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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 52 of 83)


Healing, 392:the identity or the significance to him of the group of souls in bodies with which he finds himselfHealing, 418:of the atom, Man, of the Heavenly Man or group, and of the Logos or the Totality) comes a period ofHealing, 429:will withdraw from the body via the head. The group soul of all forms in the animal kingdom - underHealing, 430:the following triplicity is of importance: The group soul The solar plexus The spleen or pranicHealing, 439:this ordered process of detachment, which the group life makes effective in the case of theHealing, 447:which, when set in motion in an individual, in a group, in a nation, in a kingdom of nature (aHealing, 448:but an enforced participation in a great group abstraction. From its own place, the soul of theHealing, 450:evocation of the Will"... The disciple finds his group in the Master's Ashram and consciously andHealing, 471:may not be involved at all, and reasons of group conditioning and of great obscurity may lie behindHealing, 472:about the Law of [472] Karma, about karmic group involvement, or about relationships andHealing, 492:contact. It can be accepted as a fact that the group idea governs subjectively all incarnations,Healing, 492:for physical plane experience, but also under group impulse and in line with the group karma asHealing, 492:also under group impulse and in line with the group karma as well as with his own. This is a pointHealing, 493:are not unique to me and you, but also for the group; within the group they relate one to the otherHealing, 493:me and you, but also for the group; within the group they relate one to the other in time andHealing, 493:indicates as possessing a constant part in the group experience of which he is an element,Healing, 496:soul. They may also provide a measure of group relationship, where the soul experience is long andHealing, 496:where the soul experience is long and a true group relation has been established. These twoHealing, 501:an act of his spiritual will or in response to group karma or to national or planetary karma.Healing, 521:and those which are incurred through his group relationship, environal, national or planetary. IHealing, 523:The Laws of the Soul - the blending laws of group integrity. The Laws of Life - the dynamic laws ofHealing, 528:to it, that the moving forward of a large group out of the ranks of average humanity on to the PathHealing, 532:those tainted streams of energy which are of group origin; third, he shares with all the naturalHealing, 535:Rule Six The healer or the healing group must keep the will in leash. It is not will that must beHealing, 543:those tainted streams of energy which are of group origin; third, he shares with all natural formsHealing, 544:those tainted streams of energy which are of group origin. His sharing with all natural forms thatHealing, 544:is that disease has its roots in the past (a group past or an individual past) and may, in the lastHealing, 561:state of irritation against a person or a group, or again where the sense of being abused isHealing, 563:or developed as a result of environing group, national or planetary karma. There is no ruleHealing, 586:kingdoms) will begin to appear, and men, in group formation, will consciously begin this work ofHealing, 633:prevents a similar attitude in the orthodox group, plus the realization that even the spiritualHealing, 643:this Rule, divide healers into two groups: one group wielding the vital etheric fluid which we callHealing, 643:fluid which we call prana, and the second group working on a much higher level and employing anHealing, 647:death. Other healers, not as few as in the above group but relatively few, work in cooperation withHealing, 663:be brought about through the medium of the New Group of World Servers and by the men of goodwill,Healing, 667:to humanity. According to the type of man or group who responded or reacted to this contact, soHealing, 667:men also emerged, such as Hitler and the group he gathered around him, bringing much evil upon theHealing, 667:been paralleled by the appearance of the New Group of World Servers and by the preparation whichHealing, 672:not. It says: Rule Six The healer or the healing group must keep the will in leash. It is not willHealing, 676:is a dynamic energy having predominantly a group effect; for this reason, the higher initiatesHealing, 686:right fulfilment, he is beginning to comprehend group work (as the Masters comprehend it) and to doHealing, 686:the fulfilment of all duty, and a sharing in group dharma are all blended in his consciousness andHealing, 709:Knowing the note to which the fourth great group reacts and linking it to the great Creative Nine,Hercules, 2:upon their way. And as these centuries passed, a group of men emerged who slowly turned the otherHercules, 6:goal before humanity as a whole, whose ultimate group achievement will be brought about by the manyHercules, 9:be sacrificed intelligently to the good of the group. He discovers likewise that personal greed hasHercules, 9:give place to spiritual confidence, cooperation, group awareness and selflessness. This is theHercules, 22:truth contrary to the conviction of a particular group of believers. When Hercules had recoveredHercules, 23:which would indicate his right to join the great group of Immortals, were outlined to him and heHercules, 32:coming from the world of souls, and to vision group ends and group objectives. Now