mental group body. These two groups concern the Not-Self,Fire, 1105:as the human monads compose those centers, each group will have its own "activity" problems, willFire, 1113:expresses this truth about an interesting group of sons of manas as follows: "These Sons of mindFire, 1113:in upon the knowledge petals from the egoic group, or from the aggregated knowledge petals of allFire, 1113:knowledge petals of all the other lotuses in the group affiliated with any particular solar Angel.Fire, 1121:in a threefold manner: First, they cause the group of "wheels" or centers on each plane (or in eachFire, 1122:lower planes) are radiant wheels of fire, each group distinguished by a specific color, andFire, 1123:the duality of the microcosmic manifestation: Group I. The Knowledge Petals. The knowledge petal inFire, 1123:The alta major center. The physical brain. Group II. The Love Petals. The love petal in eachFire, 1124:about similar results by means of the first group, only with the exception that he cannot align theFire, 1125:to the unfolding of the second Aspect. The first group of alignments, when not balanced by theFire, 1125:of alignments, when not balanced by the second group, is the line of the black magician; it willFire, 1127:the lines of alignment of the [1127] third group which eventually transcends the other two, andFire, 1127:final illumination and liberation of the man. Group III. The sacrifice Petals. The sacrifice petalsFire, 1128:lies hidden, and to make his energy felt in the group and place where he finds himself. TheFire, 1130:coordination of the sheath, the major with the group coordination or the interrelation of oneFire, 1132:three kingdoms of nature with their immediate group soul, and their continued manifestation in anyFire, 1132:disciple, or man on the path, to his immediate group, and the laws which govern his reappearance inFire, 1132:Fifth, the relation of a planetary Spirit to His group of planets, and the processes of man'sFire, 1132:of the informing Life of a solar system to the group of constellations of which He forms part, andFire, 1135:animals which individualize, passing out of the group soul into separated identity. These types ofFire, 1136:or appearance on the physical plane, is ever group manifestation and not the appearance ofFire, 1136:and not the appearance of separated units. Each group soul, as it is called, is divided into sevenFire, 1136:units of the human kingdom. When portions of the group soul in one of its seven parts are out ofFire, 1136:on the astral plane, even though the Mother group soul is found on the mental plane. Human units ofFire, 1137:to incarnation from mental levels. [1137] Each group soul, therefore, subjectively forms a triangleFire, 1137:astral plane. The third point for the mineral group-soul is found on the second subplane of theFire, 1137:the fact that a center of force for the animal group soul is found on the fourth subplane of theFire, 1137:2. 3. Three groups of superhuman existence: The group forming the Father aspect of which little canFire, 1137:of which little can here be predicated. The group of seven planetary Logoi. The group of seven rajaFire, 1137:The group of seven planetary Logoi. The group of seven raja devas, or the life of each of theFire, 1137:or the life of each of the physical planes. 4. A group of solar lives who are the manasaputras orFire, 1137:medium of the three lower kingdoms. The fourth group is the most important in some ways during theFire, 1138:The three lower groups are tamasic. The fourth group, or human, is rajasic. Again, the three higherFire, 1138:factors in logoic existence. The fourth group, the human, is energized by the force of the fourthFire, 1138:give the name of buddhic energy, and this fourth group has, therefore, the problem of bringingFire, 1138:and permits of their passing into the higher group. The elemental group souls find correspondencesFire, 1138:passing into the higher group. The elemental group souls find correspondences in the higher -Fire, 1138:and finally in the three aspects. Elemental group - animal kingdom - Sattvic - Solar Logos -Fire, 1138:- Solar Logos - Uranus. Father aspect. Elemental group - vegetable kingdom - Rajasic - PlanetaryFire, 1138:Planetary Logoi - Neptune. Son aspect. Elemental group - mineral kingdom - Tamasic - Plane devas -Fire, 1139:Motion on the Plane of Mind The fourth or human group, unites all three lives. The periodicFire, 1139:in one or other of the seven groups of each group soul in a very slow alternation. The cyclesFire, 1141:aggregate of these forces in any kingdom, any group or any unit to bring about the consummation ofFire, 1142:medium of three representatives. These form a group around the solar Logos, and hold to Him aFire, 1143:His cyclic problem. Those who (under the first group) control the destiny of a chain. Those who areFire, 1143:subraces and branch race. A nation, a family, a group, and their correspondences in all theFire, 1145:the key of each unit, and its place in the great group of transitional points. These latter unitsFire, 1145:the Hall of Records and there read a peculiar group of documents dealing with planetaryFire, 1146:appeared as man, and thus initiated a particular group. Their descendants can be seen in theFire, 1147:They implanted a germ of mind in the secondary group of animal-men who were ready forFire, 1147:who were ready for individualization. This group, for a long time, was unable to express itself,Fire, 1148:of incarnation, the unit is governed mainly by group appearance, and comes into incarnation withFire, 1148:appearance, and comes into incarnation with his group. As time progresses and his own will orFire, 1148:himself into manifestation independently of his group, as will other group units, and this leads to
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