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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 54 of 83)


Initiation, 199:in cases where a brother may be hindering a group through error of some kind, or might help theInitiation, 199:through error of some kind, or might help the group if put to different work. The effect of theInitiation, 201:can only be safely undertaken at present in group work and under guidance from a teacher, theInitiation, 202:the quota of information thus gained filed for group reference. In this way much knowledge can beInitiation, 202:blend them and their unity appear. Only when the group is known and sensed can energy be wiselyInitiation, 202:initiation have to do is to find that particular group of servers to which they belong on the innerInitiation, 202:Unity of aim. Oneness of vibration. Identity in group affiliation. Karmic links of long standing.Initiation, 202:made, and the problem of working harmoniously in group alignment is not so simple as it may appear.Initiation, 203:upon his personality, so that [203] the esoteric group relation may become possible upon theInitiation, 205:and to utilize the physical vehicle so that the group may be thereby benefited and aided in itsInitiation, 205:steady conformity to that which is best for the group as emphasized by the group laws of the land,Initiation, 205:which is best for the group as emphasized by the group laws of the land, by his control and hisInitiation, 208:a subject for meditation, for study, and for group discussion. Initiation, 215:which Agni is paramountly lord. Agnichaitans A group of fire devas. Atlantis The continent that wasInitiation, 218:and ethical doctrines. Hierarchy That group of spiritual beings on the inner planes of the solarIntellect, 5:and that which can be, is not confined to either group; and the factors with which each has had toIntellect, 13:of the human unit, there emerges a group to whom we give the name of mystics. They testify toIntellect, 25:they become aware of themselves and of their group relationships; they are taught to develop powersIntellect, 45:conditions and the production of that great group of practical mystics who will eventually save theIntellect, 52:service (for that is the mode in which the group-conscious soul manifests itself) and meditation.Intellect, 68:not negate the mystical premises of the other group. It will be found, however, that the wordsIntellect, 79:which we call that of the mind. Still another group, much fewer in number, are passing into aIntellect, 80:whilst the herd instinct will be transmuted into group consciousness. A fifth instinct, namely theIntellect, 106:of the mind by the predominance of one mental group... But this 'mental unity,' realized to someIntellect, 126:He is beginning to get some realization of group relations. But more remains. Third: From theIntellect, 165:for the world [165] of the soul is the world of group awareness, and that opens up a field ofIntellect, 169:intensely responsive to it; he senses his group relations and responsibilities and feels as if heIntellect, 188:play, more clearly, perhaps, than any other group of thinkers. Shankaracharya tells us that: "TheIntellect, 202:been brought to a condition where it is group-conscious; group interplay and the interests of theIntellect, 202:to a condition where it is group-conscious; group interplay and the interests of the greatestIntellect, 241:time, all organization of general welfare and of group betterment; all religious concepts and allIntellect, 241:and ponders upon them, or passes them on to some group of thinkers, and the work of "thinkingIntellect, 241:of the thought of some thinker, or of some group of thinkers. It is a form of creative work, andIntellect, 244:that the Guides of the race are too busy with group activities and with the training of theIntellect, 245:in some school or other, made application to the group with whom I am associated. This they did,Intellect, 245:we would be happy to have them "feed" into the group some of the many hundreds they were to beIntellect, 246:and carried forward because the soul is group conscious, and it is in the nature of the soul toIntellect, 253:with Reality, he is entering into a state of group awareness, which breaks down all barriers, andIntellect, 260:in artistic endeavor, or in some expression of group activity. The tendency in modern times to findIntellect, 265:going to usher in the New Age of brotherhood and group living? Who, or what, will save the world?Intellect, 265:it not be the emergence into active being of a group of practical mystics, who, banded together inIntellect, 266:therefore, in the closest cooperation. This group is already in existence and the members of it areIntellect, 266:power of a unified realization. This integrating group of mystics and knowers is the hope of theMagic, 4:says..." "The Great Ones command..." and the group of silly sheep feebly and blindly tumble overMagic, 5:and cosmic relationships. This will include its group relationship as a preliminary step.Magic, 7:which will not be apparent to those in the first group and which will only be suspected by the moreMagic, 11:the attitude of the submersed unit in the group impulse and the inability of that unit to changeMagic, 11:with an unavoidable pressure and thus produces group results, at the expense of the unit. ThisMagic, 12:after all is but a department of the former group in its highest