he has to learnHercules, 32:the world of souls, and to vision group ends and group objectives. Now he has to learn to use theHercules, 43:unit against the whole, individuality versus the group, selfishness instead of universal interest.Hercules, 45:chart it will be observed that the little group of stars called Pleiades are represented just atHercules, 45:appropriate symbol for this little star-group." (The Zodiac: A Life Epitome, Walter H. Sampson, p.Hercules, 48:as having been given him for the good of the group and to be rightly used for the benefit of theHercules, 50:but not of the soul on its own plane, where group realities and universal truths constitute itsHercules, 50:divided from the mainland, the symbol of the group, by the world of illusion and the maze in whichHercules, 51:his separated personal island self to group purpose and endeavor, and begins to rule his life byHercules, 51:his life by the question, "What is best for the group with which I am associated?" It is by doingHercules, 53:of celibacy, and by [53] identification with group purpose, the disciple will arrive at liberationHercules, 88:and emotional, whilst Capricorn represents the group [89] which the unit consciously enters, andHercules, 89:collective animal soul; Capricorn represents the group, the universal soul. Cancer was originallyHercules, 91:have held before us the thought of the mass or group, which is the significant influence of theHercules, 92:with the mass and becomes identified with the group. He then becomes the world server in AquariusHercules, 101:significant of the numbers. It claims that the group of celestial and spiritual beings, who tookHercules, 101:into existence the human family, were the fifth group of divine lives and that they combined withinHercules, 104:Hidden in the constellation is also a vivid group of stars, called "the sickle". To the ancientHercules, 108:is, therefore, a devastating force in the family group, society, organization with which he may beHercules, 109:as Hercules was, but we form part of a great group of sun gods, who are struggling with the testsHercules, 125:Upon the way, he met with Pholos, one of a group of centaurs, known unto the gods. They stopped andHercules, 126:not his, nor yet belonged to Pholos. Unto the group of centaurs, this great cask belonged, and fromHercules, 126:met and all were present. It belonged unto the group. But Hercules and Pholos opened it in theHercules, 129:wine which was to be opened only by and for the group. A whole sermon could be preached on thatHercules, 134:methods. He is naturally inclined towards group work, and is attracted by all programs of actionHercules, 144:with sex, comfort and money. The second triune group concerns the passions of fear, hatred andHercules, 157:is within this race that there will emerge that group of aspirants, merging in their turn into aHercules, 158:of aspirants, merging in their turn into a [158] group of disciples, who will demonstrate to theHercules, 164:where your little bit of truth forms part of the group mosaic. That is all. [165] The Spirit ofHercules, 168:power, you are probably the center of your group. If you are an aspirant, if you are a disciple,Hercules, 173:the idea of the universality of world work, of group consciousness, of universal consciousness andHercules, 175:upon the path of discipleship, that perhaps the group consciousness which is beginning toHercules, 175:to demonstrate in world affairs will result in a group loneliness rather than in individualHercules, 176:focused in the heart and are conscious of the group; your feelings and desires are related to theHercules, 176:your feelings and desires are related to the group. You no longer live in the animal nature,Hercules, 177:of the initiate always, because it is based on group consciousness. The Symbol of Cerberus TheHercules, 179:really beginning to try, individually and in group formation? This is the work that makes itHercules, 185:effort for the true Aquarian master to do so. 2. Group work. This is something that we know littleHercules, 185:to be unkind, but my experience with the average group is that it is a hotbed of jealousies, peopleHercules, 185:of their self-sacrificing lives. This is not group work. [186] Group work is standing aloneHercules, 186:lives. This is not group work. [186] Group work is standing alone spiritually in the handling ofHercules, 186:know anything about it yet. Can you think of a group so united on spiritual levels that letters,Hercules, 186:between the minds of the members of the group is perfect? That is the Aquarian group and it is notHercules, 186:of the group is perfect? That is the Aquarian group and it is not with us yet. 3. Self-sacrifice.Hercules, 186:the self holy. That deals with the self of the group and the self of the individual; that is theHercules, 188:coming, in Aquarius is "I am That", I am group conscious. My self consciousness has dropped away,Hercules, 198:family from time to time, one here one there, a group here and another there, as when the BuddhaHercules, 198:The World Savior can begin as a whole with the group concept underlying the work rather thanHercules, 201:not say those who say they know. But there is a group of human beings, integrating now, who make noHercules, 201:believe that he will save the world through the group. I believe that he will work through his own;Hercules, 202:people now so that the day will come when this group will be so potent through its silent
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