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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GROUP

(page 58 of 83)


Magic, 571:intelligent response to and affiliation with the group of World Servers who at any given time haveMagic, 574:analysis. He will then find it to be based on group love, service and compassion, or upon a selfishMagic, 576:which [576] is needed for the helping of the group and releases at once towards that end that whichMagic, 576:that acquisitiveness which is based on unselfish group work) become transmitters of spiritualMagic, 576:heart, and the center between the eyebrows. In group work. Here energy is utilized emanating fromMagic, 577:of the disciple cuts down before the eyes of the group he is serving the obstacles which stand inMagic, 577:serving the obstacles which stand in the way of group progress. It is only wielded safely by thoseMagic, 579:four positions in which the hands are held in group service. Study, therefore, the type of forceMagic, 586:here again is where men fail. What after all is group service? Simply the life of example. He isMagic, 587:has its effect for good or for evil upon the group. Is it not apparent therefore why so few achieveMagic, 589:Thus we have now the formation of the new Group of World Workers, who, in their totality throughoutMagic, 595:when a Master [595] takes an aspirant into His group of disciples, that aspirant is, for a longMagic, 602:together in the world at this time of the new Group of World Workers, true caution must beMagic, 604:can use it, they can never form part of the New Group; they can never work as white magicians, andMagic, 604:of constant detached observation. The new Group of World Workers might well be regarded in itsMagic, 604:body of organized observers. I would divide the group into three divisions and I do so in orderMagic, 605:[605] earlier referred to when I brought the new group to the attention of the world. They areMagic, 606:Observers" form the outer circle of the new group and their keynote is synthesis, the eliminationMagic, 606:Fifteen - The Esoteric Sense Second, the next group in the new Group of World Workers is that ofMagic, 606:Esoteric Sense Second, the next group in the new Group of World Workers is that of the telepathicMagic, 606:They are primarily a linking or a bridging group. They are gathered out of the more exoteric circleMagic, 606:but they are likewise in touch with the group of men and women who stand at the very center orMagic, 606:stand at the very center or heart of the world group. Their work is threefold and very difficult.Magic, 607:world in this early stage of the work of the new group, and though they may be therefore recognizedMagic, 607:emphasis is laid in training the members of this group in the new group, upon telepathicMagic, 607:in training the members of this group in the new group, upon telepathic sensitivity. The members ofMagic, 607:who are still in mind bodies, and thirdly to the group of spiritual Beings who stand as theMagic, 607:hard, far harder than that of the first group and harder even than that of the last, for they lackMagic, 608:under terrific pressure. Third, the innermost group of all is that of the members of the HierarchyMagic, 608:plan than do the two outer circles in the new Group of World Workers, for they see clearly justMagic, 609:Fifteen - The Esoteric Sense Beyond this triple group stand the Thrones, Principals, and PowersMagic, 609:so providing a fertile field wherein this new group can work. We have seen that the objective ofMagic, 609:then have he aspirant joining that intermediate group of trained communicators who stand betweenMagic, 609:groups (the exoteric groups and the group of spiritual workers on the subjective plane),Magic, 619:faculties, as they express themselves in group concepts, and group plans. As all of you well know,Magic, 619:they express themselves in group concepts, and group plans. As all of you well know, this is theMagic, 619:the words: impersonalisation wherein the state, group or groups are regarded as of more importanceMagic, 625:those whom he can subordinate and govern. His group is not colored by the impulses of the new age,Magic, 625:to creep in, then there will be the growth of a group of true servers, and the gathering out ofMagic, 628:finds its divine consummation in an awakened group consciousness, which is evidenced today in theMagic, 629:union At-one-ment Religion. Mysticism. 3. Herd Group consciousness Brotherhood. 4. Self-AssertionMagic, 630:unhappy if their methods, the personnel of their group, and the way in which their service isMagic, 630:standards or conforms to the technique of the group of minds which surrounds them or appeals theMagic, 633:and eliminate. They constitute a much smaller group than the true Pisceans and are doing good workMagic, 633:of people and fulfiling thus their dharma. One group works necessarily under the glamor of publicMagic, 633:the glamor of public opinion. The intermediate group has a most difficult task to perform, forMagic, 633:chosen environment and the voice of the inner group of world Knowers are often in conflict and theyMagic, 633:respond first to one and then to the other. The group of those who respond more fully to theMagic, 633:of the guiding Masters and the voice of the group of world Masters serve to guide them unerringlyMagic, 637:mental pride and consequent inability to work in group formation. The penalty for this is often aMagic, 637:temporary success and an enforced working with a