presentation. Secondly, there isMagic, 12:is that of the soul of the planetary life, a group consciousness which brings with it faculties andMagic, 19:correlating, and producing an outer and inner group activity demonstrates primarily through theMagic, 20:and a comprehension of their functions and group relation, we can arrive at an understanding ofMagic, 24:think in terms of life, in terms of quality, of group will or power, group coordination orMagic, 24:in terms of quality, of group will or power, group coordination or love-wisdom, and of groupMagic, 24:power, group coordination or love-wisdom, and of group intelligence or knowledge, covering all byMagic, 26:awareness of that which is divorced even from group form and from those nebulous sheaths which veilMagic, 27:worlds of his normal evolution; later he became group conscious and was no longer a separatedMagic, 27:the disciple becomes aware not only of his group and allied groups, but his consciousness isMagic, 36:and of that responsiveness to surrounding group conditions which the forms in every kingdom ofMagic, 37:which makes him aware of his environment and his group, which enables him to live his life in theMagic, 38:called the lower self and the spiritual man. Group consciousness, which is the consciousness of theMagic, 38:which they make. Then comes awareness of his group, as specified for him in that group ofMagic, 38:of his group, as specified for him in that group of disciples, working under some one Master whoMagic, 38:into a wider realization, that of the planetary group life. There are stages in this realization,Magic, 38:realization, mounting all the way from that tiny group recognition of the probationary disciple upMagic, 38:of the probationary disciple up to the completed group awareness of the life in Whom all forms haveMagic, 39:quality which is spiritual love, the quality of group consciousness, of inclusiveness, ofMagic, 41:is for experts in the life of the soul and for a group of men and women who, undertaking the greatMagic, 60:contacts is stabilized, the Master is found; his group of disciples is contacted; the plan for theMagic, 60:into conscious contact with his Master and his group. But this follows upon the "lighting of theMagic, 60:and can take no steps to admit a man to His group and thus take him into His auric influence,Magic, 66:will come when they too will form part of the group of teachers on the inner side of the veil. IfMagic, 68:on each one from those who constitute their group, the complexity of the problem is very great. InMagic, 68:discrimination between individual benefit and group responsibility rapidly eliminates otherMagic, 68:action which will produce the best good of the group apart from personal considerations altogether.Magic, 69:given: - the intuition ever concerns itself with group activity and not with petty personalMagic, 70:be met, your responsibilities shouldered, your group work carried forward, and the way will unfoldMagic, 70:will enable us to carry those of the larger group. What, then, is the criterion? For the high gradeMagic, 70:which will reveal the moment when wider group responsibilities can be justly shouldered and carriedMagic, 70:carried simultaneously with those of the smaller group. Ponder on this. The intuition reveals notMagic, 75:desire, nor wastes its love upon the things that group and hide the Real. It beats with rhythm new;Magic, 89:into a responsive state. This is the basic group meditation, and when a man achieves what theMagic, 89:succeeded in participating, as a soul, in this group meditation, and enters upon that cycle ofMagic, 94:either: The already materialized plans, taking group form on the physical plane, with which he mayMagic, 94:manifestation and thus cause to materialize as a group activity on the physical plane. It is theMagic, 102:upon the Plan. By this time some progress in group realization has surely been made, and lessMagic, 111:[111] Responsible love, demonstrated in duty to group and family, is therefore for him the line ofMagic, 118:the higher principles deal with the good of the group and the lower with the good of theMagic, 118:the higher love life that seeks the good of the group and not of the unit. All that tends toMagic, 118:for others and aiming at the helping of their group. When egos and personalities clash, the victoryMagic, 119:works with the law of love as demonstrated in group work, or love showing itself in the synthesisMagic, 126:the results of such work. Only the soul is truly group-conscious and actuated by pure unselfishMagic, 128:moment is it? My province in relation to the group is to give needed assistance to those who seekMagic, 129:cooperation in their efforts, and the need for group work is more apparent than ever before. TheseMagic, 129:apparent (to the watching Guides) who, in every group, are capable of clear thinking, accurateMagic, 131:is sounded forth by Them. They choose a man or a group of men and cast into their minds some idea.Magic, 132:concern their own selfish interests. The first group the Masters can contact. They work with theseMagic, 132:hear the sound, and vision the Plan. The second group have to be utilized as best may be, by theMagic, 132:may be, by the disciples of the world. The final group are frequently to be offset from the energyMagic, 135:the next two hundred years. The integration of a group of knowers and of mystics is going on
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