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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 55 of 83)


Magic, 135:parts of the world and in all organizations. One group is being gathered but its members belong toMagic, 135:but its members belong to many groups. To this group of knowers and mystics is given theMagic, 136:discarding of the instrumentality of the group as a medium of service. I would like to emphasizeMagic, 136:to change Their plans as to this integrating group of mystics, it will be changed by the mysticsMagic, 136:changed by the mystics themselves - viewed as a group. The third objective is the development ofMagic, 136:sense of values adequately adjusted before this group, which must inaugurate the New Age, canMagic, 137:liberty and those which militate against group liberty. The fourth result to be brought about byMagic, 137:is the bringing in the new cycle and the new group of participants. Workers in the new era will beMagic, 138:the lesser right, who sacrifice the good of the group for their own personal ends or who useMagic, 139:until they are adequate to the needs of the group of which the individual forms a fragmentary part.Magic, 140:capacity - capacity that makes him available for group work and that can be extended under carefulMagic, 140:its position and power before the good of the group. It comes enduringly to those who seek nothingMagic, 141:of the disciples who are responsible in the group of a Master for the carrying forward of the plan.Magic, 157:been brought into manifestation by a paralleling group of egos. Man, as he creates thoseMagic, 161:and again swept into a state of agitation by the group for, and in which, they work. They areMagic, 164:in line with the thought-form of the disciple's group of co-disciples, and therefore with the Plan,Magic, 165:truly esoteric groups, there should be forming a group in which an intellectual understanding ofMagic, 167:intuitive does he become of use in a Master's group and I commend to all aspirants that they mostMagic, 167:of probation to that of acceptance in a Master's group. You might ask here how this can be known orMagic, 168:of admitting the aspirant within the group aura, and of blending his vibration with that of theMagic, 168:and of blending his vibration with that of the group. Then, if decision is arrived at, for theMagic, 168:the disciple's mind, via his Ego, with the group plans and ideals, and he watches his reaction toMagic, 170:or to some fellow worker, also under the same group influence, whose right it is to know and whoseMagic, 170:whose right is sanctioned by the Master of the group. 3. Certain factors, governing the Master'sMagic, 170:of contact with his Master are governed by group emergency and need, and deal with his groupMagic, 170:by group emergency and need, and deal with his group service. It gradually dawns on him that hisMagic, 171:His own soul's vibration. The vibration of the group of disciples with whom he is associated. TheMagic, 172:with the spiritual force center which is his group, and thus in steady touch with the Master,Magic, 174:disciple's aura forms an integral part of the group aura presupposes a purity which few canMagic, 182:and abstinence. See you to it. The group of Teachers with whom the average aspirants andMagic, 185:has to consider before admitting a man into His group is whether or no such a step is karmicallyMagic, 186:preventing his prompt acceptance in a Master's group. A Master also studies the condition of anMagic, 187:three main sources: His own ego, His Master, The group of co-disciples, and unless he is strong,Magic, 187:be done along this line before admission into a group of disciples; otherwise much of the Master'sMagic, 187:violent reactions on other chelas in the same group. It is better to wait and work gradually andMagic, 187:him, are also in physical bodies, for a Master's group is entered in service to be rendered andMagic, 188:is unaware of any affiliation with an esoteric group of chelas. It may not be because he is notMagic, 188:the desire to function as the center of a group, the longing to hear oneself speaking, teaching,Magic, 189:and waits to see if the man recognizes his own group note. On this recognition, he is admitted intoMagic, 189:On this recognition, he is admitted into his own group of co-workers, and can stand in the presenceMagic, 192:is brought about as a result a realization of group consciousness, of group love, and group purposeMagic, 192:result a realization of group consciousness, of group love, and group purpose which makes theMagic, 192:of group consciousness, of group love, and group purpose which makes the aspirant a server ofMagic, 195:of consciousness which initiates a man into his group life. He loses the sense of separateness, andMagic, 196:This is brought about by the development of group interests, by the cultivation of inclusivenessMagic, 197:is the heart center. He has to learn to be group conscious, to be sensitive to group ideals, and toMagic, 197:learn to be group conscious, to be sensitive to group ideals, and to be inclusive in his plans andMagic, 198:the arts - literature, painting, music, - or in group organization and executive work there is noMagic, 204:to a member of the Hierarchy, to a Master's group and thence service to humanity. Eventually thereMagic, 205:utilization of soul force for the good of the