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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 53 of 83)


Hercules, 202:in speeding up the evolutionary process. The New Group of World Servers Such a group as has justHercules, 202:process. The New Group of World Servers Such a group as has just been described already exists.Hercules, 202:secondly, to fit ourselves to form part of that group. The hallmark of those people is notHercules, 203:which automatically put us into the group of world servers? You will never get there by talkingHercules, 210:be intelligently sacrificed to the good of the group; he learns that personal greed has no place inHercules, 210:give place to spiritual confidence, cooperation, group awareness and selflessness. These are theHercules, 212:Polar Opposite: Aquarius. An air sign (group awareness, world service. Rulers: Exoteric andHercules, 214:Individual consciousness transmuted into group consciousness. Polar Opposite: Leo, A fire signInitiation, 22:the consciousness to be developed is that of the group, and this shows itself in the full floweringInitiation, 22:a still higher consciousness than that of the group, and becomes God-conscious. The great will orInitiation, 23:kind, and at present the race as a whole is not group conscious, and therefore cannot be trusted toInitiation, 23:be trusted to work, think, plan, and act for the group. Man is as yet too selfish, but there is noInitiation, 23:is no cause for discouragement in this fact; group consciousness is already somewhat more than aInitiation, 25:endures, and which acts ever for the good of the group; by a knowledge which has been gainedInitiation, 25:which is cooperative, adjusting itself to the group and hierarchical plan and thus fitting in withInitiation, 29:of our subject. With the Ancient of Days came a group of other highly evolved Entities, whoInitiation, 29:who represent his own individual karmic group and those Beings who are the outcome of the tripleInitiation, 29:earth humanity. Those who are now the inner group around the Lord of the World have been primarilyInitiation, 30:the minor offices beneath the central esoteric group of Six, who, with the Lord of the World, formInitiation, 38:out of race purpose, for the bringing about of group conditions, and for the furthering of theInitiation, 38:uniform realization as to the work of that great group of liberated souls who, in utterInitiation, 40:in the Council Chamber at Shamballa, there is a group of four Beings who are the representativesInitiation, 41:of: World karma, Racial karma, National karma, Group karma, Individual karma, and who areInitiation, 41:The Work of the Manu The Manu presides over group one. He is called Vaivasvata Manu, and is theInitiation, 43:The Work of the World Teacher, the Christ Group two has the World Teacher for its presiding Head.Initiation, 45:Work of the Lord of Civilization, the Mahachohan Group three has as its head the Mahachohan. HisInitiation, 45:as its head the Mahachohan. His rule over the group persists for a longer period than that of hisInitiation, 46:of the great religions through the medium of a group of Masters and initiates who direct theInitiation, 48:of initiates above the fifth initiation, and a group of devas or angels. The Blue Lodge, comprisedInitiation, 48:and fifth initiations. Below these come a large group of initiates of the first and secondInitiation, 48:Lodge members as existing in seven groups, each group representing one type of the sevenfoldInitiation, 51:of activity. A very small minority, through group karma and a willingness thus to sacrificeInitiation, 53:Masters and their Work Under the first great group of which the Manu is the Head, can be found twoInitiation, 59:form around the three great Lords an inner group, and meet in council with great frequency. On theInitiation, 59:in developing their powers for the good of the group, and in connection with certain of the devasInitiation, 61:towards the close of this century. A special group is forming amongst them now who are definitelyInitiation, 65:might be termed departmental work, forming a group of assistants to the Members of the Hierarchy. Initiation, 67:is being given at this time to a special group of people who have come into incarnation at thisInitiation, 71:A disciple is one who is beginning to comprehend group work, and to change his center of activityInitiation, 71:pivot around which everything revolves) to the group center. A disciple is one who realizesInitiation, 72:pour through him into channels through which the group can be benefited. The disciple knows himselfInitiation, 72:own egoic consciousness. As the center of his group; the force animating the units of the group andInitiation, 72:his group; the force animating the units of the group and binding them into a homogeneous whole. AInitiation, 72:rebels at being transmuted. A man's immediate group, friends, or family, who rebel at his growingInitiation, 75:Human and Solar - Chapter VIII - Discipleship Group Relationships The path of the disciple is aInitiation, 75:in a single-hearted adherence to the good of the group, with a proportionate attention to theInitiation, 76:through the karma of past lives, through group work, and through the activity of the discipleInitiation, 80:and powers latent in his own Ego and egoic group, wherein the force of the egoic group is his forInitiation, 80:and egoic group, wherein the force of the egoic group is his for the using, for he can now beInitiation, 81:and to merge their interests in the good of the group will pass away, and community of