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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

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Glamour, 226:work apart but with the idea of the work being group work firmly realized and with a steadyGlamour, 226:a steady recognition of the members who form the group body. This is necessary both for theGlamour, 226:that the work is done at some definite planned group meeting, even if this entails quite drasticGlamour, 226:members. I advise that some glamor which all the group members recognize as a major hindrance toGlamour, 226:of humanity be one of the first handled by the group. I would also advise that in the early stagesGlamour, 226:goes on and facility in the work is gained, the group can pass to the more difficult tasks andGlamour, 226:is surely needless for me to point out that the group members be but those who are endeavoring toGlamour, 226:free from glamor. I would also add that if a group member is in the thick of glamor himself and isGlamour, 227:with it, he should abstain [227] from the group work until he has freed himself with the aid of theGlamour, 227:most success. I would also remind you that the group will need to protect itself from the glamor orGlamour, 227:Stages. The Use of the Protective Formula. Group Formula for the Dissipation of Glamor. The workGlamour, 227:greatly facilitate the preparatory work of the group. You will note that in outlining to you thisGlamour, 227:to the type of room, to the position of the group members, to posture assumed, to the use ofGlamour, 228:on. All that is needed as a preface to this group work is ten minutes of complete silence in whichGlamour, 228:is ten minutes of complete silence in which the group members attempt to set up that magnetic fieldGlamour, 228:the rest of the work possible. The leader of the group (chosen in rotation so that all the membersGlamour, 228:in rotation so that all the members of the group occupy that position) starts the work by callingGlamour, 228:starts the work by calling the names of the group members and as each name is called, the otherGlamour, 228:members and as each name is called, the other group members look directly into the eyes of the oneGlamour, 228:established this interlocking relationship, the group sits in silence for ten minutes. This is doneGlamour, 229:time, the leader names the glamor with which the group is to be occupied. There will be noGlamour, 229:dissension anent the glamor at the time of the group meeting because the group members - outsideGlamour, 229:at the time of the group meeting because the group members - outside the meetings and for a monthGlamour, 229:and effects - psychological, individual, group and national, and also its widespread influence overGlamour, 229:over humanity as a whole. The experience of the group in this type of work will determine theGlamour, 229:As I earlier pointed out, the inexperienced group of workers will begin by dealing with one of theGlamour, 229:called the Act of Naming, because both the group members and also the glamor are named. Glamour, 229:Formula is very simple. The members of the group will say in unison: "As a soul I work in light andGlamour, 230:[230] As they say this, each person in the group makes the sign of the Cross by touching the centerGlamour, 230:in reality the third Aspect. The Cross which the group will make is the Cross of Christ and of theGlamour, 230:and of soul light. This is carried forward as a group, each member making his contribution andGlamour, 230:into one sphere of light. 4. Then the group says in unison, at a signal from the leader: [231] "TheGlamour, 231:OM - O M - OM The processes of individual and group alignment and integration can now be regardedGlamour, 231:because OM is first of all sounded forth by the group soul (the realized unity of the souls of allGlamour, 231:soul (the realized unity of the souls of all the group members) and then as the soul upon theGlamour, 231:to you that much depends upon the ability of the group members to visualize clearly as well as toGlamour, 231:At the close of these three stages, the group members are united as souls insulated against theGlamour, 232:which has been brought into relation with the group by the very act of naming it. I am going intoGlamour, 232:which precedes the formal work) for the group members will get used to working together and willGlamour, 232:Formula 5. Then together and in vocal unison the group says: "Radiance we are and power. We standGlamour, 232:the darkness into day." As they say this, the group visualizes the turning of the great searchlightGlamour, 233:follows a pause for a few minutes in which the group attempts to throw behind the searchlight theirGlamour, 233:and the dedication of the individual and group will to the will of God. This is called the Act ofGlamour, 233:of Will and is carried on by each member of the group silently and with a deep realization that allGlamour, 233:that all are thus accepted and that it is the group will which is being silently focused. ThenGlamour, 234:an important aspect of the work in which the group members visualize the gradual dissipation andGlamour, 234:of silence and intensity of purpose while the group waits for the work instituted to go forward.Glamour, 234:work instituted to go forward. Then follows the group withdrawal of its consciousness from theGlamour, 234:the astral plane and the world of glamor. The group members refocus their attention first of all onGlamour, 234:carried forward. They reorganize themselves as a group in relation to the kingdom of souls and toGlamour, 234:Act of Withdrawal. 