group. Where this impulse is lacking, energy may pourMagic, 230:and the arduous work of staying with the group and working out the plan. For the Master it is theMagic, 231:the forces of illusion arrayed against the group of disciples to which he belongs. Let allMagic, 231:can call upon the spiritual energies of their group and at rare and indicated moments upon theMagic, 235:of his own soul and therefore occupied with group work, is the motivating power back of all magicalMagic, 241:forces of evil and only for a term. The first group works through governments, through politics,Magic, 241:is relatively small in number. The second ray group who delude and deceive, work through religiousMagic, 241:the arts. They are largest in number. The third group work primarily through commercial relationsMagic, 258:Then the characteristic is purity within the group limitations, for absolute purity only existsMagic, 258:from control has been brought about. The soul is group conscious and group controlled, and (untilMagic, 258:brought about. The soul is group conscious and group controlled, and (until the causal body hasMagic, 260:him remember that there is a steadily growing group of those similar to him and that this is aMagic, 260:group of those similar to him and that this is a group effort. Under the Law the Great Ones workMagic, 260:the first time in history is there a coherent group for the Masters to use. Heretofore, there haveMagic, 260:to realize this and to work to substantiate this group integrity and to develop the power toMagic, 261:ambition and interest in the furthering of the group ideals and A steady preservation of the innerMagic, 261:an act of the will with this rapidly integrating group of servers, mystics and brothers. To thisMagic, 261:"May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers. "May the Love of the OneMagic, 261:the thought forward from the rapidly forming group of world-servers to the Great Ones who standMagic, 261:to stabilize the individual, to increase his group consciousness, and to teach him the process ofMagic, 262:evolutionary working out of the involutionary group soul. It relates to our contacts, not justMagic, 263:to initiation, with the vibrations of either group. Under the law he is alone. But this is onlyMagic, 265:to express his realization of the work through group work and the organization of his [266] life;Magic, 276:dormant and asleep, so, in humanity, this group of cells within the brain of the body corporate isMagic, 280:For him there has to be realization of the group plan and purpose and not simply of his ownMagic, 281:of energy, or influences. There is first the group of forces which concerns purely the form side,Magic, 283:on the outer plane, the esoteric basis for all group relation, and it is the understanding of theseMagic, 283:effect it is to have in the world? What does the group possess through the medium of its corporateMagic, 283:attention and should be considered by all group builders. Magic, 292:of the Planet. Subjective. The integrating group of Mystics. Objective. Planetary Energy. EmanatingMagic, 296:into the One. Its destiny is the destiny of the group, and of the Whole; its desire is the workingMagic, 304:concerns coming distress to an individual or a group, which they themselves may never see and yetMagic, 309:reactions, or produced as the result of group karma, such as an epidemic. Atmospheric. This isMagic, 314:of the race who are asserting increasingly a group integrity of a very real moment and interest.Magic, 314:by the foremost of the race. The work of this group of mystics must therefore inevitably grow, forMagic, 316:kind to the emanations of the astral bodies - group bodies or individual - of those surroundingMagic, 321:protective motherhood. But it is essentially a group sentiency, and only in the coming Aquarian AgeMagic, 324:emanate from the higher self, from your egoic group, or from the Master) definite plannedMagic, 326:of Reality. The power of the Church over the group will be supplanted by the power of the awakenedMagic, 328:itself will carry them forward into the second group. To this first group is committed the work ofMagic, 328:forward into the second group. To this first group is committed the work of crystallization whichMagic, 328:- The Present Age and the Future 2. The second group is as yet a very small minority, but aMagic, 328:but a steadily growing one. It is that inner group of lovers of God, the intellectual mystics, theMagic, 329:the work of evolution there is emerging a group who perhaps will bring salvation to the world, andMagic, 329:salvation to the world, and who - embodying the group ideas and demonstrating the group nature,Magic, 329:embodying the group ideas and demonstrating the group nature, manifesting in a small way the trueMagic, 329:What will be the effect of the message of a group Avatar? What will be the potency of the work of aMagic, 329:What will be the potency of the work of a group of knowers of God, enunciating truth and bandedMagic, 329:What will be the effect of the mission of a group of world Saviors, not as Christs, but all knowersMagic, 330:of that past. They do not belong to the inner group of Knowers who are working at the task ofMagic, 330:of those forms. 2. That emanating from the inner group of mystics, [331] who, under the guidance of
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