endeavor,Initiation, 83:They may, and do, by this fall injure the group, and thereby incur the karma of readjustment,Initiation, 83:through later prolonged service, wherein the group members themselves, even though unconsciously,Initiation, 83:to proceed further upon the Way. As for the group he injures, what should their attitude be? AInitiation, 83:must be added an attitude of mind within the group concerned which will lead them (whilst takingInitiation, 91:- under guidance - to employ certain forms of group energy, until the time comes when he is in aInitiation, 92:At the fourth initiation the energy of his egoic group becomes his to use for the good of planetaryInitiation, 96:we shall aid in the stimulation of still another group of planetary Egos; we shall assist in theInitiation, 109:it is a thing of great moment, involving group activity, group loyalty, and united endeavor, andInitiation, 109:thing of great moment, involving group activity, group loyalty, and united endeavor, and much mayInitiation, 110:are too occupied with greater affairs and with group activities to have any relationship with a manInitiation, 114:of the Master, of the egoic vibration and of group vibration, and through this occult sense ofInitiation, 116:likewise with many others belonging to the same group and ray, and thus it is a literal fact inInitiation, 120:in so far as it concerns: His Ego. His egoic group. His ray group. His Planetary Logos. In thisInitiation, 120:it concerns: His Ego. His egoic group. His ray group. His Planetary Logos. In this fourfoldInitiation, 120:At the second initiation the part his egoic group plays in the general scheme is shown to him. HeInitiation, 120:to him. He becomes more aware of the different group units with whom he is intrinsicallyInitiation, 120:he is given an insight into the specific group purpose, and its relation to other groups. He canInitiation, 121:[121] rapid approach to the final liberation. Group relations are consolidated, and the plans andInitiation, 121:more intelligently. As this consolidation of group relations proceeds, it produces on the physicalInitiation, 121:is therefore made aware not only of his egoic group and its intelligent purpose, but of many otherInitiation, 121:- The Two Revelations Having learned somewhat group relations, and having developed the ability toInitiation, 121:developed the ability to work with units in group formation, the initiate now learns the secret ofInitiation, 121:formation, the initiate now learns the secret of group subordination to the good of the aggregateInitiation, 124:point where he can be of service to and with his group. He sees and identifies himself - accordingInitiation, 124:- with Himself in many earlier lives. His group in earlier groups of lives. His egoic ray as itInitiation, 125:stages he sees the glory of his perfected egoic group; later the radiance which pours forth fromInitiation, 140:to know and recognize the plan for his group center, through the immensely increased stimulation.Initiation, 146:can then be transmitted from the [146] inner group to the outer. The latter confine themselves toInitiation, 146:chanting of certain formulas, and in the inner group around the Hierophant a dual performance isInitiation, 148:by certain ceremonial work of the initiated group around the newly admitted brother. It might hereInitiation, 148:first two initiations, to the initiate, via the group of initiates of the same degree, so that eachInitiation, 148:here that during this part of the ceremony the group is bathed in color, corresponding to the typeInitiation, 148:touch with this energy. This pours down upon the group from the moment that segregation has beenInitiation, 152:that form. These sounds grow out of the other group and affect inferior groups or kingdoms, if theInitiation, 157:the initiates of equal rank with his own. This group divides itself into [158] seven groups,Initiation, 158:according to subray or ray formation, and each group then chants one word in rapid rotation.Initiation, 158:which is committed to him. The more advanced group around the throne of office (the threeInitiation, 167:based on: Inherent energy. Absorbed energy. Group energy. Material energy, or that which is hiddenInitiation, 172:the records and understand his place within the group, to manipulate the forces in the three worldsInitiation, 178:factor as now. He must likewise develop group activity, and learn to work in a coordinated mannerInitiation, 189:dim and distant aeons, to the cosmic planes. One group passes directly to Sirius, and the remainingInitiation, 190:in the previous solar system, formed an esoteric group around the Logos when he decided uponInitiation, 190:for incarnation driving him on. This esoteric group remains with the Logos on the atomic, or firstInitiation, 190:to take the place of the original members of the group, permitting of their return to a cosmicInitiation, 191:entrusts the carrying out of his behests. This group, associated with the Logos, forms a specialInitiation, 191:associated with the Logos, forms a special group linked to a still higher Logos. [192] Initiation, 199:with them, and the work of their occult group. Only in group circles or in connection with theirInitiation, 199:and the work of their occult group. Only in group circles or in connection with their superiorsInitiation, 199:is a time to speak. That time comes when the group can be served by wise words, a carefulInitiation, 199:the inner life, or to some superior or group of officials, in cases where a brother may be
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