10. The OM is then sounded in group formation; and then, in order to emphasizeGlamour, 234:and then, in order to emphasize that the group work is ended, each member of the group sounds theGlamour, 234:that the group work is ended, each member of the group sounds the OM alone, saying: "So let it be,Glamour, 237:the Dissipation of World Glamor (Technique for a Group) The Preparatory Stages The naming of theGlamour, 237:Group) The Preparatory Stages The naming of the group members, followed by ten minutes' silence.Glamour, 237:minutes' silence. The Protective Formula: The group members say in unison: [238] "As a soul I workGlamour, 238:I never move." As these words are uttered, each group member makes the sign of the Cross ofGlamour, 238:soul light. On a signal from the leader, the group says together: "The light is one and in thatGlamour, 238:day." OM - OM - OM The Formula Then together the group says: "Radiance are we and power. We standGlamour, 239:into day." [239] As these words are said, the group members visualize the great searchlight theyGlamour, 239:the spiritual will. When this has been done the group says: "With power upon its beam, the light isGlamour, 239:whilst the work is seen proceeding. Then the group members refocus themselves upon the mentalGlamour, 239:and aloud by each member. Brief Form of the Group Formula The Act of Naming. The Act of Protection.Glamour, 251:the trained initiate works when dealing with a group of people or with an individual. The left eye,Glamour, 260:are playing, and playing now. Every spiritual group has its own tune (if I may employ soGlamour, 271:by the soul and this, in practice, connotes group realization, group work, group service andGlamour, 271:this, in practice, connotes group realization, group work, group service and eventually groupGlamour, 271:connotes group realization, group work, group service and eventually group initiation. With theseGlamour, 271:group work, group service and eventually group initiation. With these developments, it is not myHealing, 6:order to make them more efficient healers. It is group healing at which I aim, and it is the workHealing, 6:which interests me at this time. But no group of people can work as a unit unless they love andHealing, 6:the spiritual Hierarchy cannot flow through the group if there is disharmony and criticism. TheHealing, 6:and criticism. The first work, therefore, of any group of healers, is to establish themselves inHealing, 6:establish themselves in love and to work towards group unity and understanding. I would like toHealing, 6:out here the need for patience as a healing group integrates and the auras of the group membersHealing, 6:a healing group integrates and the auras of the group members blend. It takes a little time forHealing, 6:a one-pointedness which will produce the needed group rhythm - a rhythm of such unity and intensityHealing, 6:these lines must train themselves to think as a group, and to give to the group (without aHealing, 6:to think as a group, and to give to the group (without a niggardly or reticent spirit) the bestHealing, 7:light on the problems which confront a healing group. That which I have to say will fall into twoHealing, 15:The psychological causes. Causes emanating from group life. Our karmic liabilities, the karmicHealing, 18:which may be due to personal negligence, group happenings, the carelessness of other people, andHealing, 19:very briefly, under the section dealing with group life and its predisposing causes of disease.Healing, 19:some subtle body or other, or in the results of group disease, etc. The ills growing out ofHealing, 23:major heading on the diseases emanating from the group. [24] Healing, 24:not the first. The reason for this is that the group ills and diseases which have fastened upon theHealing, 25:We must, however, eliminate those ills which are group ills and which have swept into and throughHealing, 25:in the ill health of the individual, just as group ills and the sweep of epidemics of any kindHealing, 26:conditions, or to inherited tendencies, or to group distribution. [27] To know whether the diseaseHealing, 27:the healer's link with a Master and the Master's group, plus the earned right to call upon thatHealing, 27:group, plus the earned right to call upon that group for energy on behalf of the patient - a thingHealing, 28:that it is a great and good and self-sacrificing group within the human family, is equally true.Healing, 28:of the past, both individually and as a group, and in so doing to clear his physical body of theHealing, 28:be borne in mind that many diseases are of a group [29] nature, and are consequently inherent inHealing, 29:the woods can note, so germs - individual and group - today devastate and destroy the humanHealing, 30:those tainted streams of energy which are of group origin. Thirdly, he shares with all the naturalHealing, 30:are but secondary laws. They are the laws of group life and they govern the kingdoms of nature andHealing, 31:found in the world today is almost entirely of group origin, is inherited, is the result ofHealing, 32:in nature; they are inherited through group contact; and they are karmic. Remember, however, thatHealing, 35:With the disciples of the world, we find a group of men and women coming under the control of soul
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