group, which has been devitalized of its bestMagic, 637:who feed the personality of the head of the group. Because of the emphasis upon his own ideas andMagic, 637:methods of working, a disciple finds that his group lacks those factors and those people who wouldMagic, 638:and in time he will awaken to the fact that the group he has gathered around him are molded by himMagic, 638:to subordinate their own ideas and wishes to the group good, to take their eyes off themselves andMeditation, 4:each chord forms part of a phrase, the phrase or group to which the chord belongs; and the phraseMeditation, 29:involutionary path you have what is termed the Group Soul, aptly described (as far as earth wordsMeditation, 34:ray, and - realizing that progress is made in group formation - works on that plane at the helpingMeditation, 35:The Adept of his Ray. The Master of his group. A disciple with causal consciousness. A disciple onMeditation, 38:groups - individual separation exists not, but group separation can be felt, incidental to ray andMeditation, 39:egos must be duly considered, for all is in group formation. Meditation must therefore be givenMeditation, 39:therefore be given which is in line with the group to which the Ego is assigned, for as each manMeditation, 39:contacts not only his own Ego but also big egoic group and through that group the Master to Whom heMeditation, 39:Ego but also big egoic group and through that group the Master to Whom he is consequently linked,Meditation, 39:done in an occult manner and under law. The group significance of meditation is little understood,Meditation, 45:therefore proceed with the instruction on the group connection. We showed yesterday the importanceMeditation, 45:importance of meditation in connection with the group to which a man is allied on egoic levels.Meditation, 45:allied on egoic levels. Today we deal with the group to which he may be called on earth. This groupMeditation, 45:group to which he may be called on earth. This group is not exactly a reflection of the group onMeditation, 45:This group is not exactly a reflection of the group on egoic levels as might be anticipated, forMeditation, 45:anticipated, for only certain units of an egoic group will be in incarnation at any one time. WeMeditation, 45:has four sets of people to consider as his group: 1. The big national group to which he belongs,Meditation, 45:to consider as his group: 1. The big national group to which he belongs, the karma of whichMeditation, 47:when assigning Meditation 2. The second group, which is of importance in the life of the pupil, isMeditation, 47:in the life of the pupil, is his family group, involving its special family heredity andMeditation, 47:so insuperable at present. Therefore the family group is the second thing of moment that entersMeditation, 48:when assigning Meditation 3. The third group that a man has to consider is the particular band ofMeditation, 48:then have to be considered by the Teacher: The group work a man is doing and how best be may beMeditation, 48:best be may be qualified to serve better in that group. The type of a man's work, and hisMeditation, 49:includes, after all, the lesser. 4. The fourth group that has a place in the calculations of theMeditation, 49:he is assigned, or - if he is a disciple, - the group of pupils of which he forms a part. TheirMeditation, 49:which he forms a part. Their particular type of group work will be considered, the capacity of theMeditation, 49:and its interrelation on its own plane with its group, with the Hierarchy, and with its reflection,Meditation, 53:and use: a. In individual meditation. b. In group and congregational work. c. For certain specificMeditation, 63:the study of the use of the Sacred Word in its group application and in its employment for certainMeditation, 65:IV - The Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation Group Use of the Word In group formation the effectMeditation, 65:Word in Meditation Group Use of the Word In group formation the effect of the Word is intensified,Meditation, 65:before the Word may be used with adequacy by a group: It is desirable that people on the same rayMeditation, 65:on the same ray or on a complementary ray form a group. It is desirable that the Word be intoned onMeditation, 65:when the Word is correctly sounded by a group of people rightly intermingled? A strong current isMeditation, 65:the disciple or the Master responsible for the group and which enables him to put the group enMeditation, 65:for the group and which enables him to put the group en rapport with the Brotherhood, permittingMeditation, 65:Ego and the Personality, but this time between a group and Those on the inner side. [66] If allMeditation, 66:effect on the physical vehicles of the lower group; it intensifies the vibration of the emotionalMeditation, 66:of use. It creates a protective shell around the group, which (though only temporary) leads toMeditation, 66:from disturbance, enables the units of the group to work with greater ease and according to theMeditation, 67:forms created by the individual, and by the group, in sounding forth the Word will be recorded andMeditation, 67:inner vision, and hence assist their members and group to rightful plans and to correctMeditation, 68:studying color and sound, their individual and group effects, and their interrelation. This isMeditation, 68:interrelation. This is necessarily a select group and only those of high spiritual attainment and
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